Oliver Clutton-Brock at Duxford

Oliver Clutton Brock
Footprints on the
Sands of Time

(Grub Street Publishing, 2003)

Oliver's book Footprints on the Sands of Time about RAF Bomber Command POWs in German hands was launched at Duxford on 15th June 2003.

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Footprints on the Sands of Time



Chapter 1: The Early Camps, 1939-1940: Oflag X (Itzehoe) September-October 1939; Oflag IXA/H (Spangenberg) October 1939-April 1942;
Oflag IVC (Colditz) June 1940-April 1945
Chapter 2: Dulag Luft: December 1939-April 1945
Chapter 3: Stalag VIIIB (Lamsdorf): May 1940-January 1945
Chapter 4: Stalag Luft I (Barth): June 1940-May 1945
Chapter 5: Wehrmacht Camps, 1941: Oflag VIIC (Laufen) July 1941September 1941; Oflag XC (Lubeck) July 1941-October 1941; Oflag VIB (Warburg) October 1941-September 1942;
Stalag IXC (Bad Sulza) July 1941-May 1942; Stalag IIIE (Kirchhain) July 1941-May 1942; Stalag VIIA (Moosburg) December 1941-September 1942
Chapter 6: Stalag Luft III (Sagan): March 1942-January 1945
Chapter 7: Wehrmacht Camps, 1942-1943: Stalag 383 (Hohenfels) September 1942-April 1945; Oflag XXIB (Schubin) October 1942-May 1943; Stalag IVB (Muhlberg) June 1943-May 1945
Chapter 8: Stalag Luft VI (Heydekrug): June 1943-July 1944
Chapter 9: Stalag Luft IV (Gross Tychow): July 1944-February 1945
Chapter 10: Stalag 357 (Thorn and Oerbke); Stalag XIB (Fallingbostel): July 1944-April 1945
Chapter 11: Stalag Luft VII (Bankau): June 1944-January 1945
Chapter 12: The Last Camps: Marlag und Milag Nord February 1945-April 1945; Stalag IIIA (Luckenwalde) January-May 1945; Stalag XIIID (Langwasser-Nurnberg) January-April 1945; Stalag VIIA
(Moosburg) January-April 1945
Chapter 13 Operation Exodus: 1945
Chapter 14: Wounded: 1939-1945
Chapter 15: Repatriations: 1943-1945
Chapter 16: Traitors and Collaborators: 1940-1945
Chapter 17: War Crimes, 1939-1944
Chapter 18: War Crimes, 1945
Chapter 19: Introduction to the List of RAF Bomber Command Prisoners-of-War

Appendix I: The List of RAF Bomber Command PoWs
Appendix II: Numbering System and Location of German PoW Camps
Appendix III: Periods of occupation of German PoW camps by RAF PoWs, 1939-1945
Appendix IV: RAF Bomber Command PoW losses, 1939-1945: by month
Appendix V: RAF Bomber Command PoW losses, 1939-1945: by aircraft type
Appendix VI: RAF Bomber Command PoW losses, 1939-1945: by squadron
Appendix VII: RAF Bomber Command PoW losses, 1939-1945: by rank
Appendix VIII: RAF Bomber Command PoW losses, 1939-1945: by nationality
Appendix IX: RAF Bomber Command PoW losses, 1939-1945: by target
Appendix X: RAF escapers, 1941-1945
Appendix XI: Comparative British and German Ranks
Appendix XII: The Nazi Propaganda Campaign against Airmen
Appendix XIII: The Nazi Party Security Forces
Appendix XIV: Red Cross Parcels Plans of some PoW camps used by RAF

Notes to Chapters

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