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For more information please initially contact the editor Frank Haslam, specifying Fréteval


Camp 1 - Bellande
Camp 2 - Richeray

name - role - squadron - loss details - helpers - period in Sherwood - fate - c

fate = year of decease (or loss info in the case of the 38 who returned to operations and were killed)
c = he or his family are in contact: contact information is held by one or more of the survivors and the editor.

At present the register is by service. There may be errors in the transcription of the names.

The helpers and organisers associated with Sherwood are very welcome to be included in the Register.

1 Polish Air Force
2 South African Army
57 USAAF/Army
141 total identified so far
out of 152

Free to Fight Again is the book by Alan Cooper on RAF Escapes and Evasions 1940-45 (William Kimber, 1988)

MACR = Missing Air Crew Report (US)
whitepages = www.whitepages.com
ssdi = Social Security Death Index [ http://ssdi.genealogy.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/ssdi.cgi ]
WW II Registry : The World War II Registry at www.wwiimemorial.com
NARA Serial Number Database : http://aad.archives.gov/aad/ [ > in "Show by category" click on "All Series" >> "World War II Electronic Army Serial Number Merged File" – Note: some Air Corps data are in the "Reserve" Merged File ]
* added as a result of listing in Lou Greenburgh's book

With thanks to:

Phillipe Save and Edouard Renière for much of the information on the Americans;
Bill Chorley for the information on failing to return on Bomber Command ops;
Oliver Clutton-Brock for access to his Freteval lists in 2008, now used following publication of his excellent book (RAF Evaders -The comprehensive story of thousands of escapers and their escape lines, Western Europe, 1940-45: Grub Street 2009) has been published.

Another list is on the Comète Kinship website - scroll to Section D

The WWII Escape & Evasion website has another excellent listing.

RAAF (11)

ANDREWS, Ken G - Sergeant: Northern Territory, Australia: W/Op same crew as Ted Greatz - c

ELIOT, Noel S - Flying Officer: W Australia

Evans, FO - Flight Sergeant

FLYNN, William Joseph - Flight Sergeant: New South Wales

GREATZ Edwin Herman - Flight Sergeant: S Australia
F/Sgt E H Greatz RAAF, navigator
44 Sqn Dunholme Lodge: Lancaster ME694 KM-L: t/o 2110: Stuttgart 25/26 Jul 1944: hit by bomb from a/c on fire above them: crew all baled out but F/Sgt Whitehead (MUG) did not survive jump: rest evaded: Camp 1 - d 21 June 2004 - c (family)

HOURIGAN, Edward - Flying Officer: New South Wales

IBBOTSON, Dudley Thomas - Flying Officer: W Australia - see Greatz - c

KING, Wilfred John Edgar - Warrant Officer: S Australia

LYNCH, KJ - Flight Sergeant: New South Wales

MURRAY, Ronald Ian - Flight Sergeant: Victoria - see Greatz - c

SCHWILK, CW - Flight Sergeant

WRIGHT, Sgt Evans - South Australia


(based partly on information from Errol Martyn, 12 Apr 2005)

MORRIS, John Moore - Flying Officer: New Zealand: born Cambridge, New Zealand 1 Jul 23
F/O JM Morris RNZAF NZ422424, pilot: served RNZAF 27 Mar 42 to 11 Jan 46
Later joined the NZ Army and served in Japan with 'J' Force
75 Sqn Lancaster III NE148 AA-H: t/o 2155 Mepal, op Stuttgart. Aircraft was badly shot up shortly after crossing the Rhine on the outbound journey later crashing when half-way across France trying to make for England, at Yevres in the Department of Eure-et-Loire, 2km E of Brou. Morris was aboard as '2nd dicky pilot' (RAF slang for along for the experience, usually before commencing ops with his own crew). The Pilot and Rear Gunner were killed and are buried in Yevres Communal Cemetery. Six of the eight aboard were New Zealanders. All the survivors evaded. Morris's evasion debriefing report reference is WO208/3321 SPG2090.

F/O Morris was shot down again on 3 Feb 45, with 15 Sqn from Mildenhall, during an op to Dortmund, this time becoming a PoW in Camp 13D Nürnberg. (Lancaster I PD419 LS-V).

