Operation MARATHON

Memorial near the site of Camp 1 looking towards the farm. The inscription reads
Ici vécurent sauvés par la Résistance
152 aviateurs Alliés mai-aout 1944

In memory of those who were victims of their devotion to the Allied Aviators: -

Died in deportation:

Mme Lucienne(Callu) Proux
Mme Marie-Louise (Delbert) Gaspard
M. Robert Germond
M. Rene Roussineau
M. Raymond Evrard
M. Maurice Pommier

Survivors of the death camps:

Mme Helene Germond
M. Lucien Proux
M. Paul Taillard
M. Raymond Cordier

The Editor Frank Haslam would be pleased to feature accounts and images of the 70th Anniversary events in 2013.
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