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6 Sqn RAF - research for our Book of Remembrance
7 or 7A (N) Sqn Royal Naval Air Service/No.207 Sqn Royal Air Force
No.7 Sqn 1939-45
7 Sqn Stirling MG-S, W7520, lost Belgium 20 May 1942
12 Sqn Wickenby Lancaster PD201 PH-E, 15 Dec 1944, P/O Gillingham's crew
10 Sqn Melbourne Yorks, F/O Bill Yates' crew, completed tour Jan 1945
13 Sqn P/O PG Frith crew Blenheim Z6084 June 26th 1942
15 Sqn aircrew in Stalag 344 POW
16 OTU Upper Heyford Wellington Bomber Mark X HE320 9th January 1944
24 OTU Whitley V AD701 -F: 22-23 May 1944 F/O DW Goodwin RCAF & crew
26 Sqn SAAF June 1943
31 Sqn SAAF based at Celone, Italy 1944
35 Squadron Halifax TL-F shot down on Wuppertal on 29/30th May 1943 POW
40 Squadron RAF Wellington 1C X9619 BL-M: Bateman Crew 13 October 1941
44 Sqn Hampden KM-C AE313, lost 3 Sept 1941, St. Wendel, Germany POW
55 Sqn: Italy, 1944
57 Sqn Lancaster DX-P, W4234, shot down 21 Dec 1942
70 OTU RAF Nakuru (Kenya)/RAF Shandur (Egypt)
79, 229, 232 Squadrons - RAF Heraldry Trust dedications
90 Wireless Observation Unit
92 OTU
100 Sqn Grimsby Lancaster EE183 HW-P lost on Turin 12/13 July 1943 POW
102 Sqn Crew of Whitley V T4326 DY-K lost on Berlin 12/13 March 1941
102 Sqn: Halifax II HR667 DY-O: Flowerdew crew 5 May 1943
102 Sqn Halifax DY-Z shot down on Gelsenkirchen 9/10th July 1943 POW
103 Sqn Crew of Lancaster ED733: PM-X: kia 28/29 April 1943
106 Sqn Manchester crashed Tinglev 24th April 1942 L7463 ZN- POW
130 (PUNJAB) SQUADRON, 2nd Tactical Air Force: MkXIV Spitfires: W/O PH Clay, F/O V Murphy RAAF lost 19 April 1945
138/161 Squadrons and 419/1419 Flights - Lysander pilots
139 Sqn Blenheim IV XD- , P4860, lost 7/8th May 1941 POW
144 Sqn Hampden PL- , AD846, shot down 5th November 1941 POW
148 Sqn Halifax FS-A, HR660, shot down 3 March 1944
156 Sqn Lancaster 1/2 Jan 1944 Berlin ND384 GT-D POW
166 Sqn, Lancaster AS-J2, PB153, lost 16/17 March 1945
167 Sqn Dutch Spitfire pilot , lost 10th June1943 - Conrad Th. De Jongh
184 Squadron
207 Sqn Manchester L7523 EM-M 16 Jan 1942: Wescombe crew
207 Sqn Lancaster R5847 EM-Y, Bremen 3/4th June 1942: Wathey crew
207 Sqn Lancaster R5867 EM-T Duisberg 24 July 1942: McCarthy crew
207 Squadron Lancaster W4172 EM-X 9/10 March 1943 Lavannes: Wood crew
207 Sqn Lancaster W4938 EM-A Duisberg 13 May 1943: Evans crew
207 Sqn Lancaster ED412 EM-Q Le Bouveret Switzerland 12/13 July 1943: Badge crew
207 Sqn Lancaster ED627 EM-N Nuremburg 27th/28th Aug 1943: Fitzgerald crew
207 Sqn Lancaster W4726 EM-L Hannover 18/19th Oct 1943: Negus crew
207 Sqn Lancaster ED586 EM-F Stettin 6/7 Jan 1944: Ebert crew
207 Sqn Lancaster DV371 EM-B Berlin 30th January 1944: Broad crew
207 Sqn Lancaster III EE126 EM-A Leipzig 19/20 Feb 1944: Jarvis crew POW
207 Sqn Lancaster ME680 EM-R Berlin 24 Mar 1944: Polley crew
207 Squadron Spilsby: 1943: Sharpe crew
207 Squadron Devon VP962 Northolt: VIP passengers
268 Sqn 1940-46
279 (ASR) Squadron
340 (Free French Squadron, Ile de France): WAAF parachute packer 1941/2
431 Sqn Wellington HE379 SE-H lost 16/17 April 1943
488 (NZ) Squadron RAF
514 Sqn Waterbeach: May - July 1944
529 Squadron pilots and ground crew RAF Henley-on-Thames 1944-1945
665 AOP Sqn, RCAF
682 Sqn aircraft lost on west coast of Sardinia June 13 1943

ALBERTA, Canada. Did you train here during WW2?
BERLIN RAID 24/25 March 1944 Night of the Big Winds
Coastal Command - RAF Docking/Bircham Newton WAAF
EJECTIONS - Project Get out and Walk
'M' Balloon Unit/DDCP/Nickelling
RAF KAI TAK 1930-41
RAF MATLOCK - wartime nursing care for RAF officers suffering from flying stress.
RAF Snitterfield Central Registry - No.18 (P) ATU, later 21 FTS
RAF Stoke Orchard - No.3 Glider Training School (3 GTS) - July 1942 to Jan 1945
RAF Target Maps Production - Hughenden Manor - Cecil Richard Hodges
RAF West Beckham 1938-1958
Stalag Luft VII Bankau - Forced march to Luckenwalde
STALAG LUFT III - The Great Escape

from RAF Ex-POW Association: CYH17: via Bomber Command Association asking for help in tracing the two survivors of the crew of a 90 Sqn Stirling WP-U No. 9349 shot down 28/02/1943, target St. Nazaire. The two concerned are Rear Gunner Sgt J H Jackson, RAF No.1136638, PoW No. 27644 and Flight Engineer Sgt J McGhie, RAF No. 969159, PoW No. 27651. The Mayor of Avranches, northern France sought to invite them to a commemoration ceremony.

Contact: the editor

from RAF Ex-POW Association: CYH17: A correspondent is researching the fate of a 148 Sqn Halifax No. HR660 which was shot down and crashed in northern Italy on 03/03/1944. Five of the ten people on board were killed, including the Pilot Flt Lt Harry Botham, one evaded and four were captured. Do you have any knowledge of Navigator WO Cyril Woodington RAF No. 1318788, Pow No. 3816; Mid-Upper Gunner WO John V Collett RAF No. 1199504, PoW No. 5054; Navigator FI Off John J O'Neill, RAF No. 137608, or the Rear Gunner WO Alexander A Cameron, RCAF No. R110909? (see also Botham in Names A-M)

Contact: the editor

from RAF Ex-POW Association: CYH17: Representatives of Lashenden Air Warfare Museum were in Belgium for the unveiling of memorials to the memory of the crews of wartime aircraft and would appreciate any information on the PoW survivors WO H Rowson, RAF No. 509523. PoW No: 132, Pilot of a 21 Sqn Blenheim YH-? No. L8734, shot down 25/05/1940 target bridge at Lys.

Contact: the editor

from RAF Ex-POW Association: CYH17: Representatives of Lashenden Air Warfare Museum were in Belgium for the unveiling of memorials to the memory of the crews of wartime aircraft and would appreciate any information on the PoW survivors. Two of the crew of a 432 Sqn Halifax QO-G, No. LW594, target rail yards at Haine-St-Pierre Rear Gunner PO W L Cantlon, RCAF No. J88195, PoW No. 4908 Mid-upper Gunner PO K L McCartney, RCAF No. J90237, PoW No. 3763.

Contact: the editor

from RAF Ex-POW Association: CYH17: The family of Fl Off Ted Dorey are trying to find out what happened when the 149 Sqn Lancaster, OJ-R No. HK645, he was flying was shot down on 12/12/1944; the target was Witten. Five of the crew were killed - four of them are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial - and there were two PoW, the Bomb Aimer PO J R Walter, RAAF No. 427575, PoW No. 6890 and Flight Engineer Sgt R Laird RAF No. 1825466, PoW No. 1334.

Contact: the editor

from RAF Ex-POW Association: CYH18A: French researcher is seeking details of the two survivors of a 15 Squadron Stirling shot down on 17th October 1942 on a Gardening trip. The two concerned are F/Sgt A J Edgar RAF No. 1142182, PoW No. 812 and F/Sgt J Daly RAF No. 939710, PoW No: 83667.

Contact: the editor


from RAF Ex-POW Association: CYH18: Information on two Flt Sgts of the crew of a 141 Squadron Beaufighter lost 15th August 1943: D J Gillam and M M Robertson. Both are claimed to have been PoWs only traced Gillam as RAF No: 1310814, PoW No. 222515 at 4B.

Contact: the editor



6 Squadron RAF - research for our Book of Remembrance

Message logged 5th March 2001: 6 Sqn Association are just completing a Roll of Honour for the fallen of the Squadron since 1914 to date, in fact it will now be a Book of Remembrance, as it has grown. We have twelve or so queries and wonder if your research website may help.

We are looking for details on two fairly recent deaths in Jaguars and we only have the surnames, dates and locations:

MARSDEN - Jaguar Crashed in Scotland 12/9/90  seconded from 54 Sqn ?
CALLISTER - Jaguar crashed in Gulf War   12/11/90 seconded from 54 Sqn?

We would like to include them if we can get full details such as rank, ages, resting place.

contact Ken Hopper, Newsletter Editor 6 Sqn Association: SixSqnAsso AT


No.7 or 7A (N) Sqn Royal Naval Air Service/No.207 Sqn Royal Air Force

Message logged 18th March 1999: Research by author John Hamlin for the history of 207 Squadron, to be published later this year, has produced the following set of additional WWI names. Any further information about these airmen would be appreciated by the Squadron Association:-

DANZEY, AM2 William Charles (service No. F/1 5990): died 6 December 1917 aged 20 as a PoW after being shot down on 26 April 1917 in HP O/100 3115 off Nieuport. Son of Charles and Jane Danzey of Bracknell, Berks. Buried in Cologne Southern Cemetery (grave XVI I I.A.24).

HOOD Flt. Sub-Lt. Thomas Samuel Stanley; killed 26 April 1917, aged 22, when HP O/100 3115 was shot down off Nieuport. Son of Edward and Jennie Hood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. No known grave, but name on Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent.

HUTTON, 2nd Lt. William Wallace; seconded to RNAS from RFC and 7th Bn London Regt.; killed 27 October 1917 in HP O/100 3122, which was shot down while bombing St. Denis Westrem airfield, Belgium. No known grave, but name on Arras Flying Services Memorial, Pas de Calais.

WATSON, Ldg. Mech. Richard Henry (service No. F/3307); died 26 April 1917 aged 22, after being shot down in HP O/100 3115 off Nieuport. Son of Emmeline Watson of Carmarthen and the late H. J. Watson of Hong Kong. No known grave, but name on Chatham Naval Memorial, Kent.