RAYNEL, WG - Flight Sergeant

SANDERS, GH - Flying Officer

SPEIRS, Allan Robert - Pilot Officer: Christchurch, New Zealand: born Nelson, New Zealand 13 Apr 23
P/O AR Speirs RNZAF NZ413136, pilot: served RNZAF 25 May 41 to 11 Mar 46
7 Sqn Lancaster III ND901 MG-B: t/o 2245 on the night of 1/2 May 1944 Oakington, tasked to destroy the key railway and stores depot at Chambly, north of Paris. Crashed at Nointel in the Department of Seine-et-Oise, 38km NE of Versailles. The rest of the crew, including two other New Zealanders, were killed and lie in Nointel Communal Cemetery. He returned to England 14 weeks later. His evasion debriefing report reference is WO208/3321 S/PG 2132.

RCAF (34)

AGUR*, Pat WO208/3348 [no S/PG ref found]
Agur PG F/O RCAF J/24984: Pilot 429 Sqn 28 June 1944: Halifax III MZ302 AL-E op Metz: t/o 2205 Leeming to bomb rail communications: 3 others of crew evaded, 3 others pow

BANKS, Robert H Rod- Ontario, Canada - see Hand

BEAUCHESNE, Noé E - Canada d.1989 c - see Vickerman

BENDER, William F - Ontario, Canada - see 1945 reunion

BESTER, Jack F - Ontario, Canada - see 1945 reunion

BINNIE, Norman - Quebec, Canada
Sgt N Binnie RCAF, Flight Engineer
420 Sqn Tholthorpe: Halifax III LW674 PT-E: t/o 2203 Op: Versailles, to bomb rail facilities. Crashed at Theuville (Eure et Loire) 15km SSE of Chartres and just to the W of the main road between Chartres and Orleans: 6k 2e: The pilot P/O L Holowaychuk was flying as P/O Holway or Holoway RCAF: He and the other 5 who were kia are buried in Theuville Communal Cemetery. F/S Bert E Brakes also evaded but has so far not been listed as at Freteval - see 1945 reunion - Norman Binnie d1991 - c.


BRAYLEY, William EJ - Quebec, Canada - see also the Brayley Collection of photos

CALDERBANK, James R - Ontario, Canada
F/O JR Calderbank RCAF, Mid-Upper Gunner J/27605 WO208/3321 S/PG 2107
429 (Bison) Squadron Leeming: LV973 AL-X: t/o 2228 to bomb marshalling yards at Versailles 10-11 June 1944. Crashed at Friaize (Eure et Loir), 9 km WSW of Courville-sur-Eure. Pilot F/L A MacDonald buried at Friaize, rest of crew evaded - see also Harry Guild, and TB Chapman and possibly McCarthy.

CAMPBELL, Alex - Ontario, Canada
F/L E A Campbell RCAF, Pilot
514 Sqn Waterbeach: Lancaster LL692 JI-C2: t/o 2147: Stuttgart: shot down by Ju88, 25th op, Orleans midnight July 28 1944: cr. near village of St-Cloud-en-Dunois (Eure et Loir), 8km SSE Chateaudun: 1k 1 pow 6e: helpers - Mom & Pop ARTHUR, Marcel LIGER, Robert and/or Roger, met Micheline: arrived Fréteval July 31 1944: camp 2?: "liberated" mid August by Patton's 3rd Army: met de Blommaert: injured in truck upset with 14 other evaders: see 1945 reunion - c
on-line video re-enactment of his last flight - broadband preferable

CHAPMAN, JE Jack - Ontario, Canada

CHAPMAN, Thomas B Bert - Nova Scotia, Canada.
Sgt TB Chapman RCAF, Rear Gunner R/174900 WO208/3321 S/PG 2101
429 (Bison) Squadron Leeming: LV973 AL-X: t/o 2228 to bomb marshalling yards at Versailles 10-11 June 1944. Crashed at Friaize (Eure et Loir), 9 km WSW of Courville-sur-Eure. Pilot F/L A MacDonald buried at Friaize, rest of crew evaded. [Robert Chapman, grandson 22/05/08: Bert recalled the a/c being attacked simultaneously by two Ju88. ] see also front of banknote 2 and Harry Guild, and JR Calderbank etc.

DUNSEITH*, Sam WO208/3324 S/PG 2554
Dunseith, S F/Sgt RCAF R/191859 300 Sqn Air Gunner(R) 24 July 1944: Lancaster I LM178 BH-U Op Stuttgart: t/o 2137 Faldingworth: shot down by a night fighter and crashed just to the N of St Laurent des Bois (Loir-et-Cher), 5km NE of the small town of Marchenoir. 4 of crew kia, 2 other evaded. All evaders wounded, Dunseith went to hospital in Le Mans. See also Forman, CM.

