Aircrew & Groundcrew Research

3 things to do BEFORE you submit a request - please !

Some requests are too vague in their original form, for example:

Does anyone remember my great uncle, Sergeant Fred Jones,
who I think was in Bomber Command and came from London?

Before you consider submitting a request to the Editor Frank Haslam (for link see menu): -

  1. gather ALL the information you can about your subject from family members, photos, old letters and official documents

  2. look at Useful Sources (see links on the left of your screen) especially on how to find information on an individual who served in the RAF or WAAF. Follow the advice given to see what new information comes up

  3. go to the RAFRA - Royal Air Forces Register of Associations site to check if there is an Association or interest group that might be able to help you - if there is, see what they can do to assist