The Canadian Branch of the
Royal Air Forces Escaping Society

When RAFES 'laid up' in 1995 the Canadian members of RAFES decided to continue their branch and enjoyed annual reunions.

In 2006, faced with the ravages of time on many of the members, too ill to attend meetings, unable to travel any distance etc. they folded their wings as an official organization at the end of June (their fiscal year end). They disposed of all their assets and suspended any regular meetings and were no longer an official organization. However in an effort to provide a vehicle for continued contact between members they encouraged individuals in regional chapters (Western, Ontario, Quebec & Maritimes etc.) to form social committees whose function would be to arrange gatherings of members, their families and friends, as interest warrants. And of course they maintained contact as in the past with their helpers.

Roy Brown, who was Secretary of the Canadian branch of RAFES died on October 7, 2014. He was an evader (and most thankful to the helpers who sheltered him in Brussels), a POW and then he escaped from the "Last Train Out of Brussels".

If you were in the MI9 Fréteval Forest holding camps is your name on the Sherwood Register? See also the 100FF banknote - via Fréteval Forest.

In the early morning hours of September 26th 1944 a Royal Canadian Air Force Vickers Wellington Mk XIV aircraft crash-landed at Haugland in the community of Os, Norway. The Wellington of 407 Demon Squadron, carrying a crew of 6, had been on a coastal patrol over the North Sea. See Harvey Firestone's web diary of his trip back to Norway on the 60th Anniversary of the evasion of the crew.