EDWARD - Canada


FORMAN, C M - Ontario, Canada - see 1945 reunion: WO208/3321 S/PG 2130
Forman CM, F/O: 24 July 1944: Lancaster I LM178 BH-U Op Stuttgart: t/o 2137 Faldingworth: shot down by a night fighter and crashed just to the N of St Laurent des Bois (Loir-et-Cher), 5km NE of the small town of Marchenoir. 4 of crew kia, 2 other evaded. All evaders wounded, Forman reached England on 18 August 1944. See also Dunseith. Also listed by Greenburgh

GREENBURGH, Lou - Winnipeg, Canada. Also listed by Greenburgh!

GRIMSEY, Maurice FC - Manitoba, Canada

HARVEY, Sam A - British Columbia, Canada
F/S S A Harvey RCAF
514 Sqn Waterbeach: a/c - see Campbell

HEARTY - Canada

HORTIE, Robert H - Ontario, Canada

HYDE, DB Bruce - Alberta, Canada

JONES, Earl - Alberta, Canada:
F/S E R Jones RCAF
514 Sqn Waterbeach: a/c - see Campbell

LAWRENSE, Stanley - Ontario, Canada

MOLLINSON, Joseph J - British Columbia, Canada

MUSGROVE, Gerry A - Ontario, Canada - see 1945 reunion


SANDULAK, John (428 Sqn) - Canada: contact via his daughter: new link

SHIELDS, William C - Ontario, Canada
F/O WC Shields, Navigator WO208/3321 S/PG 2106
429 (Bison) Squadron Leeming: LV973 AL-X: t/o 2228 to bomb marshalling yards at Versailles 10-11 June 1944. Crashed at Friaize (Eure et Loir), 9 km WSW of Courville-sur-Eure. Pilot F/L A MacDonald buried at Friaize, rest of crew evaded - see also TB Chapman, JR Calderbank and H Guild.

STRUCK WE - Canada

TAYLOR, Sam D- Saskatchewan, Canada

TRIMSEY - Canada

VICKERMAN, William K - Alberta, Canada
F/O WK Vickerman RCAF, pilot
432 Sqn East Moor: Halifax III LW582 QO-M: t/o 2304 on 7 Jun 1944: rail yards at Achères. Probably shot down by a night fighter, whose fire set light to the fuel tanks. Abandoned and crashed at St.Denis le Ferment (Eure), 7km NW of Gisors. 1k 4evd 2pow - R/G Sgt FW Layton RCAF buried at Beauvais in Marissel French National Cemetery. William Vickerman d.1976 c
see http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca/remembers/sub.cfm?source=collections/virtualmem/photos&casualty=2234362



BERRY, Peter - London, England/Berry, LF - Flight Lieutenant

BLAKEY, J - Sergeant

BRAKES, BE - Flight Sergeant

BROWN, WC - Sergeant

CHAMBERLAIN, H - Pilot Officer

CHARMAN, AF - Sergeant

CLAY, Larry N - Flight Sergeant: Nottinghamshire, England

DICKENS, Jack D - Sergeant: Northamptonshire, England

DICKIE, KJA - Flying Officer

DONALDSON, WA - Sergeant: Inverness, Scotland: F/E
514 Sqn - a/c - see Campbell

ELMHIRST-BAXTER, JC - Flight Lieutenant

FINN JPT (466 Sqn) - Sergeant: Canada

? FISHER, JM - Sergeant

FOLEY, AJ - Flight Sergeant

GORDON, Robert B - Flying Officer: Lanarkshire, Scotland

GUILD, Harry - Flight Sergeant: Northamptonshire, England. Wireless Operator WO208/3321 S/PG 2102
429 (Bison) Squadron Leeming: LV973 AL-X: t/o 2228 to bomb marshalling yards at Versailles 10-11 June 1944. Crashed at Friaize (Eure et Loir), 9 km WSW of Courville-sur-Eure. Pilot F/L A MacDonald buried at Friaize, rest of crew evaded - see also TB Chapman and JR Calderbank.

HALLETT, Clifford L - Sergeant: Somerset, England
Sgt C L Hallett RAFVR, M/U
10 Sqn Melbourne: Halifax MZ630 ZA-S: t/o 2233: rail Trappes: nightfighter: 2/3 June 1944: cr. St-Andre-de-l'Eure (Eure) 2k 4pow 1e: other details tbc: c

HAMPTON, R - Sergeant

HAND, Gordon - Yorkshire, England
Sgt G Hand RAFVR, M/U WO208/3348 IS9/WEA/2/160/312
432 Sqn East Moor: Halifax III LW594 QO-G: t/o 0130: rail Haine-St-Pierre: night fighter (Oblt Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer Stab IV./NJG4): 8/9 May 1944: crashed 0332 at Grand Reng (Hainaut) a small Belgian town on the border with France, 16km SE of Mons: 3k 2 pow 2e (the other was Sgt R B Haxton RCAF [actuallly Sgt RH Banks RCAF]): went from Camp 1 to help construct Camp 2 - Free to Fight Again p93: c

