Operation MARATHON

Memorial near the site of Camp 1
looking towards the farm.
The inscription reads
Ici vécurent sauvés par la Résistance
152 aviateurs Alliés mai-aout 1944

In memory of those who were victims of their devotion to the Allied Aviators: -

Died in deportation:

Mme Lucienne (Callu) Proux
Mme Marie-Louise (Delbert) Gaspard
M. Robert Germond
M. Rene Roussineau
M. Raymond Evrard
M. Maurice Pommier

Survivors of the death camps:

Mme Helene Germond
M. Lucien Proux
M. Paul Taillard
M. Raymond Cordier

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The Editor Frank Haslam would be pleased to feature accounts and images of the 70th Anniversary events in 2013.