RAF Ex-POW Association - News items

Extracts from The Kriegie about the Long March memorial at the RAF Museum Hendon have been added - May 2004

Channel Four thank all who made contact in connection with their series Bomber Crew

John Nichol thanks all who contacted him about their experiences on forced marches from POW camps in the latter part of WW2. the book - The Last Escape - co-written with Tony Rennell was published in 2002 and is available from all good bookshops. John and Tony also thank those who assisted with material for their 2004 book on the the last two years of the bomber war in Europe - Tail End Charlies.

BBC Timewatch wish to thank all who contacted them when we ran an appeal for information on Bomber
Command operations towards the end of the war.

The BBC Timewatch documentary Bombing Germany which focussed on operations in 1945 was shown on BBC2 on 24th August 2001. Participants included: members of Bomber Command Association; authors Martin Middlebrook and Max Hastings; and Air Cdre Henry Probert ex head of the Air Historical Branch.

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