HOLLAND, FE - Flight Lieutenant

KEMLEY, HJS - Flight Lieutenant

LYONS, AR Ben -Sergeant: London England: W/Op
514 Sqn Waterbeach - a/c - see Campbell

MARTIN, Charles HT - Sergeant: Cardiff, Wales

MCCARTHY, NJ - Sergeant: Sussex, England - Sgt NR McCarthy was a member of the Macdonald crew - see TB Chapman etc

?MEANLEY, R - Sergeant

? NOAKES, EEG -Sergeant

PEPALL, Dennis RRJ - Flight Sergeant: Surrey, England - c - d.31 Mar 2005

PRYER, WR - Sergeant: Cheshire, England

SMITH, M - Sergeant

WEIR, Charles F- Sergeant: Midlothian, Scotland

WELLS, FA (Frank) - Flight Sergeant: see Greatz d. c

WORRALL, JRW (Ray) - Sergeant: Yorkshire, England - see Greatz - c

WRIGHT*, Eric W - Sergeant: (Birmingham):
WO208/3321 S/PG 2080 Sgt 218 Sqn

Polish Air Force (1)

WITRYLAK, Z - Flight Sergeant

South African Army (2)

ADAMS, Everett - Private: Capetown, South Africa

HOOVER, Rudy - Private: Durban, South Africa

USAAF (55) Air Forces Escape & Evasion Society § = AFEES member in 2001

Ranks are (in seniority): Capt – Captain; 1/Lt – 1st Lieutenant; 2/Lt – 2nd Lieutenant; F. O. – Flight Officer; T/Sgt – Technical Sergeant; S/Sgt – Staff Sergeant; Sgt – Sergeant; Cpl – Corporal.

Crew positions are: P – Pilot; CP – Co-pilot; N – Navigator; B – Bombardier; RO – Radio Operator; BTG – Ball turret gunner; TTG – Top turret gunner; TG – Tail gunner; LWG/RWG – Left/Right waist gunner.
Notes source: Oliver Clutton-Brock

ALLEN, Eacott G - 2/Lt: Robstown, Texas, USA: pilot d 1989
P-51B 42-106823 QP-K: 4FG 334FS: cr 8 Jun 44
MACR 5613 see www.littlefriends.co.uk www.fourthfightergroup.com
Collision with 43-7150 QP-P 4FG 334FS, pilot James F SCOTT kia: MACR for 43-7150 is 5605
see also front of banknote 2 which he has signed twice

ANDERSEN, Eugene R or C - Sgt; BTG: La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
B-24H; 42-9433; 489th BG/846th BS; 2 June 1944
NARA #16095735, Kenosha County, WI:
ssdi - b 12 Mar 21, d 15 Feb 2000 Pinellas, FL

BARR, Stuart K - F O; CP: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
B-24H; 42-64447; 448th BG/712th BS; 20 March 1944

BIES, Walter E - S/Sgt; TG: Detroit, Michigan, USA
B-24J 42-100294 Victory Belle 93BG 328BS: cr 24 Jun 44 S of Dreux
MACR 6742 see http://perso.wanadoo.fr/forcedlanding/roggenkamp.htm

§ BLAIR, Clare or Clara A - Sgt; RWG: Ravena, Ohio, USA
B-24H 42-95310 491BG 852BS: cr 2 Jun 44 Beaumont-sur-Oise
MACR 5391
NARA #15320739, Portage County, OH, b 1923: listed as in Killeen, TX

BOGGAN*, Thomas L - Army?

BONE, Emmett W - S/Sgt; LWG: Port Arthur, Texas, USA
B-17G; 42-31380; 385th BG/548th BS; 8 February 1944
NARA # 38240400, Jefferson City, TX
ssdi - b 13 Jun 12, d 14 Oct 89 Houston, Harris County, TX

CLARK, Paul R - S/Sgt; RO: Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA: pilot
P-51B 42-106729 363FG: cr 24 Jun 44 E of Thiron
Clutton-Borck has B-17G; 42-31594; 457th BG/751st BS; 27 May 1944
MACR 6293

CLAYTOR, Andrew Gordon - 2/Lt; P: Glasgow, Montana, USA
B-17F 42-3511 381BG 535BS: cr 24 or 25 Apr 44 Précy
MACR 4286 
WWII Registry: honored by daughter Tracye (Claytor) Gilleland, Rockbridge County, VA