YEATMAN, AM1 Percy Maurice (service No. F/15882); died 26 August 1917 while bombing St. Denis Westrem airfield in HP O/100 3137. Son of Henry and Selina Yeatman of Petworth, Sussex. Buried in Cement House Cemetery, Langemarck, Belgium (grave VIIA.F.10)

Four men were taken prisoner following the same raids:

ANDREWS, Flt. Sub-Lt. G. - 27 October 1917

BOOTH, Flt. Sub-Lt. H. H. - 27 October 1917

DANZEY, AM2 W. C. - 26 April 1917 (died in captivity: see above)

KENT, Ldg. Mech. G. A. - 27 October 1917

Six 207 Sqn prisoners of war were captured between 1.4.18 and 11.11.18; in other words they were members of the newly-formed RAF.

BARKER, Capt. E. R., DSC 11 April 1918;
BAYLISS, Lt. W., 19 July 1918;
HUDSON, Lt. E. D. 11 April 1918;
KEMP, Lt. F. 19 July 1918;
KINMOND, 2nd. Lt. D. C. 11 April 1918;
ROSE, Lt. L. 19 July 1918.

The 11th April incident was the forced landing of HP O/400 3119 at Vlissingen, and the other incident was the crash of C9665 during a raid. Presumably Barker and Kinmond were erstwhile RFC men, but the others could have been Lt. RN or Army.

contact the editor: association AT


No.7 Sqn 1939-45

Message logged 20 December 2002: I am looking for air and groundcrew who served with 7 Sqn 1939-45 to help me with reminiscences and photos for a book about the Squadron during WW2.  The working title is The Stars Lead The Way and the factual content is complete. I really need the experiences of 'those who were there' in the air and on the ground to bring the story to life.

Contact: Tom Docherty, 17 Mannachie Grove, Forres, Morayshire, IV36 2WE or thomasdocherty AT


Stirling MG-S, W7520, lost Belgium 20 May 1942

7 Sqn Oakington

Message logged 27 March 1999: Any information about these members of the crew would be appreciated

Hector Garrick Pilling, F/L, 65540 RAFVR, pilot DFC MiD, killed.
Son of Sir Henry Guy Pilling KCMG and Lady Pilling née Garrick of Ngong, Nairobi , Kenya

Ronald Arthur Bowker, P/O, 46894, RAF pilot, killed.
Son of Bertram Bowker and Ellen Robina Bowker of Horsham Sussex

William Helliwell, Sgt, 990014, RAFVR Flight Engineer, killed.
Son of William and Margaret Helliwell
Husband of Nora W. Helliwell of Clacton-on-Sea

Contact : Alain Rosseels 14 Brustem-Dorp 3800 Sint-Truiden Belgium
alainrosseels AT


F/O Bill Yates' crew, completed tour Jan 1945 - 10 Sqn Melbourne, Yorkshire

Message logged 22 Sep 2001 :  I've been researching the career of my late uncle,  P/O W.S. (Bill) YATES, RAAF 422343. I have been able to piece together a fair idea of his service at 10, 158 & 635 (PFF) Sqns. I am in written contact with his pilot from 158 days. He has supplied me with a marvellous diary of those times. Despite contact with 10 Sqn Association newsletter secretary, little has emerged there that I don't already know.

10 Sqn (Melbourne) "Disbanded Halifax crew mid January 1945"  I am trying to trace events following the break-up of a Halifax crew that was disbanded in mid-January,1945, at Melbourne, Yorkshire. My uncle was the Bomb-aimer and I have successfully traced events that happened to him subsequently. I would, however, like to follow up on what happened to any of the following crew personnel:                  

2nd pilot F/O F Taylor
Flt/Eng Sgt  H Kennedy
Nav   F/Sgt RW Kerr RAAF
B/A F/O WS Yates
W.Op Sgt  R Harris
A.G. M/U Sgt G Ulliott
A.G. T/G Sgt C Trenchard  

I believe all were English with the possible exception that Ulliott was a Scot, from around the Scarborough Castle area. The crew formed up at 21 OTU (Moreton-on Marsh), before all coming together at 1652 HCU. As events unfolded they were destined to do two stints at Marston Moor! I would also like to hear from anyone who may know about the fate of the crew's second pilot.

Contact Darryl Sandall: dksandall AT

12 Squadron Wickenby Lancaster PD201 PH-E, 15 Dec 1944, P/O Gillingham's crew

Message logged 3rd December 2001: Mid Upper Gunner, Flight Sergeant Frederick John Angus 3066380 RAFVR - for 57 years the family have believed that he was lost over Germany, but apparently the plane crashed at Holbeach Drove Lincolnshire: the crew was:

P/O E T Gillingham
Sgt J Nicholls
Sgt F D M Smith
Sgt A Muttock
Sgt J A Carter
Sgt F J Angus
Sgt J G Robinson

PH-E took off from Wickenby at 1507 on 15th December 1944. While returning to base a fire broke out and before anyone could react the stricken Lancaster dived into the ground at 2100, exploding on impact, near Holbeach Drove, 8m SSW of Holbeach, Lincolnshire. Sgt Nicholls was buried at nearby Sutton Bridge (St. Matthew) churchyard. Both Air Gunners are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, but the others were taken to their home towns. It is likely that Sgt Smith's funeral was conductd by his father, the Rev Arthur Smith of Hexham [source: WR Chorley, Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War: 1944]

Nicholas Mead would like to make contact with the families of John Angus's crew members: ndmead AT


13 Squadron Wattisham: Blenheim Z6084 June 26th 1942: P/O PG Frith crew

Message logged 6th September 2007: On June 25th 1942 Blenheim Z6084 from 13 Squadron took off 2356 from Wattisham on an intruder op to St Truiden airfield. It was shot down by a nightfighter (Oblt Eckart-Wilhelm von Bonin 6./NJG1) and crashed at 0128 near the village of Houwaart (Brabant), 17km NE of Leuven, Belgium killing the crew: P/O Peter George Frith , Sgt Henry Herbert William Vinter and Sgt Robert Tenant Plant. The crew is buried in Houwaart cemetery. [some details courtesy Bill Chorley]

Is there someone who can help me with additional information on this crash, pictures of the crew, aircraft etc. Any information will be useful.

Alain Rosseels: alainrosseels AT


15 Sqn aircrew in Stalag 344

from RAF Ex-POW Association: CYH16: Philip Jeffs, son of Sgt Donald J Jeffs RAF No: 1194379 POW 24967 sole survivor of MacRobert's Reply Stirling which crashed at Gals Klint in Denmark on 18th May 1942, who was in Stalag 344. Philip wants to hear from other 15 Squadron aircrew who were at Stalag 344 at the same time as his father - 1942-45. In particular:
F/S G A Donovan POW 25041
W/02 D L Evans RCAF POW 6455
F/S B B Finn POW 24966
W/O R J Fletcher POW 25034
W/O P D Goodbourne POW 25673
W/O L C Masfen POW 25671
W/O G D Muir POW 25672
W/O J F Perring POW 27297
W/O N G Potter POW 24968
F/S V H Rainbow POW 24996
W/O W Shearer POW 27177

Contact: the editor


16 OTU Upper Heyford Wellington Bomber Mark X HE320 9th January 1944

Message logged 2 October 2003: The following men were crew on Wellington Bomber Mark X HE320, which crashed on a training flight at the village of Ford in Buckinghamshire, 01.55 hrs, 9th January 1944. Sadly, Sergeant Bailey and Sergeant Martin lost their lives in the crash.

I would like to make contact with these named members of the crew or their families.

CHENIER BW J Pilot Officer RCAF J25896 Pilot
CAMPBELL GK Pilot Officer RCAF J27453 Navigator
BIRKETT JB Pilot Officer RAF J28691 Air Bomber
DENNIS RE Sergeant RAF 213930 Mid Upper Gunner
+BAILEY Victor George Sergeant RAF 1585910 Wireless Operator
+MARTIN Louis Grover Sergeant RCAF R182617 Rear Gunner

Gillian Siggers for Ford History Group gillian.siggers AT

Whitley V AD701 -F 24 OTU 22-23 May 1944 F/O DW Goodwin RCAF & crew

message logged 10th March 2002: I witnessed this crash. The plane passed on fire near our cathedral at 11pm and crashed near our little town Sées (Orne Dept) north of Alençon. The 6 victims were exhumed in 1945 to be reinterred in the Canadian cemetery at Bretteville-sur-Laize, Calvados. I have been unable to find any member of their families:

F/O D Goodwin RCAF
P/O J Hong RCAF, son of Mi Hong and Chung (June) Hong of Windsor, Ontario
P/O C B Wyckoff RCAF: Charles Beverly, age 28 son of Roy and Bertha M Wyckoff, husband of Chloris Helen Wyckoff of Trenton,  Ontario
WO2 J G Jacques RCAF
Sgt J Hopper RCAF
Sgt W G Harris RCAF

[According to W R Chorley's Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War this aircraft took off from RAF Long Marston on a Nickel (leaflet dropping sortie) in the Alençon region of France. The aircraft was a late production Whitley delivered to 27 MU on 19th Feb 1942, remaining there until 6 Sept 1942, when it was taken on charge by 24 OTU. Apart from two minor flying accidents AD701 had a reasonably trouble free life of 652 hours until lost on this sortie.]

The French gendarmes were on the crash scene and were unable at that time to identify the crew and the plane. They found in the remains of the plane a map, a photo (impossible to recover it).  Much later I found the nationality of this plane. The crew were abandoned in a pauper's grave by the Germans and reinterred by the CWGC (Noel Archer, my parents knew him) in 1945.  I would very much like to make contact with the families of the crew.

please contact roger cornevin-hayton: roger.cornevin-hayton AT


26 Squadron SAAF June 1943

26 Sqdn: attached to RAF Takoradi (Ghana / Gold Coast): BAXTER, Edward Alexander, known as 'Ted': Lieutenant, F 205756V: kia (crash landing?) 1 June 1943, age 25: Wellington Mk.XI, ("no. 572"): Hunting U-Boats in the Gulf of Guinea?

Message logged 23rd October 1999, updated 10 Dec 2004: Any information on what happened on that day (1 June 1943) in Takoradi, Gold Coast, would be most appreciated by Murray Baxter, his cousin and chum on the Johannesburg gold mines prior to the war.

This message has been placed by Matthew Chinn and Jennifer Baxter, who are now in Australia, formerly in Ghana, and can assure all relatives of those who lie in foreign lands that their graves are not neglected by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Edward Baxter was the son of Johannes T. Baxter (Uncle Joe) and Hillie Baxter: Husband of Noel P.Baxter of Manfield, Angus.

He lies in rest in the Takoradi European Public Cemetery, Takoradi, Western Region, Ghana.
Alongside lie the following airmen who perished on the same day :

BEATTIE, S.S.: Lieutenant, SAAF, age 28.

HABERGHAM, T.L.: Lieutenant, SAAF, age 26.

O'LEARY, T.: Flight Sergeant, Wireless Operator / Air Gunner, RAF 972605, age 22.

MURRAY, R.V.: Flight Sergeant, SAAF 206200V, age 21.

contact Matt Chinn: matt_chinn AT
PO Box 167, York, WA 6302, Australia

31 Sqn SAAF based at Celone, Italy 1944/Crashes in Ostana and Rora, Piedmont, North Italy 12th October 1944: Memorial Ceremony in Bra - 25th April 2001 - Search for relatives/information.
Liberators KG874, 875, 999: KH154, 158, 239

Message logged 14 Jun 2003: I am the sister of Major SS Urry - 31 Squadron SAAF.  I have all the information available for 31 Squadron which had a major disaster on 12/13 October 1944 in N. Italy. 

