Royal Air Forces Escaping Society 1945-95 A Bibliography

This page has been compiled by the website editor, who would be grateful to hear of additional titles. Some earlier books may have been re-published but many are now out of print and probably may best be found in public libraries or via sellers of second hand books (see below). The list does not imply endorsement.

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Last updated 25 Jan 19

Barton, AEJ In Pursuit of Freedom (privately published, Barton, 1993)
Baveystock, L Wavetops at my Wingtips (Airlife, 2001: edited by Alan Lyon)
Bickers, R Townshend Home Run - Great RAF Escapes of the Second World War (Leo Cooper, 1992)
Brickhill, P The Great Escape (Faber, 1946)
Brickhill, P Escape or Die (Evans, 1952)
Brickhill, P
& Norton C
Escape to Danger (Faber, 1946)
Brickhill, P Reach for the Sky (Collins, 1954)
Cooper, AW Free to Fight Again - RAF Escapes and Evasions 1940-45 (William Kimber, 1988): recently published in softback but without photographs
Caskie, D The Tartan Pimpernel (Fontana, 1960) The Scots Kirk in Paris has reprinted this book and it is now widely available, either directly from them or the likes of Amazon
Checketts, Johnny The Road to Biggin Hill ISBN 1-904943-79-9
Clutton-Brock, Oliver RAF Evaders -The comprehensive story of thousands of escapers and their escape lines, Western Europe, 1940-45 (Grub Street, 2009)
Crawley, A Escape from Germany (Collins, 1956)
Darling, D Secret Sunday (Kimber, 1975)
Darling, D Sunday at Large (Kimber, 1977)
Dear, I Escape and Evasion - Prisoner of War Breakouts and the Routes to Safety in World War II (Arms & Armour Press, 1997)
De Graaf, Bob Stepping Stones to Freedom - Help to Allied Airmen in the Netherlands during World War II (Nederlandse Vereniging van Pilotenhelpers uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog) [limited English edition 2003]
De Souza, K Escape from Ascoli - Story of evasion and escape (Cowden:Newton Publishers, 1989)
Dominy, J The Sergeant Escapers (Ian Allan, 1974)
Embry, Sir B Mission Completed (Methuen, 1957)
Foot, MRD Resistance (Paladin, 1978)
Foot, MRD SOE in France (HMSO, 1966)
Foot, MRD & Langley, JM MI 9 Escape and Evasion 1939-1945 (Bodley Head, 1979)
Furniss-Roe, HS Bill Believed Safe: A Fighter Pilot's Double Escapade (William Kimber, 1987) ISBN 0-7183-0646-5
Hanson, SE Underground out of Holland (Ian Allen, 1977)
Harrison, Elizabeth Receipt for a Dead Canary (an e-book) 2013: the former RAFES Secretary's autobiography. Born in Düsseldorf, she evaded the Nazis before and during WWII. Elizabeth sculpted the RAFES plaque.
Hutton, C Clayton Official Secret (Max Parrish, 1960)
James, BA Moonless Night (Leo Cooper, 2001) [Jimmy was a survivor of the Great Escape]
Jennings, D Jump or Die (Tucann Books, 2005)
Johnson, A Escape to Freedom (Leo Cooper, 2002)
Knaggs, W The Easy Trip (Perth & Kinross Libraries, 2001)
Langley, JM Fight Another Day (Collins, 1974)
Litoff, Judy Barrett (ed) An American Heroine in the French Resistance: The Diary and Memoir of Virginia d'Albert-Lake (Fordham University Press, 2006)
Long, H Safe Houses are Dangerous (William Kimber, 1985)
Marlow, R Beyond the Wire - One man's remarkable POW escapes (Robert Hale, 1983) ISBN 0 7090 1300 0
Misseldine, J with O Clutton-Brock Survival Against All Odds: Sunday, 8 June 1942: Shot down over France (Grub Street, 2010) ISBN 9781906502751
Moss, Eric Solvitur Ambulando (Saved by Walking) ISBN 0 9513676 3 3.
Neave, A They have their Exits (Hodder & Stoughton, 1953)
Neave, A Little Cyclone (Hodder & Stoughton, 1954)
Neave, A Saturday at MI 9 (Hodder & Stoughton, 1969)
Nichol, J & Rennell, T Home Run - Escape from Nazi Europe (Penguin Viking, 2007) - now also available in paperback from Penguin
Ogilvie, AM All the Luck in the World (Creative Publishers, St. John's, Newfoundland, 1994)
Ottis, SG Silent Heroes - Downed Airmen and the French Underground (University Press of Kentucky, 2001)
Pape, R Boldness be my Friend (Pan, 1984)
Pape, R Sequel to Boldness (Odhams, 1959)
Philpot, O Stolen Journey (Hodder & Stoughton, 1950)
Pitchfork, G Shot Down and on the Run (National Archives, pbk 2007)
Potten C 7xXx90: Story of a Stirling Bomber and Its Crew (K Gandy & C Potten, paperback, 1986)
Reid, PR Colditz (Hodder & Stoughton, 1962)
Reid, PR The Latter Days at Colditz (Pan, 1955)
Richardson, A Wingless Victory - The story of Sir Basil Embry's escape from France in the Summer of 1940 (Odhams, 1950)
Richardson, D Detachment W (Paul Mould Publishing, 2004)
Robertson, Henry Ord Dangerous Landing (Patrick Stephens, 1989) (with a Foreword by Leonard Cheshire) ISBN 1-85260-254-6
Rofe, C Against the Wind (Hodder & Stoughton, 1956)
Skidmore, Rev K Follow the man with the pitcher (Countyvise, 1996)
Smith, S Wings Day - the man who led the RAF's epic battle in German captivity (Collins,1968)
Sniders, E Flying In, Walking Out (Leo Cooper, 1999)
Spiller, H Ticket to Freedom (William Kimber, 1988)
Teare, D Evader (republished by Air Data Publications, 1996)
Williams, E The Wooden Horse (Collins, 1949)
Worrall, R Escape from France - The Secret Forest of Freteval (Silver Quill, 2004)

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