& Roll of Honour

Those listed below can be viewed, in some cases by visiting the website of the newspaper where specified. Some newspapers may have access requirements. The date shown is (ob) the date of the obituary or (d) the date of death. The names Daily Telegraph and The Times are registered Trade Marks. The editor is grateful to Mrs Diana Morgan for assistance on keeping this list up to date and welcomes notification of further evader/escaper obituaries or for anyone already listed.

Inclusion is based on the evader/escaper having served with any of the RAF, RAAF, RCAF, RNZAF, SAAF or being a recognised helper, irrespective of membership of RAFES (§ indicates non-members). It relies on the editor being informed so if you can provide a qualifying obituary or death, please contact him.

Adams, RW d Aug 2003  
Ainger, SRJ d 2001  
Armstrong, Tom d 1995  
Baker, Grp Cpt AS d 1993  
Banner, WT (Tom) date unknown  
Barckley, Bob, DFC d28 Mar 2020 Daily Telegraph
Barnes, Len, MBE d 1988  
Barnes, R, DFM d Jan 1997  
Barrett, Air Commodore F.O. Barry, CBE, DFC. d 23 Oct 2007 The Times
Bartley, Gerard d Sep 2006  
Barton, Arthur author In Pursuit of Freedom d 11 May 1998  
Batterbury, FW date unknown  
Baveystock, Flt Lt Leslie, DSO DFC* DFM ob 23 Aug 1997 Daily Telegraph
Beamish, NR d 4 Jan 1993  
Beard, AW d Dec 1992  
Beecroft, Flt Lt J, DFM d 2001  
Bennett, AVM Don CB, CBE DSO d 15 Sep 1986  
Berry, Flt Lt H, MBE d Sep 2001  
Berthelsen, John d 11 Apr 2013  
Billows, CJ date unknown  
Blandford, Jack George d 11 Nov 13  
Blatch, TPE, MBE d Dec 1996  
Blyth, Squadron Leader Joe, AFC* d 29 Mar 2012 Daily Telegraph
Bolton, KJ, DFC d 6 Nov 1994  
Boness, Laurie d Feb 1998  
Booth, M d 1994  
Boots, RF d 1991  
Brazill, William Scottie, DFM d 2 Apr 2006  
Broom, Tommy, DFC** d 18 May 2010 Daily Telegraph
Brough, JFQ d Aug 1994  
Brown, B, MBE d 2 Feb 2010  
Brown, John T d May 2005  
Bulmer, S date unknown  
Burton, Air Marshal Sir Harry, KCB CBE DSO ob 1 Dec 1993 The Times
Butcher, D date unknown  
Campbell, Col IC d 1992  
Cann, Capt RJB d 2002  
Cant, RB d 2001  
Carr, LW d 2003  
Carter, Gordon d March 2013  
Catley, WF d Sep 2001  
Cerely, Edgar ob 3 Dec 1997 The Times
Chapple, John K d Apr 1984  
Checketts*, Wg Cdr. Johnny Milne d 21.4.06 ob 26 Apr 2006 Daily Telegraph
Clapham, Flt Lt AC date unknown  
Clay, L d Aug 2003  
Clinton, JF d Jan 2001  
Clowes, WA d 1991  
Colhoun, H d 1995  
Collins, Maurice DFC, DFM d 20 Mar 2006  
Connolly, PJ d Feb 1987  
Cooper, Mike d Nov 1998  
Couchman, John d 6 Dec 2009  
Covington, Capt WI, DFC date unknown  
Crabtree, M d Jun 2001  
Croad, Ian d Mar 1991  
Crowley-Milling, Air Marshal Sir Denis, KCB CBE DSO DFC* d 1 Dec 1996 Independent, Daily Telegraph
Cullen, Thomas, MBE d 24 Mar 2019
Dalton, R d Jul 1994  
Dane, EB d Nov 1997  
Darby, Phil d Nov 2002  
D’Arcy, George, DFC d 11 Nov 05  
Day, Alan, DFC d 21 Apr 10  
Day, Albert d Mar 07  
De Bruin, Albert d Jan 1993  
De Jongh, Countess Andrée Dedée, GM
The Times obituary 15 October
Washington Post obituary 16 Oct
Daily Telegraph obituary 20 Oct
Het laatste nieuws 13 okt 2007
Google™ search on Andrée de Jongh