CONNABLE, Joseph M - Sgt; RWG: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
B-17F 42-3511 381BG 535BS: cr 24 or 25 Apr 44 Précy
MACR 4286 see 

§ COUTURE, Robert D - 2/Lt; P: Rice Lake, Wisconsin, USA: pilot
P-51B 43-6895 WR-P 355FG 354FS: cr 7 Jun 44 SE of Nogent-Le-Rotrou
MACR 5565 see www.littlefriends.co.uk http://perso.wanadoo.fr/forcedlanding/freteval.htm

§ DAVIS, William M - P: Falls Church(?)/Leesburg, Florida, USA: pilot
P-38J 43-28464 370FG: cr 7 Jul 44 E of Chartres
MACR 6664 see www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/volusia/orl-vl-lafferty110903,o,6540046.column

DI BETTA, Geno - 1/Lt; P: West Virginia or Parkesburg W., PA, USA
B-17G; 42-31388; 306th BG/423rd BS; 11 February 1944

DILLON, William T - Colfax, Indiana, USA - Army?

DUER Walter A - 2/Lt; B
B-24H; 41-29468 Peg o’ My Heart; 487th BG/838th BS; 11 May 1944
NARA Walter A. DUER # 39396817, Los Angeles County, CA, b 1921
WWII Registry : One 2nd Lt Walter A. Duer = kia – Serial # O-691484 (?)

ECKLEY, Malcolm K - S/Sgt; LWG: Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA
B-17G 42-97859 LD-T Any Gum Chum 100BG 418BS: cr 25 Jun 44 Ferté-Vidane
MACR 6542 see www.100thbg.com

GLEASON*, Fred D- T/Sgt; TTG AFEES #1065 8-447 BG Arizona
B-17G; 43-37788; 447th BG/709th BS; 13 July 1944

§ GOAN, John F - S/Sgt; TG: Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
cr June 21, 1944
B-24H; 42-95280; 445th BG/702nd BS; 27 June 1944
Mentioned at www.arnold.af.mil/aedc/highmach/stories/powmia.htm "B-24 tailgunner." PNF
NARA # 34505930
ssdi : b 21 May 21, d 28 Dec 01 in Estill Springs, Franklin County, TN

§ GOFF, Marvin T - 2/Lt; B: Houston, Texas, USA
B-24J; 42-110087; 448th BG/713th BS; 1 April 1944
NARA #18042231, Harris County, TX, born 1918

GOLDEN jr, Guy H - S/Sgt; RWG: Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA
B-17G; 42-31388; 306th BG/423rd BS; 11 February 1944
NARA #18166783, Jefferson County, AR
ssdi : b 15 Jan 22, 5 May 91 in Pine Bluff. - Army?

GORRONO or GORRANO, Joseph F - T/Sgt; TTG: Astoria, Long Island, New York, USA
B-17G; 42-31380; 385th BG/548th BS; 8 February 1944
NARA #32419761, born 1915
ssdi : b 7 Nov 1915, d 11 Jun 96 Granbury, Hood County, TX - Army?

HALL, Ralph - 2/Lt; CP: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
B-24H; 42-95280; 445th BG/702nd BS; 27 June 1944
WWII Registry : One Ralph L. Hall (serial 15130567, b 1921, from Ohio) shot down over France, evaded and returned to combat, is honored by his nephew, Kenneth L. Hall (Cleveland, OH)

HARRELL, Max -P: Lake Charles, Lousiana, USA: pilot
P-51B 43-6886 OS-E 355FG 357FS: cr 7 Jun 44 Auneau
MACR 5507 see www.littlefriends.co.uk http://perso.wanadoo.fr/forcedlanding/harrel.htm ?aka HUIT*, Burl E - Pierce, Colorado)

HJELM*, Rex P- 1/Lt; P: Firth, Idaho
P-38J; 42-68102; 55th FG/343rd FS; 11 June 1944

HOILMAN, Donald F- S/Sgt; TG: Toledo, Ohio, USA
B-17G; 42-31380; 385th BG/548th BS; 8 February 1944
NARA #35337486, Lucas County, OH b 1921
ssdi : b 11 Nov 21, d 20 Jul 82, Toledo, OH

HOLT, Alfred I - Sgt; TTG: Cardington, Ohio, USA
B-25H; 42-97188; 384th BG; 544th BS; 14 June 1944.

HOUGHTON, Kenneth L - P: San Francisco, California, USA
B-17G 42-97859 LD-T Any Gum Chum 100BG 418BS: cr 25 Jun 44 Ferté-Vidane
MACR 6542 see www.100thbg.com

JOHNSON, Joseph - West Palm Beach, Florida, USA - Army?