Contact: Pauline Kahn (née Urry) paulinekahn AT

[Three messages have been received about this operation and the senders, who are in touch with each other, welcome further information. If about 31 Sqn SAAF in general at the time, please copy to all three.]

Background: On 12th & 13th October 1944, No.31 Squadron SAAF based at Celone, Italy, and equipped with Liberator VIs, was involved in air operations. 16 aircraft in 4 groups were allocated to reception committees in the foothills of the Alps, presumably to drop supplies and/or munitions to partisans.

10/10 cloud cover was reported and no 'GEE' facilities were available. Only three aircraft made drops over their designated areas, by descending below the prescribed safety heights and dropping on ground signals, located by repeated searches of the ground and by making use of transient cloud breaks.

Seven aircraft returned to base. Six aircraft failed to return - no news received of Major Urry, Capt Beukes, Lt Nel, Lt Metelerkamp, F/S Lawton and F/S Watson.

This came as an inexplicable and stunning blow. No flak or air opposition was encountered by any other aircrews. It was felt that the only explanation could be the pilots' determination to drop supplies successfully, led to the aircraft losing height in order to break cloud and crashing on the surrounding high features.

Later reports from partisans positioned two aircraft which had crashed during the night 12th & 13th October. Lawton's a/c is believed to have crashed on flat ground 10 miles northwest and 17 miles southwest of the designated target area.

Message 1 logged 10th December 1999: re my uncle, Hubert John Woods (known as John Woods) Sergeant 1607086, WOp/AG 31 Sqn RAFVR, died Friday 13th October 1944, aged 20.

The crew of KG875 : D is of main interest to me, the crew members listed were :

Pilot Capt. L. Von S. Beukes 47891V SAAF 26yr
Pilot Sgt. G. F. J. Anstee 551925 RAF 23yr
Observer Lt. M. C. F. du P. Kruger 329217V SAAF 29yr
Sgt. C. L. Foster 1807337 RAFVR 24yr
WOp/AG Sgt. H. J. Woods 1607086 RAFVR 20yr
Air Gnr. Lt. G. D'A. Shipman 102521V SAAF 27yr
Air Gnr. W/O II D. A. W. Francis P/5057V SAAF age?
WOp/AG Sgt. W. L. Pryce 1421608 RAFVR age?

Captain Beukes was the son of Mattheus J. H. & Martha Beukes; husband of Susanna M. Beukes, of Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa.

Sergeant Anstee was the son of George & Alice Anstee, of Dovnton, Gloucestershire.

Lieutenant Kruger was the son of Johannes & Aletta Kruger; husband of R. Margaritha Kruger, of Germiston, Transvaal, South Africa.

Sergeant Foster was the son of Lt.-Col. Joseph Henry Foster & Olve Truda Foster, of Thornage, Norfolk.

Sergeant Woods was the son of Herbert & Beatrice May Woods, of Binstead, Hampshire.
Lieutenant Shipman was the son of Egbert R. & Mary E. A. Shipman, of Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa.

Warrant Officer Class II Francis - no details known.
Sergeant Pryce - no details known.

Despite my best efforts to date I have only been able to discover the above details about the circumstances of my uncle's death. I have been able to locate his grave through the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

I would greatly appreciate any information you may have regarding 31 Squadron SAAF, its history to date and its operations 1939 - 1945 and any details relating to the other crew members of KG875 D, as all I have is an anonymous photograph of them posing beside their aircraft. See also Names section.

Robert J Woods: rob.woods1 AT [note changed address]


Message 2 logged 21st January 2001

Ceremony in Bra (City some 30 miles from Turin)
After helping with a very successful dedication of a memorial to the crew of KG874 that crashed in Ostana (mountain village in the Upper Po Valley 30 miles from Turin) we have now been approached by the Mayor to help in inviting families of the relatives of the two aircraft (KG874 & KH154) that crashed whilst trying to drop supplies to partisans in the immediate area of Bra to participate in their commemoration of the Allied Liberation on 25th April 1944.

We are particularly looking for the families of the six of the 8 man crew of KH154 that perished near the small town of Rora (mountain village 3 miles north of Ostana) - two have been located so far. The crew were mainly in their early 20's at the time.

1. H H BAWDEN (RAFVR 1478506) born 1924; Wireless Operator/Air Gunner from Cleator, Cumberland, England (We have the address of his sister and are trying to make contact)
2. Aubrey Ross BEST (RAFVR 1602024) born 1923; Bomb Aimer from Brighton Sussex England, Assistant Scout Master 30th Brighton North. In 1932 his address was Ravenscourt, 159 Preston Road, Brighton and he was living there with Aubrey Hewett Best and Miss A M Best.
3. W R YOUNG (RAFVR 1895808) born 1907; Sergeant Flight Engineer from Fulham, London, England
4. A D GRIFFIN (RAF 631190) born 1919; Sergeant Air Gunner from Churchdown, Gloucestershire England
5. J HOUGHTON (RAFVR 2211819) born 1925; Sergeant Air Gunner from Huyton Quarry, Lancashire, England.
6. D C R McN.SHEARER (RAF VR 152216(?)9) born 1919 Observer Sergeant from Bonhill, Dumbartonshire Scotland.

We are still searching for family of some of the crew of KG874 that crashed in Ostana:

a. LESLIE RAEBURN ROYSTON PARKER (RAFVR 1380869) born 1922 - Leicester, England - Sgt Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, age 20
b. WILLIAM ALEXANDER ROGERS (RAFVR 158263520) born 1923 - Derby, England - Son of James and Catherine Rogers
c. LEONARD WHALLEY (RAFVR 1520720) born 1921 - Blackburn, England

We have considerable documentation and details and some photos as well as of other members of 31 Squadron at the time.

The crews that failed to return were (not in crew role order):

KG874 $ KG875 KG999
*Lt Metelerkamp  Cap Beukes - Pretoria Lt Nel
*W/O Jones Sgt Anstee - Doveton, Gloucestershire Sgt Austin
Sgt Parker - Leicester Sgt C L Foster - Thornage, Norfolk Sgt Bailey
Sgt Rogers - Derby W/O Francis Sgt Boswell
*Sgt W A Smillie *Lt Kruger Sgt Foy
*F/O Thomson Sgt Pryce P/O Johnson
Sgt Whalley - Blackburn Lt Shipman - Bloemfontein, SA Sgt Lockey
*W/O Whitelaw *Sgt H J Woods Lt Vorster

* = Families found

The crash sites were respectively: Rociasse, Pian d'la Charm, Ostana, Upper Po Valley  Valprato
Soana  Ala di Stura

KH154 $ KH158 KH239 $
*F/S Watson Major S S Urry F/S C W Lawton
Sgt Best Lt N W Armstrong Sgt Bishop
Sgt Bawden W/O L B Bloch Sgt Bucks
*Sgt Delisle Lt G A Collard Sgt Clift
Sgt Griffin Sgt R G Fitzgerald Sgt Fotheringham
Sgt Houghton 2Lt P J Lordan Sgt Lockton
Sgt Shearer *F/O T R Millar Sgt Tennison
Sgt Young F/O G E Hudspith Sgt Wellen

* = Families found

Crash Sites:  Rora, Val Pellice  Unknown  Cantalupa

Key:$ = Memorials have been erected for KG874, KH154 and KH239

We would be happy to share all the information we have with any relatives of the all the six aircrews, not just KG874 & KH154

contact: Nick and Catherine Madina, 35 Slipper Road, Emsworth, Hampshire, England PO10 8BS: Tel 01243 377749: xhu81 AT


Message 3 logged 23rd January 2001, updated 30 Nov 2001 and 11 Apr 2005

Liberator Bomber KH158 of 31 Squadron SAAF based at Celone, Foggia, Italy 1944.

Liberator KH158 disappeared while on a supply dropping mission to Italian partisans South East of Genoa, Italy, on 12th October 1944. Plane wreckage & the crew have never been found.   The crew were:

Major S S Urry SAAF  [pilot]
Lt N W Armstrong SAAF
W/O L B Bloch SAAF
Lt G A Collard SAAF
Sgt R G Fitzgerald RAF
F/O G E Hudspith RAF
2Lt P J Lordan SAAF
F/O Thomas Roberts Millar RAAF [Observer - my father]  

Please contact - Mrs Anne Storm [née Millar] : storm04 AT


Halifax TL-F shot down on Wuppertal on 29/30th May 1943

35 Squadron

Message logged 14 May 2002 on behalf of RAF Ex POW Association: Can you help in locating the only two survivors F/O J C Goodson RAF No.51805 POW No.1497 and Sgt G A Jones RAF No.1094912 POW No.222725. Prior to joining 35 Squadron they had been with 102 Squadron.

contact Batch Batchelder, RAF Ex POW Association: h.e.batchelder AT


Bateman Crew: Wellington 1C X9619 BL-M: 13 October 1941

40 Squadron RAF

Message logged 23 August 2007: Sgt George Frederick Bateman's crew took off from RAF Alconbury at 1926hrs on 12 October 1941, to Bremen. They were shot down by a night-fighter (Oblt Helmut Lent, 4./NJG1) and crashed at 0006 at Westergeest (Friesland, NL). All six are buried in Kollumerland (Westergeest) Protestant Churchyard, 1 mile west of Oudwoude, Friesland, Netherlands

I have traced the families of the Pilot Sgt George Bateman 21, the 2nd Pilot Sgt Peter Milton 20, the Rear Gunner Sgt Harry Legg 23, and Sgt Ernest Magrath 26, Wireless Operator/AG.

I am seeking the families of :
Observer: 129267 P/O Frederick Jenkins RAFVR age 25, from Ramsgate, Kent, son of John Brynley Jenkins and Minnie Jenkins.
Wireless Operator/AG: 1152524 Sgt Harold Frederick Eyre RAF age 19, from Balham, London, son of Sidney George and Francis Ethel Eyre.

This is in connection with a memorial to the crew.

Reinder Postma: rhpostma AT


Hampden KM-C AE313, lost 3 Sept 1941, St. Wendel, Germany 

44 Sqn: Waddington

Message logged 13th March 1999: I'm a researcher from St.Wendel, Germany. This aircraft crashed in our locality. Two of the crew survived as POWs, Sgt A Golston (or Goldstone) 1051488 W.Op/AG in Stalag Luft III, and Sgt J Rawson 971985 in Lamsdorf. An eye-witness says one of them landed in her garden, took his parachute, went to the main street and did not know what to do. He then rang the bell of another house and by pure chance there lived a girl who spoke English and helped him. She is still alive.

