COFEPOW - Children and Families of the Far East Prisoners of War

List of Japanese POW Camps
source: Center for Research
Allied POWS Under the Japanese

Far East POW Community website

Burma Star Association

Kwai Railway Memorial
(Three Pagodas Group)

National Memorial Arboretum

Charles Thrale Memorial paintings
 ‘The Valleys of the Shadow of Death'

Thai-Burma Railway
inspired by Fred Seiker's paintings of what he personally endured or witnessed as a POW

Changi Plaque
50th Anniversary of the battle for Singapore

Changi Murals
painted 1942/43 by
Bombardier Stanley Warren

The Far Eastern Prisoners of War (FEPOW) trust fund was set up to support ex-Far Eastern prisoners.
The deed of trust was signed with The Royal British Legion which administers their welfare work.