KAPLAN William - 2/Lt; P: Weston, MA
B-24H; 42-52579; 493rd BG/862nd BS; 22 June 1944
NARA #13069740, b 1919
ssdi: b 13 Sept 19, d 4 Aug 99 in San Antonio, TX (mention of "Massachusetts")

? KLEMSTINE, Kenneth P; CP - FL
B-24H; 42-52579; 493rd BG/862nd BS; 22 June 1944
NARA # 13083697, Blair County, PA, b 1921, enlisted in Air Corps.
ssdi: b 27 Sep 21, d 9 Jun 99 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio ("issued in Pennsylvania")

KNIGHT, Marion - Sgt; TG: Texas, USA: KNIGHT Marion
Runge, TX NARA Serial Number Database :
B-17G; 42-31387; 92nd BG/326th BS; 8 February 1944
Only one Marion D. KNIGHT, # 15140288, Lucas County, OH, born in Michigan in 1920; enlisted in Air Corps. [ ?]

KROL(L), Theodore - 2/Lt; B: Indiana, USAL KROLL Theodor Hammond, IN
B-17G; 42-38033; 401st BG/612th BS; 20 March 1944

LANE, Joshua D.; T/Sgt; TTG;
B-17G; 42-31568; 457th BG/748th BS; 14 June 1944 new

LAY Beirne 2/Lt; B
B-24H 41-29468 Peg O My Heart 487BG 838BS: cr 11 May 44
MACR 4750 see http://www.487thbg.org/BriefHistory.htm
b 1 Sep 1909 – d May 1982 in Los Angeles, CA
Formerly with 100th BG, was 487thBG CO from 28 Feb 44

LEWIS, Donald M - Coaling, California, USA
NARA #96928156, Fresno County, CA, b 1921
ssdi : b 14 Jun 21, d 25 Apr 91 in CA

§ LORING, Warren E - 2/Lt; P: Monument Beach, Massachussets, USA: pilot
P-38J 42-67876 CY- 55FG 343FS: cr 30 Jun 44
MACR 6562 see www.littlefriends.co.uk
WWII Registry : Honored by Wife, Thelma R. Loring

MIDDLETON, Charles D - S/Sgt; B: Huntington Park, California, USA
B-17F 42-3511 MS-N 381BG 535BS: CR 24 Apr 44 Précy
MACR 4286 see www.381st.org

PEARSON, Jonathan - Lt; N: Shenectady, New York, USA: Navigator
B-17G 42-31565: cr , March 4 1944: at Saint-Symphorien, Belgium
NARA #3229421, Schenectady County, NY, b 1920
d 1992 or 1994

§ PELOQUIN, Joseph O - S/Sgt; TTG: Biddeford, Maine, USA
B-24H 42-94999 44BG 506BS: CR 11 May 44 Patay
MACR 4849 see http://greenharbor.com/ROHPDF/ROHMay44.pdf p293
and the Dinner Table photo in the Brayley Collection
see also Richards, Lawrence C

PETERSON, Edward I - 2/Lt; CP: Wentworth, Wisconsin, USA
B-17G; 42-31648 Ensign Mary; 379th BG/526th BS; 16 June 1944
NARA (Edward "E.") # 36296987, Waupaca County, WI, b 1923 ?
ssdi : b 19 May 23, d in Waupaca 1 Mar 01 ? - Army?

RICE, Roy J - 2/Lt; CP: Salem, Oregon, USA
B-17F 42-3511 381BG 535BS: cr 24 or 25 Apr 44 Précy
MACR 4286 see www.381st.org
ssdi : b 6 May 17, d 21 Nov 90 in Monmouth, Polk County, OR

RICHARDS, Lawrence C - Sgt; LWG: Emmaus, Pennsylvania, USA
B-24H 42-94999 44BG 506BS: cr 11 May 44 Patay
MACR 4849 see http://greenharbor.com/ROHPDF/ROHMay44.pdf p293
see also Peloquin

SCHILLING, Kenneth W - Capt: Tacoma, Washington, USA: Bombardier (serial O-734841)
B-24J 42-100294 Victory Belle 93BG 328BS: cr 24 Jun 44 S of Dreux
MACR 6742 see http://perso.wanadoo.fr/forcedlanding/roggenkamp.htm
ssdi : b 1 Aug 18, d 23 Mar 93, Vancouver, Clark County, WA

SIDDERS, Robert E - S/Sgt RO: >Hasting, Nebraska, USA
B-17G; 42-37984; 92nd BG/326th BS; 8 February 1944
NARA #18017557, Hamilton County, NE, b 1920 - Army?