I would like to contact both the survivors to ask them what happened. It is part of our local history.

contact Roland Geiger: Rolgeiger AT


55 Sqn: Italy, 1944

Message logged 21 March 1999: My father, Cyril Mort, wishes to trace his old squadron friends - can you help? E A Brown Wireless Operator RAF 1333806 Aug. 1944, J A C Russell RAF 1368908 Pilot, G J O'Neil an Australian serving with 55 Sqn in Italy 1944, Air Gunner, AUS 405956

contact Janet Rumbellow: ARUMBE2492 AT


Lancaster DX-P, W4234, shot down 21 Dec 1942

57 Sqn: Scampton

Message logged 10th March 1999: Belgian Aviation History Association researcher seeks family or 57 Sqn members who knew the crew. 'We are looking for all kinds of information, family, people who knew them, so that their names will last for ever':

Flying Officer Ronald Bowles (Ealing, Middlesex)
Navigator Alexander Mulholland (Aberdeen)
Sergeant Maurice Pearman (Anderley, Kent)
Sergeant Arthur Abraham (Coventry)
Sergeant John Drain (Bonnington, Kent)
Sergeant Cecil Stubbs (Newcastle, Australia)
Sergeant Pickford (New Zealand)

contact: Dirk De Quick, Haltbaan 8, 9572 Lierde, Belgium: AT


70 OTU RAF Nakuru (Kenya)/RAF Shandur (Egypt)

Message logged 27th April 2000: My father Harry Rowett served with 6 OTU at Sutton Bridge Lincs and then went to 70 OTU in Africa on Convoy WS8A on the Dominion Monarch.

At present the pair of us are trying to find as much as we can about 70 OTU which was based at RAF Nakuru (Kenya) and then RAF Shandur (Egypt) flying first Blenheims and then Marauders.    However, we have found very little beyond his contact with one or two old friends and his few photos, and we would like to record something of this unit before it is too late.    If there is anybody out there who can help, then we will be very pleased!   

Personally, I feel that OTUs are very under-rated, and I have research notes on several that operated in Northumberland/Berwickshire, would anyone like to know more?

contact Phil Rowett: p_rowett AT      


79, 229, 232 Squadrons - RAF Heraldry Trust dedications

Message logged 6th April 2002 : You may be aware of the excellent work of the RAF Heraldry Trust in compiling a definitive record of RAF Heraldry.

Among the gaps which currently exist in the RAF’s heraldic record are the badges for Numbers 79, 229 and 232 Squadrons, all of which were Hurricane squadrons in the Battle of Britain. These squadrons are among those for which I am sponsoring the definitive recording of their badges.  In each case there is the opportunity to include a dedication of some twenty words in a banner at the foot of each painting.

I try to enlist the Squadron Association’s help in framing a suitable dedication. However, these three Squadrons do not appear to have an association.

I would very much like to hear from anyone who served on any of these squadrons or who has done research on them to help me with the dedications.  My thoughts are running along the lines of a wording that will either commemorate some special contribution made by the squadron and its leaders, perhaps in a particular campaign, or record a unique squadron achievement, or stand as a memorial to an occassion or period when the unit was tested severely and not found wanting.  Please contact me quickly as the badges will be completed in May.

contact Nigel Moore: nigel_moore AT


90 Wireless Observation Unit

Message logged 22nd May 1999: My father, Ronald Hutson (77) served with this unit 1942-45 and wishes to contact other members of it. He served in N Africa, Italy and Sicily, working with 12th USAAF ?364th Fighter Wing, under the command of ?Gen Israel.

contact Patricia Dalrymple: Patdalr AT


92 OTU

Message logged 16 JFeb 2010: I am after any information on 92OTU on behalf of my Father who served there. He was based at WING, CHEDDINGTON, TRING, LITTLE HORWOOD, GREAT HORWOOD, LITTLE MISSINGDON and LOCKING. He served right through WW2. His airforce number was 1447741 and his name Joseph Thomas Grant. He was born in 1921, son of Benjamin and Annie Grant. Any info would be gratefully received as we are having great difficulty finding anything

Contact: Carol Fry (daughter) Carolafry AT


Lancaster EE183 HW-P lost on Turin 12/13/ July 1943: F/S Tony Sadler & crew

100 Sqn Grimsby

Message logged 16th March 2002: Flt/Sgt Anthony (Tony) Sadler was with 100 Squadron in June - July 1943. His son Paul seeks contact with survivors/families of his crew and anyone who knew him in the RAF and in particular in POW camps Stalagluft VI, Stalagluft 3 and Stalagluft VIIA.

The Sadler crew was shot down over France on the night of July 12/13 1943 Lancaster EE183 on a raid to Turin: the crew were all taken POW:

F/S A G Sadler
Sgt J Egleston
Sgt M J Maloney
Sgt W E Broxup
Sgt R A A Howe
Sgt R R W Parker
Sgt A Burton

contact Paul Sadler Twoscuba AT


Crew of Whitley V T4326 DY-K lost on Berlin 12/13 March 1941

102 Squadron, RAF Topcliffe

Message logged 21st December 2000: Ken Brown, on behalf of Tom Wingham for 102 Sqn Association: A memorial is to be erected to the Long crew in Holland at Noord-Deuringen. It will be dedicated on 13th March 2001.

We would like to find the families of the crew so that they can be invited to attend the dedication of 'their' memorial.

Flt Lt Long won his DFC in the winter of 1939 when flying as second pilot to Flt Lt K N Gray. He later guided the young and inexperienced Leonard Cheshire through his initial bomber ops. We believe his widow paid a visit to his grave in the late 1970s. Information was published more recently by a Rick Long in NZ.

The crew was:

pilot - Flt Lt Frank Hugh Long DFC
2nd pilot - Sqn Ldr Archibald Martin Watts-Read
WOp - Sgt William Edward Van Klaveren
WOp/AG - Sgt Vincent Hallas
WOp/AG - Sgt Ernest Hugh Goodall

T4326 was shot down by flak and crashed at 0005 at Noord-Deuringen (Overijssel) 3 km N of Denekamp, Holland where four are buried. Sgt Van Klaveren died from dipththeria on 4th May 1941 and is buried in the 1939-45 War Cemetery, Berlin.

contact Ken Brown: ken.brown25 AT


Flowerdew crew: Halifax II HR667 DY-O: 5 May 1943.

102 Squadron RAF

Message logged 23 August 2007: Sqn Ldr John Flowerdew's crew took off from RAF Pocklington at 2236 hrs on 4 May 1943. They were shot down by a night-fighter (Lt Robert Denzel, IV./NJG1) crashing at 0036 on the Voorweg at Westergeest (Friesland, NL). Five of the crew have no known graves but both Air Gunners lie in in Kollumerland (Westergeest) Protestant Churchyard, 1 mile west of Oudwoude, Friesland, Netherlands, alongside Sgt GF Bateman's 40 Sqn crew shot down in 1941. Memorial to crew dedicated 4 May 1998.

We have traced Sqn Ldr Flowerdew's family and those of P/O Harald Chiverton (Air Bomber), F/Sgt Peter Tiller (Flight Engineer), F/Sgt Kenneth Buck (Mid Upper Gunner) and Sgt George Rose (Rear Gunner).

We still seek the families of:
Navigator: 133564, P/O Donald Edward Grant RAFVR, age 24 of Totton, Hampshire, son of Thomas Edward and Edith Annie Grant, husband of Mary Ann Grant.
Wireless Operator: 1209360 Sgt John George Stanley Dutton RAFVR, age 23 of Ilford, Essex, son of Thomas and Caroline Dutton

This is in connection with a memorial to the crew.

Reinder Postma: rhpostma AT


Halifax DY-Z shot down on Gelsenkirchen 9/10th July 1943

102 Squadron

Message logged 14 May 2002 on behalf of RAF Ex POW Association: Seeking three members of the crew of Halifax DY-Z; F/Sgt R N Brand RAF No.1391823 POW No.373, F/Sgt H Edwards RAF No.618706 POW No.222507 and F/Sgt T E Stockton RAF No.656840 POW No.222473

contactBatch Batchelder, RAF Ex POW Association: h.e.batchelder AT


Crew of Lancaster ED733: PM-X: kia 28/29 April 1943

103 Squadron: RAF Elsham Wolds

NICHOLSON, Arthur Dennis: Sergeant RAF(VR) 10198136
MEAKIN, Leonard: Flying Officer RAF(VR) 128666
McCALLUM, George: Sergeant RAF(VR) 574552
DALEY, Thomas James: Sergeant RAF(VR) 1129286
LILLEY, James Charles: Sergeant RAF(VR) 1391041
PETERS, Maurice Dawbry: Sergeant RAF(VR) 1323630
SEGAL, Abraham: Sergeant 1810747

NICHOLSON: Son of James Bertram and Mary Florence Nicholson, of Ryton, Co. Durham.
MEAKIN: Son of John and Catherine Meakin, of Gayton, Cheshire.
McCALLUM: Son of Dugald and Isabella McCallum, of North Queensferry, Fife
DALEY: Son of Thomas and Martha Daley, of Silloth, Cumberland.
LILLEY: (no data)
PETERS: Son of Charles Pooley Peters and Elizabeth Jane Peters; husband of D J Peters, of Paignton, Devon.
SEGAL: Son of Lazarus and Fanny Segal, of Southgate, Middlesex.

Message logged 29 June 2000, updated July 2005: I am the nephew of Arthur Nicholson. I am researching his career and would like to have any information about him or his crew.

I am especially keen to contact anyone who knew him (especially during his Arnold Scheme time in the USA), surviving family members of his crew etc.

I have already gathered a reasonable amount of information which can be seen at
contact Quentin Smith: ADN103 AT


106 Sqn Manchester crashed Tinglev 24th April 1942 L7463 ZN-

from RAF Ex-POW Association: CYH16: A Danish researcher is trying to trace three members of the crew of this 106 Squadron Lancaster which crashed 3km east of Tinglev on 24th April 1942. The pilot, Plt Off Stoffer was killed and the rest of the crew became POWs. Contact is sought with the W/Op Sgt I Hamilton RAF No.1050350, POW 239; Rear Gunner Sgt J C George RAF No. 906387, POW 236 and Mid Upper Sgt N S Lewis RAF No. 1101226, POW 248. The researcher has photo copy of a photograph of Lewis and George taken at the police station in Aabenra.

Contact: the editor


Message logged 7th September 2001 : 111 COTU served during WWII in the Bahamas at Oakesfield/Windsorfield (also Ferry Command). I cannot find any information on 111 COTU. I am looking for any information on my father William Floyd, service No. 551521 who served with them. If you can reply, please do so, thanks

contact Robert Floyd : adderleyrg1 AT


130 (PUNJAB) SQUADRON, 2nd Tactical Air Force: MkXIV Spitfires: W/O PH Clay, F/O V Murphy RAAF lost 19 April 1945

Message logged 31 January 2003: I am a documentary maker. I have recently been shown the remains of two crashed Spitfires in Germany. Both were shot down on 19th April 1945 and are still where they came down. Both pilots - named above - baled out and were captured. W/O PH Clay is understood to have now passed away; F/O V(ic?) Murphy was an Australian and he may still be alive. I would very much like to be put in contact with F/O Murphy or the families or old comrades of these two pilots - and indeed with any former member of 130 Punjab Squadron from that period 1944-5.

James Cutler Producer/Director: james.cutler AT


138/161 Squadrons and 419/1419 Flights: Lysander pilots

Message logged 26th March 2002: We are a production company researching a documentary on the wartime activities of 161 Squadron, its predecessor 419/1419 Flight, and 138 Squadron, in particular concentrating on those pilots who flew Lysander aircraft into occupied Europe.

We would be very interested in speaking with any pilots who participated in these sorties, and I would be very grateful to be put in touch with them or their association. I can provide more details of the project as required.

