RAF Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War, WR Chorley
Searching the Amendments & Additions

This website of amendments and additions to the nine volume series is searchable. Aircraft serial number is invaluable. The page identification convention is yyyy/ppp eg 1944/001: for Vol 1 1939-40 the year is 3940, Vol 7 is OCU, Vol 8 is HCU, Vol 9 is ROH.

Search tips are on the results page. For example adding an asterisk to a 'word' finds all instances including the 'word' e.g. NJG* finds NJG1, NJG2 etc. Searching for a unit e.g. 207 will find relevant pages on this website but may include other references such as page number 207 or an aircraft serial which includes 207.

The results text is set at the maximum length permitted by the search engine. Where a page contains many references to the item sought not all may be shown. That is why it is important to also search within all found pages.

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The search above finds pages on this website to look at. On a found page you may need to search for all mentions. To find something quickly within a long page, put the cursor on the page, then click your CTRL and F keys together:
In Internet Explorer a Find box should come up.
Enter the 'word' sought e.g. surname or serial number in the Find box.
Leave the boxes unticked (it simplifies searching.)
Clicking Next/Previous finds other mentions of the same 'word'.
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