SOLOMON, George - T/Sgt; RO: Detroit, Michigan, USA
B-17G; 42-31380; 385th BG/548th BS: 8 February 1944.
NARA #16150721, Wayne County, MI, b 1924 - Army?

SOUDER, David W - Sgt: Pennsylvania or Houston, TX , USA
B-17F 42-3511 381BG 535BS : cr 24 or 25 Apr 44 Précy
MACR 4286 see www.381st.org
ssdi : b 21 May 24, d 17 Jul 03 in Laguna Hills, Orange County, CA

SPINKS, Heyward C - 2/Lt: La Grange, California, USA: pilot
P-51B 43-6935 OR 6985 Hurry Home Honey 357FG 364FS 20 Jun 44
MACR 5962 see www.littlefriends.co.uk

TICKNER, Russell E - 2/Lt: Texas or Fairfield, IL, USA: Bombardier
B-24H 42-95310 491BG 852BS: cr 2 Jun 44 Beaumont-sur-Oise
MACR 5391 NARA # O-694819
ssdi : b 25 Aug 21, d Aug 94 in Conroe, Montgomery County, TX (mention of ILLINOIS)
Jan Tickner, wife of the Bombardier, has written a book Our Personal War (see www.eakinpress.com/warandconflict.htm) PNF

VITKUS, Raymond D - Chicago, Illinois, USA
B-17F 42-3511 381BG 535BS: cr 24 Apr 44 Précy
MACR 4286 see www.381st.org

WESELOH, Eldo C - Los Angeles, California, USA
NARA #19125479, Los Angeles County, CA, b 1922

WISEMAN* Abraham Lt. - Army?

WRIGHT, Norman - Sommerville, Massachussets, USA
B-24J 42-100294 Victory Belle 93BG 328BS: cr 24 Jun 44 S of Dreux
MACR 6742 see http://perso.wanadoo.fr/forcedlanding/roggenkamp.htm

§ YANKUS, Thomas L - Long Island, NY , USA: Radio Operator
B-17G 42-31565: cr 4 Mar 1944 Saint-Symphorien, Belgium
MACR 2795 Tom Yankus lives in Florida - c

YANZEK, William - Dayton, Ohio, USA
NARA #35133894, Montgomery County, OH, b 1911
ssdi: b 5 Oct 11, d Feb 72 (OH)

US Army (2)

DERLING, Clifford G - New Jersey or Jersey City, California, USA - see also Kellerman

KELLERMAN, William - New York City, NY, USA
NARA #32893590, NY City, b 1925
I am the William Kellerman that was a signer on the bank note that Lorraine Vickerman found in her father's wallet. I was in the US infantry and was captured by a German tank while on a mission July 4th 1944. The Germans were walking us back to Germany I guess when Clifford Derling and I escaped. We didn't know exactly where we were but we got French clothes from a farmer and anyway we got picked up by the French underground (FFI), who thought we were Germans looking for them. When we established our identity they took us to the Fréteval Forest where they had brought the fliers. We stayed there till we were liberated by the advancing US army. [WK 25/12/07]


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MAC DONALD Lewis: 363FG ?


Hi Frank; I have just [July 2003] spent a couple of exciting hours reading your website and thought I would provide yet another link in that long chain of 152 men.

I am Lorraine Denise Vickerman, the daughter of William Kingswell Vickerman. In the Sherwood Register you will see my Dad's name - he is the last name of the 30 RCAF men in the list under VICKERMAN William K.

Dad died in 1976 when I was 21 and was predeceased by Mom in 1963, so a lot of his story remains a mystery, as he didn't talk much par of the war. I always knew my name, particularly the "Denise", was after a young woman in the Underground. I have done a lot of research in the past 2 years and have located Denise. She lives in Brussels, is about 77 now, and God-willing I will meet her when I go to Europe this fall. Dad was flying a Halifax III, called "Pistol Packin Momma", on a night bombing run to Achères France June 7th, 1944. He was the pilot and had only been with the Canadian 432 Squadron for less than a month. They were attacked by a Ju 88, and six of the crew made it out of the plane safely. Sgt.Frederick Layton was his rear-gunner and died that day.

On the ground Dad hooked up with his mid-upper gunner, also on your Sherwood Register, Sgt. Noé BEAUCHESNE. He and Noé stayed together for that 10 weeks, being hidden by one family, then the next, till they ended up at Freteval Forest.