Please contact Tom Petch: tom AT
m:+44 (0) 7775 565 992 t:+44 (0) 20 7637 7885 f:+44 (0) 20 7637 7886


Blenheim IV XD- , P4860, lost 7/8th May 1941

139 Sqn, Horsham St Faith 

Message logged 3rd May 1999: K R (Bob) Coles is trying to locate the other two survivors of his crew. Bob opened an exhibition on May 1st at Wierum, near where their a/c ditched in the Waddenzee on 7th/8th May 1941. They are:

Pilot - 968144 Sgt W J (Bill) Middleton from Edinburgh, repatriated in 1943, POW no 26857, Camp 344 (Stalag Lamsdorf)

W.Op/AG 755144 Sgt H R (Bob) Hale from Nuneaton/Coventry, POW no 31, Camp 357 (Stalag Kopernikus)

contact on behalf of the RAF Ex-POW Association: association AT


Hampden PL- , AD846, shot down 5th November 1941

144 Sqn, North Luffenham

Message logged 24 March 1999: email address updated 20 May 2007: My late father, P/O Donald Arthur Baker, POW 665 in Stalag Luft III, was the pilot of AD846, on an anti-shipping strike when it was hit by flak and crashed in the sea off Terschelling, Holland. The other survivor was Sgt JS Crossley, POW 24477 in Stalag Kopernikus. I am looking for information on the shooting down, where exactly, how the survivors were captured and what happened to them. Anyone who knew my father and any leads on the whereabouts of Sgt Crossley would be much appreciated. See also message about Sgt Crossley.

contact June Maree: junemaree AT


Halifax FS-A, HR660, shot down 3 March 1944

148 Sqn, Brindisi, Italy

message logged 30th August 2001: I am trying to trace family and friends of this crew. I am also trying to find those who knew Flt Lt J H Botham's fellow crew members who were killed, and the whereabouts of those who survived.   In addition, friends of LAC Margaret Lee are also sought. The contact point for all this message is Aidan: aidan AT

Family and friends of the following are urged to make contact for personal reasons:

BOTHAM, James Harold, Flight Lieutenant, RAFVR 124378 kia 3 March 1944 aged 23.   Son of Harold Botham and Edith Gertrude Botham, of 15 Pilkington Road, Kearsley, Bolton, Lancs. Born in Uckfield, Sussex; student of Leeds University

Whilst at 23 OTU Pershore James was a friend of Leading Aircraftwoman Margaret Evelyn Emily Lee RAFVR 2053742, of Horton Street, Lincoln. Any of her wartime friends are also asked to make contact.

SOLE, John Walter, Flight Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gunner) RAFVR 1379444, kia 3 March 1944
CALHOUN, John Caldwell, Warrant Officer Class II, RCAF R/84954: kia 3 March 1944 aged 24. Son of John Weston Calhoun and Lillian M. Calhoun of Lewisville, New Brunswick, Canada
LANCASTER, Henry George, Flying Officer, RAFVR 138156: kia 3 March 1944 aged 28: Son of Harry Hayward Lancaster and Lily Lancaster of Hanwell, Middlesex. Husband of Elsie Lorraine Lancaster of Hanwell
THURNALL, W E, Sergeant, RAFVR 1607198: kia 3 March 1944 aged 20: Son of William and Florence Thurnall of Beckenham, Kent.

The whereabouts of these airmen who are believed to have survived are sought for personal reasons:
OWEN, B J, Flight Sergeant RAF
WOODINGTON, C, Flight Sergeant RAF
CAMERON, A A, Warrant Officer, RCAF
COLLETT, J V, Flight Sergeant, RAF  
O'NEILL, J J, Flying Officer, RAF

Contact Aidan: aidan AT


156 Sqn Lancaster 1/2 Jan 1944 Berlin ND384 GT-D

from RAF Ex-POW Association: CYH16: Did you know F/Sgt R Underwood DFM RAF No.1432425, rear gunner of 156 Squadron Lancaster, killed on 1/2nd January 1944 on Berlin: also of Plt Off C H Moon DFC RNZAF who died in Canada in 1966, included in the same citation as Underwood's?

Contact: the editor

Lancaster PB153 AS-J2, lost 16/17 March 1945

166 Squadron, RAF Kirmington

Message logged 8th April 2001

HILDER, William Leslie, known as Les: Flight Sergeant, RAF (VR) 1684920  Pilot, Born 22/2/23; second son of George Hilder (died 1935) and Elizabeth Hilder (nee Gray) of Linton-on-Wharfe, Yorkshire (formerly of Springhill, in Berwickshire). Older brother Sydney KIA Nov 1944. (Parents address in 1945: Linton-on-Wharfe, Wetherby, Yorkshire. Grandmother's address in 1948: Myrtle Bank, Springhill, Berwick-on-Tweed)  

GUSCOTT, Ronald Thomas Claud, Sergeant, RAF(VR) 1587777 Flight Engineer, Born 17/6/24; only son of Samuel and Clara Guscott of Roborough, Devon. (Parents' address in 1945: 36 Bickleigh, Roborough, Devon).  

WILKIE, Eric Charles, Sergeant, RAF(VR) 1899093 Air Gunner, Born 5/1/21, youngest child of Mr. & Mrs. C. Wilkie of Canterbury Kent. Was married, wife remarried after the war (became Mrs. J. E. Foreman). (Parents' address in 1945: 20 Hillside Avenue, Canterbury, Kent. Wife's address in 1945: 102 Cornwallis Circle, Whitstable, Kent)  

Families of four crew mates wish to contact any of these families.  

Contact Rod Mackenzie, New Zealand : rmackenzie AT  


Dutch Spitfire pilot , lost 10th June1943 - Conrad Th. De Jongh

167 Sqn, probably at Westhampnett 

Message logged 30th August 1999: CWGC commemorative information (Runnymede Memorial, Surrey) says my relative Conrad Th. DE IONGH, known as Coen, Flying Officer 132083, 167 Sqdn., RAF Volunteer Reserve, was killed on 10th June 1943. There is apparently no Squadron Association. I would be very pleased to hear from people, especially from his squadron, who might know more, or who might have pictures?

contact Peter Sand: P.Sand AT


184 Squadron

Message logged 26th January 2002: I am currently researching 184 Squadron, which flew Hurricanes & Hawker Typhoons and disbanded in 1945. My Father is F/O S J Russell Smith (or 'Junior') who flew for a short period with 184: he's on the wing, extreme right below, taken in Germany 1945:

Any contact with surviving pilots or groundcrew would be appreciated as I would to like start a website in memory of these fine people. I have copies of the Squadron ORBs and a few post-war Tiffy pictures but would like more thanks.

contact Dave Russell-Smith: daverussellsmith AT (new address 11 Feb 07)


Manchester L7523 EM-M crashed Holmpton, near Withernsea, East Yorkshire:op Hamburg: Wescombe crew: 16 Jan 1942

207 Squadron, Bottesford

Message logged 6th December 2004: I am trying to find as much information as I can about my great uncle who served in 207 Squadron. I would like to contact people who may have known him.

925454 Sergeant (Observer) Eric Ronald Harper, 207 Squadron 03/11/41 - 14/01/42.

He was an Observer in Manchesters flying from RAF Waddington and then RAF Bottesford. I know that he flew with the following airmen:

F/Sgt Basil Courtney Wescombe
F/Sgt Frederick Edward Thomas
F/Sgt Leonard Sieve
Sgt Claude Raymond Westbury
Sgt Maurice Robert Walker
Sgt John Thomas (Jack) Howe

They were killed with Eric Harper on the 14th of January 1942 when their Manchester L7523 EM-M crashed at Holmpton, near Withernsea, East Yorkshire on the return from a raid on Hamburg.

I also know he flew with Sgt. Van Puyenbroek on the 15th of November 1941 in L7432 EM-J to Emden, and Sgt. Nixon on the 23rd of November 1941 in L7432 EM-J to Lorient.

I would like to contact anyone who has any information or any relatives of the Wescombe crew members, not already in touch.

contact: John Sharp: johnesharp AT

Lancaster R5847 EM-Y, lost on Bremen 3/4th June 1942: Wathey crew

207 Squadron Bottesford

Message logged 2 May 2002, updated 19 Sep 2005: I am trying to trace anyone who knew my cousin Graham MUSITANO.  He was 20 years old when killed on the 3/4th June 1942. He was a Wop/AG and was on an op on Bremen.   All the crew were killed and are buried in the cemetery at Drenthe, Westerbork in the Netherlands.

EM-Y took off at 2337 from RAF Bottesford and was shot down by a night fighter (Maj Gunter Radusch, II./NJG2) and crashed 0114 at Zwiggelte (Drenthe), 14km SSE of Assen, Holland. All are buried in Westerbork General Cemetery.

Pilot - W/O Colin Wathey RAF
2nd Pilot - F/S Laurence John Lea RAFVR
Observer - Sgt Russell Roy Alwyn Jones RNZAF
WOp/AG - F/S Thomas Donald Atkinson RAF
WOp/AG - F/S Grahame Leveson Musitano RAFVR
WOp/AG - Sgt Colin James Murray Hall RAFVR
Rear Gunner - Sgt Stewart Gray Kerr

I have photographs of some of the graves and the headstones I can read are of W/O Wathey, Sgt Kerr and F/Sgt L J Lea.  If there is anyone who has a photograph and knowledge of him, I would be most grateful if they would contact me. Are any of the crew's families able to help?

contact Shirley Boulton: a1shirleyb AT


Lancaster R5867 EM-T, lost on Duisberg 24 July 1942

207 Squadron, RAF Bottesford

Message logged 16th December 2001: updated 28 Jul 2005: Dwight Blok, a nephew of Flight Sergeant (Pilot) JDL (Leo) LaSalle RCAF, is looking to communicate with family of Pilot Officer John Justin Neville McCarthy RNZAF A/410470 or indeed any of the families of the McCarthy crew, all of whom are buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery. 'Mac' was pilot of Lancaster MK I EM-T R5867. He was lost at the age of 27, with his crew on the night of July 24, 1942 while on operations against Duisberg, Germany. My great-uncle, Leo LaSalle, was his co-pilot.

Pilot: P/O John Justin Neville McCarthy RNZAF
2nd Pilot: F/S John Daniel Leo LaSalle RCAF
Observer: F/S John Michael Leahy RAFVR
W/Op AG: Sgt Denis Leonard Worthington RAFVR
Observer: F/S Ronald Alfred Edmonds RAFVR
W/Op AG: F/S Arthur Rowland RAF
R/G: P/O Eric Lionel Hayward RAFVR

contact Dwight Blok updated: dgblok AT

Lancaster W4938 EM-A, lost on Duisberg 13 May 1943

207 Squadron, Langar

Message logged 9th June 2001: update 2005: We have now traced the families of four members of this crew and together we would like to finish the job, especially as some of the next of kin are in their eighties. Four of the crew have no known grave and are commemorated on the Air Forces Memorial at Runnymede. Three are buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery in Westphalia, Germany (the last three in the crew list).