BBC interview with Bob Frost, Stan Hope & Prof MRD Foot 26 Oct 2007
(keep listening until it comes up)
d 13 Oct 2007  
De Souza, Kenneth d May 2007  
Dickens, J d 28 Apr 1986  
Dickson, GR d Jul 1996  
Dobson, PWE Walter d 31 Jul 2005 AFAC Fall 05
Donaldson, R d 20 Jan 1994  
Dowd, AHA, DFC d 1993  
Drew, DW d Feb 1991  
Duke, Neville Sqn Ldr, DSO OBE DFC* AFC CzMC d 7 Apr 2007 Daily Telegraph
Dumbrell, AG d 1988  
Dumont, FJ d 1997  
Dumont, Micheline Michou GM d 16 Nov 2017 The Times
Eddy, W, DSO DFC d Jul 1988  
Ekbery, BV d Feb 1999  
Elliott, J McP d 2003  
Embling, AVM John RA, DSO d 15 Jul 1959  
Emeny, RT, AFM Ron d Dec 2001  
Evans, Henry (Harry) W d Mar 1999  
Evans, Pat d 2004  
Everiss, Stan F d May 1996  
Fairfax, Norman d Jul 01  
Fernyhough DFC, George William d 14 Nov 2008  
Firth, JW d 1992  
Flower, LN d Nov 1996  
Fortune, William d 2007  
Fox, R date unknown  
Franklin, John d 3 Mar 2013  
Franks, TJ date unknown  
Fry, CW (Canada) date unknown  
Furniss-Roe, HS Bill: author of Believed Safe: A Fighter Pilot's Double Escapade d 1990  
Gandy, Ken: co-author of 7xXx90: Story of a Stirling Bomber and Its Crew d Oct 2004 Ely Standard
Garrad-Cole, Wg Cdr Eric MC Garry d 5 Jan 2003 The Times
Garvey, K d 1986  
Gee, Robert R, DFC d 2003  
Gibbons, Dudley Charles d 2000  
Goddard, RG d Jul 1998  
Goodbrand, W d 1989  
Gradwell, Russell S date unknown  
Greenaway*, Fred H, MBE d Feb 1986  
Greenwell, FA d Jun 2005  
Griffiths, Grp Cpt FC, DFC AFC d Mar 1996  
Grisdale, E d 1990  
Guerisse, Albert-Marie Edmond - Pat O'Leary ob 29 Mar 1989  
Hallett, Cliff d 15 Jul 2013  
Hand, Gordon d 6 Jul 2010  
Hanson, Stan E author Underground out of Holland d 1986  
Hanton, John Newens d Dec 2008  
Harrison, JJ d 1989  
Harrop, E d 1988  
Haslam, Frank R d 6 Dec 2009  
§Hay, Ernie d 21 Feb 2011  
Hearn, Edward DFC* d 29 Aug 2015 Daily Telegraph
Higginson, Wg Cdr FW Taffy, OBE DFC AFC d 12.02.03 ob 19 Feb 2003 BBC, Daily Telegraph
§Hill, Group Captain Johnnie ob 22 Aug 1998 Daily Telegraph
Hirst, GH d 1994  
Hodges, Sir Lewis, KCB CBE DSO* DFC* DL d 4 Jan 2007 various
Hogg, EL d 1989  
Holland, Frank E, author D-Day Plus One d 31 Aug 2007  
Hollocks, RA d 28 Jan 2000  
Holroyd, Sidney G (former Chairman RAFES) d Nov 1986  
Honor, Grp Capt Dudley DFC* d 26 Dec 2007 Daily Telegraph
Hood, Rev Les d 27 Mar 2011  
Hooper, Sir Robin, KCMG DSO DFC d 1989  
Horn, Vincent d Dec 2011  
Hornsey, Denis author The Pilot Walked Home film clip d Mar 1971  
Hoskisson, RT date unknown  
Howell, Wg Cdr Edward, OBE DFC ob 16 Aug 2000 The Times
Hughes, M d 1995  
§Hutchinson, Jackie, DFM AFM ob 18 Sep 1999 The Times
Hutton, Sqn Ldr Tom d 1993  
Iles, Sqn Ldr DS d Feb 1999  
Jillings, Wg Cdr AD d Mar 1997  
Johnson, Ralph VC d 1961  
Johnson, TG d 1987  
Johnson, WG d 1992  
Knaggs, Bill author of The Easy Trip d 21 Jan 2008 BBC
Langley, LW date unknown  
Lake, Virginia d'Albert d 20 Sep 1997  
Lashbrook, Wally DFC d Jun 2017 The Herald
Laughton-Bramley, Sqn Ldr Philip, MBE ob 16 Sep 1994 The Times
Lewis, John (said to be main model for
Steve McQueen character in The Great Escape)
ob 21 Aug 1999 Daily Telegraph
Lewis, Reg, DFC Daily Telegraph article d 12 Oct 2009
ob 6 Nov 2009

