RAF Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War
Amendments and Additions


The aims of this website

  1. to provide a single point of reference for all the amendments and additions published in Volumes 1-9 of the series

  2. to make post-publication updates available;

  3. to be a point of contact for those providing evidence for further amendments and additions. It is not 'the books on-line'.

It appears with the kind permission and continuing assistance of Bill Chorley, the author of the series. Its aims are approved by the publishers of the books, Ian Allan Publishing Ltd.

We hope it will enable Bill’s series to continue to be relevant and current to those who served in RAF Bomber Command, their families and the many for whom the series is an invaluable research source.


The published additions and amendments have been scanned. Where there was more than one published amendment for a loss these have been consolidated. Units have been added to help searches. Despite checking, there may be some errors in the website editor's scanning and sorting of amendments. If you believe you have spotted such an error please contact us - see below. If you do not have the whole series please bear in mind that amendments listed in your books may have been updated in later volumes.


This is book/page unit/aircraft serial e.g. 1944/294 207/LL973.
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The additions and amendments are presented by book and page order within book:
Vol 1 - 1939/1940 Vol 4 - 1943 Vol 7 - Operational Training Units 1940-47
Vol 2 - 1941 Vol 5 - 1944 Vol 8 - Heavy Conversion Units and Miscellaneous Units 1939-47
Vol 3 - 1942 Vol 6 - 1945 Vol 9 - RAF Bomber Command Roll of Honour 1939-47 (1939-47 is the WW2 period covered by the CWGC)

Further amendments or additions

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