If you have any information on the three crew members shown in italics, especially if you are related to them, please get in touch. We would also like to hear from anyone who knew any of these men.

role name   in touch with
Pilot F/O Douglas William Henry Evans RAF(VR) late son's family
Flight Engineer Sgt Stanley Goodwin RAF sister
Navigator Sgt Stanley Ogden
Son of Samuel and Hannah Ogden, of Oldham, Lancashire.
Wireless Op/AG Sgt Reginald Charles Meyer
Son of Charles Fred and Ethel May Meyer, of Putney, London
Air Bomber Sgt Thomas Henry Skelton RAF(VR) widow
Mid Upper Gunner F/O Frederick Arthur Alp RAF(VR)  
Rear Gunner F/Sgt Samuel Leenoy Whitehead RCAF nephew

contact Frank Haslam, 207 Squadron RAF Association: association AT


Lancaster I W4172 EM-X 9/10 March 1943 Lavannes: Wood crew

207 Squadron Langar

Message logged 13 January 2007: Families of the members of this crew are sought, in particular Richard Brown and Gordon Brownhill who evaded. I have their evasion reports. A Frenchman, Monsieur Marc Hamel, then 16, who was first on the scene of the crash, wishes to make contact.

The crew of W4172 EM-X was:

Pilot: F/S Ivor Wood RAFVR +
F/E: Sgt Gordon Isaiah Brownhill RAF evd
Nav: Sgt Richard Brown RAFVR evd
WOp: Sgt William Garvey Lishman RCAF pow
BA: Sgt Richard Hall Warren RAFAuxAF +
MU: Sgt George Sydney Margetson RAFVR +
RG: Sgt George Mortimore RAFVR +

Op: Munich, FTR, crashed nr Lavannes (Marne) 12km NE Reims France: t/o Langar 2041, 9 Mar 1943 Shot down by fighters, reported as a pair of FW190s, crashed 0159. [both Brown and Brownhill say they were shot down after leaving the target: Brown says "while we were over Saarbrucken one of the engines caught fire and almost immediately afterwards we were attacked by a fighter.". Brownhill says "we were attacked by night fighters and the aircraft was set on fire."

Marc Hamel writes: "On 10 March 1943, at about 0330 in the morning, a British Avro Lancaster B.Mk1 bomber, EM-X W4172, of 207 Sqn, was shot down on its return from a mission over Munich and crashed near Tangon in the Ardennes Département. I was the first to arrive at the crash site; my 17th birthday was on 12 March, two days later. I found a huge crater, at the bottom of which 12.7mm [sic] rounds were still exploding; on the surrounding ground all that remained was shattered debris mingled with parts of the bodies of the crew. The Feldgendarmerie arrived from Rethel shortly afterwards and cleared everyone from the area.

My father, Pierre Hamel, and I belonged to the Lorraine branch of the Resistance, and lived at Avançon, a few kilometres from the crash site. Immediately after being roused from our beds by a violent explosion, we set off in that direction, taking separate paths in order to cover as large an area as possible with the aim of picking up any allied aviator in danger. I did not see my father arrive at the crash site, and he never explained why, even after the war. He was arrested by the Germans for spying on 25 April 1944, which perhaps explains his unwillingness to speak about what he was doing at the time of the crash, and was sent to prison by the German military tribunal at Charleville in June 1944. He died in 1952."

Please contact Frank Haslam: association AT

Lancaster ED412 EM-Q 12/13 July 1943 Le Bouveret Switzerland

207 Squadron, Langar

Message logged 16th January 2000: My father Sgt A.C. Wright was also a member of this crew, all of whom were killed. I have contact with four other families of the crew and have supplied them with the true story of its last flight. Two families remain untraced:

- Sgt Edward Higgins 950684  WOp/AG, son of Edward and Elizabeth Higgins, of Knightswood Glasgow
- Sgt Robert Wood 991246  Flight Engineer, son of John McCracken Wood and Mary McCardle Wood, of Pollackshaws, Glasgow

Both men rest with their crew in St.Martin's Cemetery, Vevey, Switzerland. For information on the crew memorial at Le Bouveret and the graves at Vevey visit the 207 Sqn website memorials page.

If anyone in the families of these two gallant gentlemen would like the details then please contact me.

contact Jim Wright: j.wright085 AT


Lancaster III, ED627 EM-N, failed to return from Nuremburg raid of 27th/28th August 1943.

207 Squadron, Langar

Message logged 19th June 2000: The aircraft crashed at Swäbisch Hall. Sgt Preston was my mother's cousin and I am researching his history. Although I have some information on this crew, if anyone is interested, I would welcome anything anyone else has on them. The crew is buried at Durnbach War Cemetery:-

Pilot P/O Arthur Marcus Fitzgerald
Engineer Sgt Sydney James Mitchell
Navigator Sgt Cyril Herbert Pratt
W/Op Sgt William Walter George Addison
Bomb Aimer Sgt Henry Albert Toomey
Mid Upper Sgt Stephen Preston
Rear Gunner Sgt John Goodwin

contact Steve Elsden: elsden AT


Lancaster W4726 EM-L, failed to return from Hannover 18/19th October 1943.

207 Squadron, Spilsby

Message logged 18th December 2000: My father was Sergeant Arthur Haydn Davies, the Flight Engineer in the Negus crew. He had served at Bottesford & Langar. SERGEANT JOHN McCLEAN (the Rear Gunner) was the only survivor when EM-L was shot down returning from Hannover. I would like to hear from John McClean or his family about what happened. Mr McClean used to live in Hazlebank Terrace, Edinburgh Scotland and I think that he moved to either Perth or Dundee.  

contact Ray Williams: ray.williams AT

Message logged 18th December 2000: My uncle F/O Albert William Stringer RAVR No137364 (after whom I was named) was the Bomb Aimer in this crew. EM-L crashed at Ronnenberg near Hannover.

The only survivor, Sgt McLean, was repatriated 15 Sept 1944. I have details of the crew and the operation from AIR 27/1234, AIR 14/2791, AIR 14/2091, and from Bill Chorley's Bomber Command Losses 1943, the Middlebrook & Everitt Bomber Command War Diaries, and CWGC records.

Is there any way of locating exactly where the aircraft came down? And are there any records in Germany of the crash?

The crew was as follows:

pilot: P/O Bruce Lindsay Negus RAAF
F/E: Sgt Arthur Haydn Davies
Nav: Sgt George Wilfrid Laybourn
W/Op: Sgt Alfred Keith Emery
B/A: F/O Albert William Stringer
M/U: Sgt Ronald Henry Morel
R/G: Sgt John Scott McLean RAF

contact Albert Richard William Ashworth: ash.gen AT

207 Squadron Spilsby: 1943

Message logged 21 August 1999: W/O Jim Kenny, W/Op, would like to hear from these members of his crew: -

Flight Sergeant Alan Sier RAAF (Navigator)
Flying Officer Sharpe RAAF (Pilot)
Sergeant Freeman RAFVR (Mid Upper Gunner), believed to be from Didsbury, Manchester

contact Jim Kenny: jkenny AT


Lancaster ED586 EM-F, lost on Stettin 6/7 January1944

207 Squadron RAF Spilsby 1944

Message logged 25th January 2002: F/O Peter Noel Hodgson RAFVR pictured here in Canada when training at Dafoe was Bomb Aimer in the crew that Flt Lt George Ebert took to Stettin on 6 Jan 1944, in EM-F ED586.

All were killed. A relative of Peter's would like to hear from any families of the crew, or anyone who knew Peter:

Pilot - Flight Lieutenant George Henry Ebert DFC RAF
2nd Pilot aboard for experience - Wing Commander Ashley Duke Jackson MiD* RAF
Flight Engineer - Sergeant Bernard Owen Greenhill RAF
Navigator - Flight Sergeant Fred Thomas Murray Sidebotham RAFVR
Air Bomber -Flying Officer Peter Noel Hodgson RAFVR
Wireless Operator - Flight Sergeant Jack Thomas Toplis RAFVR
Mid Upper Gunner - Sergeant Aubrey Harris Miller RAFVR
Rear Gunner - Flight Sergeant Alfred John Simmons RAFVR  

Aircraft took off from RAF Spilsby in Lincolnshire 2357. Crashed in the target area, crew all killed. It is believed that all were buried locally on 12 January, since when their remains have been transferred to Poznan Old Garrison Cemetery.  F/L Ebert had logged at least 23 operational sorties. Wg Cdr Jackson had been attached for operational experience ahead of being given command of another squadron.   It was in this aircraft 'F for Freddie' that Wynford Vaughn Thomas did a trip to Berlin on 3 Sep 1943 to make the famous BBC recording, broadcast in the Home Service on 4th September 1943 and many times since, of a Lancaster crew on a bombing raid.  This included the shooting down of an attacking fighter.

in the first instance please contact 207 Squadron RAF Association : association AT


Lancaster DV371 EM-B, lost on Berlin 30.1.44

207 Squadron Spilsby 1944

Message logged 2 January 2002: Stan (Nick) Carter in Winnipeg, Flight Engineer in Vic Glann's crew, which completed its tour in June 1944, has made contact via daughter Elaine to suggest we try and trace Flight Sergeant Eric William Devere Downey, the only survivor of the the Broad crew lost on Berlin (DV371 EM-B, 30.1.44). He may be able to throw some light on the story of his rear gunner, Sgt George Thompson.

Sgt George Thompson was the Rear Gunner in the Broad crew and a simple memorial to him has been located in the grounds of Cragside, the National Trust Property near Morpeth, which was once the home of Sir William Armstrong. Was his family connected with the estate? - see Memorials pages on the 207 website for the story so far. Can you help?

We would also like to hear from the families of the Broad crew - all were RAFVR: all except F/Sgt Downey were killed and are buried in the Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery

Pilot - P/O Harold Douglas Broad
Flight Engineer - Sgt Stanley Kenneth Chalklin
Navigator - F/O Charles Ellis Pointon
Wireless Operator - F/Sgt Eric William Devere Downey - POW Stalag Luft 6
Air Bomber - Sgt Charles Ronald Bailey
Mid Upper Gunner - P/O James Bruce Stewart
Rear Gunner - Sgt George Adam Nichols Thompson

contact Frank Haslam, 207 Squadron RAF Association: association AT
Nick Carter can be contacted via: eblack27 AT


Lancaster III EE126 EM-A op: Leipzig 19/20 Feb 1944

207 Squadron, Spilsby

Message logged 4 October 2001

I am being pushed by my grandchildren (and by myself) to write my memoirs which would include my time with 207 at Spilsby in 1944. I was Flight Engineer on EM-A shot down 20 February 1944 and POWed.   Although I have kept in touch with my Bomb Aimer, Phil Paddock, I have completely lost any contact with my Skipper and Navigator.   

