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Best, Jack - Colditz Glider o 26.4.00 The Times
Bethell, Tony - Canada's last Great Escaper o 3.3.04 The Globe and Mail, Toronto
Birtle, Richard - Stalag Luft III o 5.4.12 Daily Mail
Blair, Norman - Stalag 357, Long March o 1.7.13 Dundee Courier
Brickhill, Paul - author o 26.4.94 The Times
Brodrick, Les - Stalag Luft III o 12.4.13 D Tel
Bruce, Dominic, OBE MC AFM - Colditz o 3.3.00 The Times
Buckham, Bob - Stalag Luft III o 24.2.04 D Tel
Cassie, Alex - Great Escape document forger o 21.4.12 NY Times
Clark, Lt Gen Albert P USAF Great Escape team d8 Mar 2010 o 15.4.10 The Gazette
Crawley, Aidan - author, tv, MP o 4.11.93 The Times
Day, Sqn Ldr Frank - Stalag Luft III o 16.7.08 D Tel
Dowling, Eric - Great Escape team art 6.8.08
o 7.8.08
o 7.8.08
o 7.8.08

o 7.8.08
D Tel
D Tel
The Times
Deans, JAG ('Dixie')
A remarkable leader of POWs and a key intelligence coordinator; a founder member and first President of the RAF Ex-POW Association
d 18.2.89 compiled by the editor
Fancy, John d16 Sep 2008 - Tunnelling to Freedom (1957); Flights of Fancy (1986). o 3.10.08 D Tel
Flinn, Francis - Colditz o 6.12.13 The Times
Floody, Wallace - tunnelling expert o 27.9.89 The Times
Fordyce, Bill - Australia's last Great Escaper o 20.2.08 Sydney Morning Herald
Fripp, Alfie - early POW, Stalag Luft III o 3.1.13 Guardian
Gibb, Matthew - Great Escape penguin o 11.5.08 The Times
Gnys, Wladyslaw o 22.3.00 The Times
Goss, The Very Reverend Tom - 3 years in Changi o 20.12.97 D Tel
Grant, Cy Flt Lt - singer, actor: Stalag Luft III o 15.2.10 D Tel
Harrison, Wilfred - Stalag Luft III    Aircrew Remembered o 3.2.11 The Times
Hodgkinson, Air Chief Marshal Sir Derek d29 Jan 2010 o 6.3.10 D Tel
Ingle, Group Captain Alec - Sagan & Luckenwalde o 31.7.99 D Tel
Jackson, Norman VC - SLIII o 30.3.94 The Times
James, Sqn Ldr BA Jimmy MC- Great Escaper, and got out of Sachsenhausen o 22.1.08
o 21.1.08
Jensen, G/C Frank, CBE DFC* AFC AE o 24.12.99 The Times
Kayll, Wg Cdr Joe - Oflag XXIB & Sagan o 27.10.00 The Times
Kellett, Air Cdre Richard, CBE DFC AFC o 20.1.90 The Times
Lamason, Phil DFC* RNZAF - SBO Buchenwald o 31.5.12 D Tel
Lees, Alex d22 Apr 2009 o 29.4.09 D Tel
MacDonnell of Glengarry, Air Cdre Donald CBE DFC o 16.6.99 The Times
Maguire, AM Sir Harold KCB DSO OBE o 16.2.01 The Times
Maskell, Eric - the key aerodynamics for Concorde o 31.10.89 The Times
Maw, Roger - designer of the Wooden Horse o 8.9.92 The Times
Nelson, Bob - Great Escaper o 11.9.99 D Tel
Plunkett, Desmond - Stalag Luft III, copying system for Great Escape o 20.2.02 D Tel
Robinson, Professor Douglas - acoustics expert, POW in Singapore o 18.9.99 D Tel
Saxelby, G/C Clive, CBE DFC AFC* o 30.4.97 The Times
Stapleton, Gerald DFC DFC(NL) d 13.4.10 BoB Mem London
Starkey, Dick - Stalag Luft III, A Lancaster Pilot's Impression on Germany o 6.1.14 Daily Express
Stone, Frank - Stalag Luft III o 17.10.13 Daily Mirror
Strong, Air Cdre DM 'Dimí, CB AFC - Adjutant N Compound Stalag Luft III o 7.9.11 D Tel
Tonder, Ivo - Czech Great Escaper o 8.5.95 The Times
Van Wymeersch, Raymond - Great Escaper o 14.6.00 by Ian Le Sueur
Yeomans, Wg Cdr John Alan - Fallingbostel, Long March: d 1 Sep 2013 o Sep 13 Speers Funeral Chapel
Younger, Cal - Stalag Luft III, No Flight from the Cage, editor of The Kriegie

Apage for Cal based on his Order of Service has been produced with the help of his family and friends
o 3.2.14
o 7.2.14
D Tel
The Times

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