Published in April 2004, this book by Fréteval survivor Ray Worrall can be obtained from him by post, £12.50 + p&p, by writing to him at Allandale, Allwoodley, Leeds, LS17 7DH, England.

About the Author, Ray Worrall

Ray was born in July 1924 at Roundhay, Leeds. After attending schools in Roundhay he went to boarding school. He left Shrewsbury School in December 1942 and at the end of January 1943 joined the RAF and trained as an aircrew Flight Engineer.

In March 1944 he was posted to No.44 (Rhodesia) Squadron, a Lancaster Bomber Squadron, and in April 1944 began a tour of operations. He had completed 25 ops before being shot down over occupied France in July1944, hiding in the Forest of Fréteval. With the help of the French Resistance he got back to England at the end of August 1944. In October 1944 he was posted to Canada to 45 Group (Atlantic Transport Command, formerly Atlantic Ferry Command, and delivered aircraft across the Atlantic to the UK and to the Middle and Far East. In October 1945 he was posted back to England to RAF Dishforth in North Yorkshire as an instructor. In September 1946 he came off flying duties and was posted to 4 Group Headquarters at Heslington Hall, York (now York University) as Assistant Adjutant.

He was demobilised from that post in January 1947 and went to Leeds University and graduated in 1950 with a degree in Economics and Commerce. In 1952 he married Fredrica. They have a son and a daughter and three grandchildren. After several years in the family business he read law and was called to the Bar in 1963. He retired at the age of 72 in 1996 when Chairman of the Industrial Tribunals. He has since spent much of his time travelling in France and playing bowls.

Publishers: Silver Quill Publications, Monade House, Catterick DL10 7QF