May I ask my surviving crew members (or their relatives), and the families of those who died, to please contact me:  

Jarvis, Wally, Pilot, known as the Count. Pilot Officer RAF. POW
Pearson, Syd,  Sgt, Navigator RAF(VR). From the Bristol or Gloucester area, from memory. POW
Morey, Jeff, Sgt. Wireless Operator. RAF(VR) From the Dudley area, from memory. KIA
Linton, Len, Pilot Officer M/U gunner. RCAF No. J89726. Parents Mr and Mrs E F Linton of Douglastown, Sask. KIA
Rogers, Sam, Sgt, Rear Gunner. RAF(VR). Parents Samuel P. Rogers, and of Stella V. Rogers, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. KIA

contact Maurice Askew: mandas AT


Lancaster ME680 EM-R Berlin 24 Mar 1944

207 Squadron, Spilsby

Message logged 18th July 2002: The Polley crew was lost returning from a raid on Berlin on the night of  24th/25th March 1944. It was intercepted homebound by a nightfighter and went down out of control to crash in open countryside 12km NW of Finsterwalde. All are buried in the Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery:

Pilot - P/O Gordon Frederick Polley RAFVR
Flight Engineer - Sgt Gwilym Williams RAFVR
Navigator - F/O George Cyril Dunkley RCAF
Wireless Operator - Sgt Donald Smith RAFVR
Air Bomber - F/S Roderck John Thompson RCAF
Mid Upper Gunner - Sgt William Orr RAFVR
Rear Gunner - Sgt Richard Graham Atkinson RAFVR

I am the nephew of Gwilym Williams. I too served on 207 Squadron, 1959-61. Mrs Dorothy Sims is the niece of Gordon Polley and on our joint behalf I would be pleased to hear from anyone who knew any of this crew or about the loss of the aircraft.

contact Delwyn Williams: delwyn- AT (email address updated 4 Sep 06)


207 Squadron Devon VP962: VIP passengers
RAF Northolt

Message logged 3 September 2007: British Sy Tours is a small and probably unique tour operation. All of us are retired from the Regular Armed Forces - in my case the Para Engineers and also HM Diplomatic Service – and from British Airways. We specialise in military history and take small groups, often a family or party of friends, on private tours around the British Isles and Continent. We view places from the air before touring them on the ground – for example the D Day landing grounds and invasion beaches in Normandy.

We fly larger groups in the Mayfair Dove - in fact a former RAF Devon which I knew as a young diplomat when she was the Air Attaché's aircraft in Saigon - flown by Air Commodore Mickey Swiney and his assistant, Stewart Holmes. See

I'm trying to fill in the blanks in her history. I see from that 207 Squadron website link not only something of her service in Saigon but also that she served on 207 at Northolt.

Has anyone from that 207 period any recollection of the people she flew as a VIP flight aircraft? Previous to Saigon she was in Pakistan and before that with Second Tactical Air Force and NATO Headquarters. Grateful for any information on that and indeed about her earlier service.

Adrian Hill: Adrian AT


No.268 Squadron Royal Air Force, 1940 to 1946. 

Message logged 22nd August 2002: Looking for surviving ex-members of No.268 Squadron RAF, either aircrew or groundcrew. Information and contributions required towards compiling a history of No.268 Squadron, especially photography and personal reminiscences.  Also family members of ex-268 Sqn personnel who may have material they may wish to contribute towards compiling the Squadron history.

contact: Colin Ford: cbford AT


No.279 (ASR) Squadron

Message logged 29 March 2004: I am researching the history of No. 279 (ASR) Squadron, which was based at Bircham Newton, Thornaby, Wick, Fraserburgh, Banff and a host of other smaller detachments, flying Hudsons, Warwicks, Hurricanes and Sea Otters. 

I am hoping to contact ex-Squadron members to obtain reminiscences photos etc for a planned book on the squadron.  

[Tom has done a similar project on No.72 Squadron]

Contact: thomasdocherty AT
or by post TG Docherty, 17 Mannachie Grove, Forres, Moray, IV36 2WE, UK


340 (Free French Squadron, Ile de France): WAAF parachute packer 1941/2

RAF Turnhouse, Drem, Ayr, Redhill, Westhampnett, Biggin Hill

Message logged 1st May 2002: I'm writing a book on the history of the Free French Squadron Ile de France (340 Sqn).   During my investigations, I've found many pictures taken by the French pilots of 340 Sqn.   Some show a young WAAF who was responsible for the pilots' parachutes.   Unfortunately, no one remembers her name. It would be wonderful to find her.

If you can help, or indeed have any link with 340 Squadron, please contact me.

contact Frédéric Bruyelle: lacombe-bruyelle AT


431 Sqn Wellington HE379 SE-H lost 16/17 April 1943

RAF Burn

Message logged 3 May 2003: I am trying to track down the four surviving crew members from 431 Squadron Wellington (serial number HE379, code SE-H) shot down and taken prisoner when their aircraft crashed in the village of Hochspeyer on 16/17 April 1943 during ops against Mannheim. This is on behalf of two German historians and aircraft excavators who have located the crash site and recovered parts of the aircraft.

The surviving crewmembers were: Sgt 655895 H Sutterby, F/Sgt 1271192 PF Cartwright, F/Lt J22562 WE Paton RCAF, W/O R130665 FG Rudd RCAF.   Their crewmate who sadly lost his life was Sgt 572631 MR Hadland.  

Stuart Burbridge:   stuart.burbridge AT

488 (NZ) Squadron RAF

message logged 17 Feb 2010: I am researching 488(NZ) Squadron which saw service in the UK and Europe from 25th June 1942 until 26th April 1945.
They were a night-fighter squadron with a good number of aircrew being RNZAF but the vast majority of the rest of the squadron were RAF. I would be very interested to hear from any ex squadron members from the UK or their families to assist with the squadron history.

I have already published with the support of the RNZAF a book titled Last Stand in Singapore which covers the history of the original squadron that was disbanded following the fall of Singapore in February 1942.

I am now working to complete the history of the re-formed squadron as noted above. Any enquiry would be welcome.

Contact: Graham Clayton gacn AT

514 Sqn Waterbeach: May - July 1944

Message logged 12th March 1999: As a Flt Lt I flew Mark II Lancs out of Waterbeach, May - July 1944. I am looking for information on Jock Donaldson (Flight Engineer), Ben Lyons (W/Op) or other RAF/RCAF personnel from that time. Please also see my message about Freteval Forest evaders below (Lancaster JI-C2)

contact EA Campbell: campah AT


529 Squadron pilots and ground crew RAF Henley-on-Thames 1944-1945

Message logged 16 Feb 2010: I am trying to find out information regarding the following pilots if anyone has information regarding there careers with 529 Squadron

Flight Sergeant G. G. Banks
Flight Lieutenant R. Bradbury
Warrant Officer R. Davidson
Flight Lieutenant J. N. Dennis
Flight Lieutenant Earls
Flying Officer Eason
Flight Lieutenant G. A. Ford
Flight Lieutenant Gillies
Flight Lieutenant Godfrey
Flight Lieutenant J. E. Harper
Squadron Leader Henderson
Flight Lieutenant N. Hill
Flight Lieutenant M. S. P. Houdret
Squadron Leader H. A. Marsh
Flight Lieutenant R. J. Millar
Flight Sergeant W. D. Milne
Flight Lieutenant Newman
Flight Lieutenant A. E. Polden
Flying Officer Read
Flight Lieutenant Roberts
Flying Officer P. D. Smith
Squadron Leader J. G. Theilman
Flight Lieutenant G. C. Turner
Flying Officer D. M. White
Flight Lieutenant Wilkinson
Flying Officer Wilson
Flight Lieutenant Young

And any information of ground crew etc that served with this radar calibration Squadron between 1944-1945 plus any other memories or information about the airfield at Henley-on-Thames.

Contact Darren J Pitcher: darrenjp1972 AT


665 AOP Squadron RCAF

Message logged 30th October 2001: My father, "Gunner" Ray Knight, K8712, flew as an Observer in 'B' Flight, 665 AOP Squadron, RCAF, from the inception of the Squadron to its disbanding in the Summer of 1945, at Apeldoorn, Holland. His Pilot, Captain Ray Irwin, Royal Canadian Artillery, was last seen living on Roger Road, in Ottawa.

Anyone who flew in the Canadian 665 AOP Squadron, can contact my Dad at 2416 Ulrich Road NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N-4G5, or can contact Floyd Osterhaut, General Delivery, Bowden, Alberta, Canada. Floyd and his brother Keith were also Observers in 'B' Flight, 665 AOP. Keith's Pilot was Captain Millican, R.C.A., and Floyd's was Captain John Lamy, R.C.A., from Quebec.

contact Jock: abelbookcompany AT

682 Squadron RAF

Photo Reconnaissance Spitfire lost on west coast of Sardinia 13 Jun 1943

Message logged 29 July 2005: I am an Italian air enthusiast and a historical researcher. I am trying to identify a supposed British pilot who was captured by Italian soldiers after he did a belly landing on the west coast of Sardinia on, it is said, June 13, 1943. The witness of the event told me that the aircraft was painted overall light blue and carried roundel insignia like RAF aircraft.

In 1996 after a search on the crash site I recovered - fifty three years later - some small debris painted on blue, perhaps RAF PRU Blue.

Then I found another witness who gave me a piece of the aircraft's engine. It was the left camshaft cover from a Rolls Royce Merlin engine.

I think the aircraft was a recce Spitfire Mk XI from 682 Sqn. ( PRU ).

I would like to know:
1) Pilot: name, and if he's still live
2) Aircraft: type and serial no.
3) Mission: details

I have tried to obtain information by writing to RAF Historical Branch but they were unable to assist me because their information is archived by names & serials.

Sandrino Sogus of Gonnosfanadiga, Sardinia, Italy

ALBERTA, Canada. Did you train here during WW2?

Message logged 31st August 2001, updated 1 April 2005: I am collecting memories & experiences of aircrew who had trained at any of the Alberta Flying Schools during WW2 under the BCATP. A website Wings over Alberta is now available.

contact Dennis Wagner: rcafww2 AT


Message logged 11th January 2000: Wishing to make contact with anyone who served in any of the following RAF Units which were stationed at Allahabad/Bamrauli anytime in period 1945 to 1947:

No. 308 Maintenance Unit (A.S.U.)
No. 138 Repair and Salvage Unit No. 1
No. 36 Staging Post (A.T.U.)
No. 470 Meteorological Forecast Centre
No. 1 Movement Control
No. 11 RAF General Hospital

I urgently need to identify possible former comrade of yours from a wedding photo in order to trace my sister. Thanks.

contact Maureen Nicholson: mebirt AT



Message logged 23rd October 1999: I am Vincent Cooper, Head Teacher of an English language school and I live in Kagoshima, Japan. I am researching the experiences of POWs in wartime Japan.

I had been unaware that POW camps were maintained on the mainland of Japan until I was told by a former POW that his camp had been in the city of Osaka.

Having done a little background reading into the matter and recognising that other former POWs could be contacted, I plan to write an article for publication in Japan about the lives of POWs in wartime Japan, including the effect this has had on their post war views of Japan.

Having contacted several other internees and receiving a very positive and friendly response I have been encouraged to look for further sources to cite in my paper.

I would like to set myself the short term goal of publishing an article on the lives of POWs in and around Osaka during and after the Second World War.

Depending on the feasibility of such a project, I hope to continue within the field to look more closely at the history of the POWs and the camps they were in in and around Fukuoka, which is the capital city of Kyushu. It was the original target for the second Atomic Bomb; poor weather caused the secondary target of Nagasaki to be selected.  