Daily Telegraph
Linton, Sqn Ldr NW date unknown  
Little, John d 15 Nov 2010  
Littlejohn, DJH d Jul 2001  
Lonsdale, RW, DFC MM d 1990  
Loudon, L d 1993  
Lovegrove, Sqn Ldr RW, DFC d 1990  
Macfarlane, W, MM date unknown  
Mackenzie, Norman, DSO DFC d Dec 2002  
Mackie, Wg Cdr Norman, DSO DFC d 1 Jan 2003 Daily Telegraph
MacLean, Angus (Canadian) d 15 Feb 00  
Magrath, Bill JQ, MM d 14 Oct 11  
Mann, Sqn Ldr Harry d Sept 1995  
Maples, Frederick A d 6 Aug 2007  
Marlow, Roy, MM: author of Beyond the Wire d 26 Dec 2003  
Marpole, J, DFC d 1986  
Martin, JR d Mar 1999  
McDonald, HW date unknown  
McKinnon, AW, DFM date unknown  
McMahon, Wg Cdr GF, DFM d Sep 2001  
Meer, GMG, DFM d Jul 1994  
Mellor, Gordon d Jan 2018 Daily Telegraph
Miles, AJ d 2003  
Mill, BB, DFC d 1989  
Mills, AW d Oct 1997  
Milton, RAE, MC d May 1999  
Moncur, WK d 1995  
Moorhead, Pat d 1994  
Morgan, Bryan: by Frank Dell & Bruce Lyons d 5 Feb 2004  
Morrison, John d Mar 2012  
Moss, Eric R: author of Solvitur Ambulando (Saved by Walking) d Sep 2000  
Mott, Sqn Ldr John, MBE d 9 May 2002 Daily Telegraph
Murrie, JD d 1989  
Newton, Jack L d 27 Jan 2004  
Nicholls, Bill A, DFC d 3.3.05 ob 18 Mar 2005 The Times
Nicholson, JH d Dec 2005  
Nielsen, Harold L d 17 June 2012  
Nolan, Ken (Conscript Heroes website page) d 10 Apr 2006  
Norfolk, Sqn Ldr WJ, MBE d Feb 1997  
Nothomb, Jean-François (Franco)
Replaced Dédée De Jongh as Chief of the Comète Line when she was arrested and deported in January 1943. He was himself arrested and deported in January 1944. He entered the Line on the 7 October 1942, introduced by Georges d’Oultremont.
d Jun 2008  
Ogilvie, Col Allan M (Joe) Ogilvie (Canada) d 30 Dec 2000  
Pack, Joe T d Aug 2005  
§Pape, Richard The Independent ob 3 Jul 1995 The Times
Patrick, Edmond R d 4 Feb 2005  
Payne, HW d Sep 1998  
Pepall, Denis d Mar 2005  
Pepper, APW, DFC d 1990  
Perceval, Gerald A, DFC d 17 Jun 2009  
Petch, Wg Cdr R d Jun 1992  
Philpot, Oliver, MC DFC d May 1993  
Pirie, Wg Cdr AN date unknown  
Potten, Charlie: co-author of 7xXx90: Story of a Stirling Bomber and Its Crew d Jul 1989  
Power, WA d 2003  
Pritchard, Arthur d 28 May 2010  
Pryer, WR d 1990  
Pyle, George, author of Broken Mustang d 1 Sep 2010  
Rae, Arthur d Oct 2012 The Scotsman
§Rae, AVM Ronald Ramsey ob 9 Apr 1994 The Times
Rainford, Sqn Ldr William R, MBE d Jun 1990  
Rainsford, JE d 24 June 2009  
Ramsden, OC date unknown  
Randle, WSO 'Bill', CBE AFC DFM FRAeS FIMgt d 12 Aug 2012 Daily Telegraph
