The Air Forces Escaping Society 1995-2006

The comradeship of the Royal Air Forces Escaping Society continued informally in The Air Forces Escaping Society. This was set up at a meeting of former RAFES members held at East Kirkby.

The first chairman of the AFES was Mr WTB Brin Weare, who was the Standard Bearer at the laying up of the RAFES Standards in Paris and Lincoln Cathedral in 1995, on the splendid and moving official ending of RAFES. Sadly, Brin passed away on Saturday 8th January 2000.

Brin was succeeded by Bryan Morgan, former Press Officer of RAFES. Bryan passed away after a very brief illness on 5th February 2004. The last Chairman of RAFES, Frank Dell, spoke at his funeral on 19 Feb 2004, conducted by 'our' Chaplain, Rev Bruce Lyons.

AFES held reunions in Stratford-on-Avon, Ross-on-Wye, Norwich and Banbury, and joined in events at Eden Camp in Yorkshire. Many attending were also members of ELMS, the Escape Lines Memorial Society.

Banbury 2003

In May 2004 and 2005 AFES had reunions, in Stratford-on-Avon, when we more than repeated the success of the 2003 reunion - Bryan Morgan would have been delighted.

We met again at Stratford in 2006 but in view of the reduced numbers likely for 2007 it was decided (letter to members 1 Aug 2006) not to continue these annual events in this form. Many of us were members of or were joining ELMS and hoped instead to continue our fellowship through their functions.

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