My interest in Fukuoka arises for several reasons:  
1 - I used to live and work in this city and know its geography well.  
2 - I have come across information on the internet suggesting that elements of the notorious 'Unit 731' operated out of Fukuoka and I would be keen to investigate this matter more thoroughly within Japan.  
3 - One of the former POWs I am in contact with was imprisoned close to Nagasaki (using todays travel network, Nagasaki is about 2 hours from Fukuoka by train). He was one of ten internees to have an experimental operation carried out on him without the use of anaesthetic, which suggests that elements of Unit 731 were in Kyushu or that another, similar unit with a similar agenda was active on the mainland of Japan.  

Future publications arising from this research would of course depend on the depth and amount of information found. I would be very grateful if anyone reading this could put me in contact with people they know were POWs in Japan, especially in and around Osaka and of course, Fukuoka.  

contact Vincent Cooper:   vincepc AT  



message logged 29th June 2002 : For the past four or five years I have been researching and compiling an airframe by airframe history of the Avro Lincoln. I don't see a book resulting as the appeal would be very limited, but the outcome of my endeavours is published six times a year in a journal for like-minded souls called The British Roundel.

I use official records from the Air Ministry held at the Public Record Office and the RAF Museum, and from the RAAF, the various ministries, Canada and Argentina to supply the bare bones, but rely heavily on former aircrew and groundcrew to provide photos, logbooks, notes, memories etc. to flesh out each history. If you can help, please contact me.

Allan G Williams, Aviation Historian: unallan AT


BERLIN RAID 24/25 March 1944 Night of the Big Winds

I am a retired meteorologist with an interest in the meteorological aspects of the Berlin raid on the night of 24/25 March 1944 - the night of the Big Winds.

The unexpected jetstream that scattered the bomber stream is mentioned in all accounts of this raid, but there has not been, to my knowledge, any published meteorological study of the event. I hope to reconstruct the sequence of events, but in the absence of any archived data, would like to contact anyone who might have recorded the forecast, or found, winds on that night, in their logbook.

Although actual data would be preferable I would be happy to hear anecdotal accounts, as I appreciate that logbooks were not normally used for recording data.

My contact details are:
B J Booth, 131 Avon Rd, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 1PY; Tel No 01380 726138; email monbryth AT


Message logged 17th July 1999: RAF aviators Patrick Lake, of Bideford, England and Frank Brownrigg, of Blackburn, England, trained in Yarmouth in 1941-42. They billeted with us on weekends. We know they were not casualties. Would appreciate any information.

Reply to Doug Scott: rosebrae AT


EJECTIONS Project Get Out and Walk

message logged 18 September 2006: is a log of successful ejections from military aircraft being compiled with the co-operation of hundreds of individuals and organisations. It has been my privilege to correspond with a wide range of those who have ejected, not only Commonwealth and American services (many of the latter former POWs from NAM and Korea) but also Luftwaffe pilots from WW2 who ejected from He-219, and many other air forces.

If you can help in any way by correcting an error, add an ejection that's missing or a photo of an ejectee I would be very grateful, maybe from a squadron book or personal album. The research is taken very seriously and also the obtaining of permission to use the material shown on the website.

Mike Bennett: contact via website



Message logged 16th April 2001 : LACW Dorothy 'Bunty' Roberts, WAAF 1942-45 seeks information/messages from other ex-WAAF based at RAF Docking/Bircham Newton, 1942-45.

contact : martin.edwards7 AT


'M' Balloon Unit/DDCP/Nickelling

message logged 25th July 2002: Historian looking to contact members of the 'M' Balloon Unit which distributed propaganda leaflets from Kent and the Continent during WWII. Also interested in contacting any RAF personnel involved in propaganda 'Nickel' operations from any conflict. Also anyone connected with Deputy Directorate of Counter Propaganda (DDCP).

contact Lee Richards: lee.richards AT


RAF Target Maps production - Hughenden Manor - Cecil Richard Hodges also known as Dick or Richard while at Hughenden, a civilian working with the Air Ministry.

Message logged 11th August 2006: During World War II my grandfather worked for the Air Ministry at Hughenden Manor. He was involved with the top secret production of target maps and other associated target material for the Royal Air Force. This operation was codenamed HILLSIDE.

My grandfather ran the machine room at Hughenden and was responsible for the accurate preparation of target material for printing and distribution to RAF Groups and bomber stations. He was responsible for the printing of the Dam Busters,Tirpitz, D-Day, Peenemunde and V-weapon target material among the many other materials he prepared.

I am conducting research into my grandfather's wartime activities. In honour of him I am attempting to track down one of the target maps he helped to produce at Hughenden. He died in 1989 and I never had the chance to talk to him about his work, in fact I hardly knew him.

If anyone has such a target map would they please contact me if they are willing to part with it. It is an important part of my family history that I would like to preserve. If anyone remembers my grandfather, especially from his time at Hughenden, I would also be delighted to hear from them.

contact: Jim Hodges, Seattle USA: jameshodges1970 AT



Message logged 27th February 2000: I am researching the history of RAF Aldergrove. I need reminiscences and recollections from personnel, aircrew and ground crew who served there with any of these units:
1 APC  3 AOS  3 B&GS  4 CPF  9 OTU  23 MU  402 FLT 416 FLT  1402 MET FLT  1674 HCU

or with the following Squadrons:
59 86 120 143 206 220 224 231 233 235 236 245 252 254 272 311 or 774 FAA.  

I also require photos of aircraft and crews.  All material treated with care and returned promptly.

Contact: Tom Docherty, 17 Mannachie Grove, Forres, Morayshire, IV36 2WE or thomasdocherty AT



Message logged 5 April 1999: I am trying to find anyone that served at RAF Kai Tak between 1930 and 1941 and who has knowledge of the Hong Kong Defence Force air unit that was also stationed at this airfield at that time.

Contact Bob Massey: b.massey AT


RAF MATLOCK - wartime nursing care for RAF officers suffering from flying stress.

message logged 4 Nov 2002: BBC Leeds are hoping to make a short television documentary about RAF Matlock. During World War II, a former health spa at Matlock was converted to a hospital, to provide nursing care for RAF officers suffering from flying stress. We'd like to make contact with anyone who served there, or was nursed there during the war years.

If anyone can help, please could they either e-mail me, or phone me or my colleague Christine Hamill on 0113 2247144.

Contact Lucy Smickersgill: lucy.smickersgill AT
INSIDE OUT, BBC Leeds, Tel: 0113 2247144 : BBCi at


RAF Snitterfield Central Registry - No.18 (P) ATU, later 21 FTS

Message logged 15th March 1999: If you were aircrew or groundcrew at Snitterfield please contact Brian Howett.

contact Bhowett AT


RAF Stoke Orchard - No.3 Glider Training School (3 GTS) - July 1942 to Jan 1945

Message logged 20 May 2007: Researcher would like to get in touch with anyone who served or had any association with the above unit. Especially interested in hearing from those who worked as tug pilots or ground crew.

contact: Jed neil.jed AT



Message logged 20th Dec 2000: I would like to hear from anyone stationed at at any of the above RAF Stations during World War Two or shortly afterwards.  I am seeking recollections for The Wartime Memories Project, and also research for a novel.

I am interested in any of the Chain Home stations.

contact Angela Jobson: remember AT


RAF West Beckham Chain Home Defence Radar base 1938-1958

Message logged 8 August 2008: I live on part of the former RAF West Beckham Chain Home Defence Radar base and am conducting research into it.

I have managed to make contact with some people from the 1950s period. I am trying to find anyone who was based here at anytime but especially the 1940s. I know that one of the base commanders then was Marius B Winter who was a famous dance band leader from London.

I have several photos of the base and one group photo of the base personnel taken 1945 around VE Day. I am happy to share these photos with anyone who wants copies of them.

Contact Mike Digby: miked3038 AT



Message logged 8th March 2001: I am researcher in New Brunswick and currently in a project researching the former RCAF Training Base No.34 Pennfield. It was part of the Commonwealth Air Training Plan and opened in 1942. I am looking for further information, photos, first hand accounts and maps of the base.
Blacks Harbour Historical Society -

contact Jason Gaudet: jason AT  


STALAG LUFT III - The Great Escape

Message logged 9th January 2000: email address updated Aug 2006: My father F/O (later F/L) Pawel W. Tobolski was one of the FIFTY murdered after escaping from Stalag Luft III, Sagan, on 24/25th March 1944.  I would appreciate knowing the whereabouts of any of the other surviving relatives of the Fifty.

Paul Tobolski, contact: ptobolsk AT


Forced march from Stalag Luft VII Bankau to Luckenwalde

message logged 7th Feb 2001: I read with interest on the RAF Ex-POW Association website the diary notes of an ex-POW who took part in the forced march from Stalag Luft VII Bankau.

I have been trying to match the German names of towns given in the diary notes with modern day Polish names with mixed success. Is there any chance that someone knows the modern day town names?

There is a possibility that several names may have been misread or misheard under the stress of the time. In particular I have not been able to locate WALCHAVEN, ROSENFELD, HANSEN, WINTERSDORF and PERFINDORF. I believe these towns are roughly on a westerly line extending from Brzeg, southeast of Wroclaw (Breslau) on the River Oder, across to Zarow, north of Swidnica near Walbrzych.

The tough one is Walchaven. No modern German-Polish gazeteer that I have seen lists a town with that spelling. It would also be interesting to establish which bridge was crossed on the River Oder. The strong possibility is at Brzeg although there is a modern-day bridge 19km farther upstream as well. Hansen may have been misread for Wansen. Any help would be appreciated.

contact Rod Brown: rodbrown AT



Message logged 24th October 1999: I am doing research on Swedish volunteer pilots with the Allied Air Forces during WW2.

I know there were a couple in the RAF. Some were said to be in Bomber Command.
I know that one served with on Westland Whirlwinds on 137 Sqn (?HÄGGBERG).   Another name I want to find out more about is ULF CHRISTIERNSSON who may have served on 680 Sqn (a photo-reconnaissance and pathfinder unit) and later flew Spitfires in Belgium.
Please help me to find more information about these pilots and any other Swedes in the wartime Allied Air Forces.

Andreas Holmberg, contact: znz457z AT



Message logged 25 March 1999: I am researching Paratrooper Dummies used as decoys during WW II Airborne drops by both sides. Allied dummies were code named Oscar, others Rupert, and were often wired with firecrackers to simulate small arms fire.

During Overlord/Neptune/D-Day, Allied Paratrooper Dummies were dropped in four diversionary operations Titanic I - IV carried out from RAF Stations Tempsford and Methwold, by 40 Stirlings, Halifaxes, and Hudsons, from 90, 138, 149, and 161 Sqns.

Two a/c were lost in these mostly successful ops. I would like to contact anyone who took part in these Titanic drops. I am especially interested in anyone who actually handled the para dummies at any time from manufacture to combat drops (or anytime since). Information on manufacture of the dummies, descriptions of them, specifications, location of any surviving examples or facsimiles, photos - all also needed. The completed study will be donated to interested military/archives/museums.

Contact James Elliott/Night Train Films: 1.ELLIOTT AT



Message logged 20th February 2002: I am a researcher for the BBC in Leeds and am trying to trace any airmen who were involved in defending York against the Blitz on 29th April 1942. I know that 253, 616, 411, 133 and 68 Squadrons all played their part. 

I believe there isn't an association for 253 Squadron, which is a shame since I have quite a number of names of men who were scrambled on that night.

If anyone reading this was involved or knows of someone who was please contact me urgently.

contact Christine Hamill: christine.hamill AT