Reed, WC date unknown  
Remington, John d Mar 1992  
Renwick, P d Jan 1998  
Reynolds, TW d Apr 2000  
Richardson, KC date unknown  
Riding, Ron d 9 May 2011  
Rippingdale, EG d May 1991  
Riseley, AH d May 1992  
Robertson, Henry Ord, DFM: author of Dangerous Landing d Aug 2000  
Robinson, G d Feb 1992  
Rose, Cosmo date unknown  
Rosser, Flt Lt WJ, DFC d Oct 2009  
Salter, H d 1992  
Sankey, J, DFM d Dec 2001  
Scott, RA (Canada) d Jun 2005  
Shepherd, D d 1996  
Simister, Harry, MM d Jul 2000  
Simpson,Wally T, MM d Aug 1994  
Skidmore, Rev Ken: author of Follow the man with the pitcher d 10 Jan 2011  
Slack, Tom d Aug 1994  
Slater, Group Captain Stanley, DSO, OBE, DFC* d 29 Aug 14 Daily Telegraph
Sheffield Star
Smith, Wg Cdr GL d Mar 1993  
Smith, Peter B d 21 Jan 1988  
Smith, RA d 2 Mar 1997  
Southwell, Don, DFM d Feb 1989  
Spiller, Herbert (Bert) J DFM, author of Ticket to Freedom d 28 Aug 2011  
Squire, KE date unknown  
Steedman, ACM Sir Alasdair, GCB CBE DFC ob 6 Jan 1992 The Times
Stockburn, RC, DFC d 1995  
Strever, ET d Mar 1997  
Tetlow, F d May 1990  
Thompson, William F d Aug 1998  
Trotman, Air Cdre Denis Albert, AFC d 9 Apr 2006  
Tweedy, P , DFM 13 Mar 2005  
Valentine, Laurence d 9 Dec 2008  
Vass, JR d 1996  
Walker, PW d 9 Feb 1994  
Walmsley, H, DFM d 1992  
Wandzilak, Grp Cap Stanislaw, OBE DFC AFC d 30 Nov 2000 The Times
Warburton, Leonard A d Jul 1989  
Ward, David d 16 Jun 2008  
Wasik, WP date unknown  
Watkins, William Bill d 1996  
Waudby,Willam N, DFC Bill d Jun 1992  
Webb, Flt Lt DC d 13 Nov 1992  
Weare, WTB Brin d 2000  
Weir, Charles Jock d July 2012  
West, H d June 1986  
White, AG date unknown  
White*, LSM d Aug 1988  
Whitehead, Judge GGA, DFC d Nov 2001  
Whitley, Air Marshal Sir John, KBE CB DSO AFC ob 10 Jan 1998 Daily Telegraph
Wilkinson, RC, OBE DFM d 14 Jan 1990  
Williams, Clifford John d Oct 1995  
Williams, Rowland d 5 Mar 2008 BBC
Williamson, GR d 1998  
Wingham, ST (Tom) DFC d 15 May 2015 102 Sqn website
Pocklington Times
Winskill, Air Cdre Sir Archibald, KCVO CBE DFC* AE d 9 Aug 2005 Daily Telegraph
Winterton, Jack A d Sep 1997  
Woodruff, FW, MBE d Apr 1993  
Wootton, KB d May 1990  
Worby, JR d Jul 1995  
Wright, KFH, DFC d 20 Apr 2003  
Wright, P d 22 Sep 1993  
Young, TD d Aug 1992  

Elizabeth Lucas-Harrison MBE, the last Secretary of the RAFES, d 10 Jul 2016 Daily Telegraph

* New Zealanders but they belonged to RAFES as there was no branch in NZ

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