When Dad got back to Britain on August 18th, 1944, he did not return to the fighting. He had burned his arm and, I presume had some time off, so headed home to Canada. He and my Mom married in October 1944 with Noé standing beside him as his Best Man. They never did stay in touch with each other.

Using Archives info, I was able to locate Noé's family. He died in 1989, but I have made a wonderful new friend in his widow, Rita Beauchesne. Noé was from Ottawa. I live in Richmond, which is a suburb of Vancouver B.C., Canada. My understanding is that Dad and Noé were shot down near Sérifontaine. After 2 days of hiding during daylight hours and running at night, they approached a farmer who took them in and fed them. They were then transferred to a helper from the nearby town, who took them to Neuville, then Argenteuil, where they picked up another travelling companion who was a Belgian woman. She took them to Paris, and they left the next day on a southbound train. At one point they apparently sat across from a couple of Germans which must have been an horrific experience.

They disembarked at Etampes, walked to Augerville, where they were handed over to two Frenchmen. They were then guided, by stages, to Voyes, and finally the camp at Freteval. Noé was French Canadian so I'm sure his French language helped them along. It is an amazing feat that the Underground were able to pass them through so many hands to get them to Freteval. It sounds like many, many people were involved.

see autographed banknote

Of Dad's four remaining crew members, two made it back to Britain and two were taken as POW's till the end of the war.

"Occasionally something went awry somewhere along the evasion line, and would-be evaders fell victim to deception. Assisted by the underground, F/O CR Hoffman of Vickerman's crew managed to avoid capture for almost two months. Then while he was in hiding with a group of RAF evaders in a Paris apartment, treachery took a hand. Believing themselves in friendly hands, all were taken one morning to a farm outside the city. There they were packed into a truck and driven straight to Gestapo headquarters. Then came a 12 day interrogation at Fresnes Prison. The next phase in the tale of Hoffman was Buchenwald, then Stalag Luft III". (source said to be an article by Flt Lt AP Heathcote, Air Historical Branch)

Although he survived the war, F/O Hoffman only lived till 1953. I have recently met his only daughter, Donna Gatley, who happens to live 10 minutes away from me in the little town of Ladner. He died when Donna was only 6 years old.

Tom Yankus

(Radio Operator: B-17G 42-31565: cr 4 Mar 1944 Saint-Symphorien, Belgium) wrote 15 July 2004 - "When I arrived with Jonathan Pearson, our navigator, at Philippe and Virginia d'Albert Lake's apartment in Paris on June 3, 1944, seated in easy chairs were Bill Brayley (Canadian), Denny Peppall (from Yorkshire) and Peter Berry (from Piccadilly). On June 5, 1944 we were  taken to the railroad station in  Paris and then on to Chateaudun, escorted by teenage boys for about 7 miles to the barn at the Rideau's house. The next morning we were taken to the [Fréteval] Forest, which was June 6, 1944."

Tom Yankus's B-17G: Yankus

17 May 1992: Yankus

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Boness, Lawrence - (Leicester):
BONESS*, Lawrence Frank Sgt RAFVR 1649548 463 Sqn Flight Engineer 24 June 1944 LM597/JO-
RAFES: thanks to Oliver Clutton-Brock we now know that Laurie Boness, who was an active member of RAFES, did not enter Fréteval but was was hidden in the villages of Boubers-sur-Canche, Fillièvres, and Monchel-sur-Canche (all Pas-de-Calais). He believed that the flak burst that had hit LM597 had set No. 1 starboard fuel tank on fire. Overcome by fumes as he left the aircraft he came to his senses as he floated to earth coned by two searchlights, but was not aware of anyone shooting at him. After walking as far as he could that night, he ‘went into hiding for forty eight hours.’ He ‘then went to a farm house at the village of Boubers where they gave me food and clothes. I eventually met a schoolmistress who put me into the hands of the French Army of Resistance at the village of Fillevres [sic], but I was later moved to the village of Monchel.’  Here he was looked after by Mesdames Ernestine Sainsolieux and Hermance Turpin, and by Camille and Raymonde Soualle, until liberated by British forces on 4 September.
[Laurie's name was mentioned in a book on Lou Greenburgh who was in Fréteval, by Lou's son.]

WO208/3321 S/PG 2092 Sgt R Meanley 1520572 75 Sqn Flight Engineer 28 July 1944 NE148/AA-H

MURRIE*, John D (Scotland): Murrie JD Sgt 1823503 9 Sqn Flight Engineer 8 July 1944 JA957/WS-D


WO208/3321 S/PG 2124 Elmhirst-Baxter JC Flt Lt 625 Sqn


TAPPAN*, Edward

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