VOLUME 5 1944
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1944/019 106/JB645 Metheringham

1944/021 550/DV189 F/S P H Evans RCAF pow
1944/021 550/DV345 Note. Add: His father, Baron de Menten de Horne was the first Belgian officer to be killed in World War I

1944/029 627/DZ293 = DK293
1944/029 138/LK743 Add: Sgt R Hiersaux, Capt H J Waddington. Both survived the crash. Capt Waddington was the brother of Wilfred, referred to in the Note

1944/030 7/JB398 Sgt L W Clarke pow

1944/031 97/ND421 Lt Kurt Matzak, NJG1

1944/036 617/ED918 F/O G A Kendrick inj

1944/039 102/LW337 After serial and code insert a/c name which was Old Flo [The Times, October 10, 2008: 19/10/08]

1944/040 207/ED698 EM-S Crashed on second attempt to take off: P/O V Glann RAAF, Sgt S W Carter, Sgt G V Malon, F/O R WJew RAAF, F/S A J Paterson RAAF, P/O R H Wybrants, Sgt G Littlemore

1944/054 408/DS849 2216 Me 110 Oblt Wilhelm Engel III./NJG6 & cr. Würges

1944/055 426/DS775 Elbe-Havel Kanal

1944/059 77/LK711 The summary, as it stands, indicates the Halifax was crippled by flak but F/S Pettigrew RCAF, in a letter received in late July, suggests a night-fighter was responsible, probably one fitted with upward angled guns, schräge Musik

1944/063 433/HX281 Abandoned 0815

1944/064 576/ND386 Sgt W R Owen +

1944/074 50/W4119 of Marshal of the Royal Air Force

1944/076 57/JB420 Cr. Blokzijl

1944/077 103/ND363 Oblt Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer, Stab IV./NJG1

1944/080 622/W4272 Delete Bergen op Zoom. Insert Groesbeek

1944/082 7/JB468 Wittenberg (summary)

1944/084 49/JB469 0302 Oblt Martin Becker I./NJG6
1944/084 35/LV834 0320 Oblt Martin Becker I./NJG6

1944/085 77/HR949 add: Outbound attacked by two Ju88s which inflicted severe damage to the starboard wing and engines and set off small fires in the fuselage. The flare in the flare chute then exploded and there were further fires. However these were tackled. The fire that had now developed in the starboard inner engine was put out by diving from 20,000 feet down to 10,000 feet. The target was then attacked. Throughout the return leg the crew were subjected to further night fighter attacks and ground fire which knocked out the starboard engines and wounded both air gunners: two parachutes had been sucked out of the aircraft. Thus, it was decided that the wireless operator and the two air gunners should bale out and after pinpointing their position as near Liege, the navigator, after some discussion, left the aircraft in the vicinity of Cambrai.
Soon afterwards the port engines began to fail and at 1,500 feet the aircraft ran into a severe snow storm. With barely any semblance of control remaining the Halifax flew into a hillside roughly 6 km from St. Omer. [from narrative by the late F/O Thorman, courtesy of his son Chris, via Eric Read 10/06/08].

1944/086 101/DV267 T/o 2338

1944/093 630/ND532 Sgt D Scott pow

1944/095 425/LW390 Note. F/S Waite was found at Souastre by the Germans and taken by them back to their depot at Monchy-Breton
1944/095 49/ND498 EA-R

1944/097 61/LM310 P/O P S Walkins DFC, F/S C J Collingwood DFM
1944/097 78/LW509 Sgt K Wideman RCAF

1944/100 408/DS844 Summary to read : T/o 2048 Linton-on-Ouse and crashed on farmland known locally as 'Heckenweg' some 400-500 metres from the River Main near Bergrheinfeld, a few kilometres SSW of Schweinfurt. Of the dead, three were buried within hours of the crash near the road running south towards Garstedt, though shortly before the arrival of American forces in the Spring of 1945, their bodies were exhumed and re-buried near a small field-chapel [since redeveloped as a sports field]. On 22 April [1944], the body of Sgt Walker was recovered from the river, downstream, near the village of Kohler, while 48 hours later Sgt Emerson's remains were found near the ferry crossing at Obereisenheim, several kilometres upstream from Kohler. Along with Sgt Basten and P/O Cunliffe, the two air gunners now rest in Durnbach War Cemetery; their companions are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. [Norbert Vollmann via Peter Cunliffe 21/07/08]

1944/102 15/ED383 LS-C
1944/102 460/JB547 AR-N

1944/103 100/ND595 Lake Sihl, 35 km SE Zurich

1944/111 35/ND708 Sgt H R Lowman pow
1944/111 15/W4355 2330 Golaten, Switzerland

1944/112 57/JB474 2242 les Enfers

1944/116 622/LL828 GI-J

1944/117 630/ND583 Amend summary: T/o 1857 East Kirkby and at around 0130 high above the Department of Aisne fell victim to Hptm Ludwig Meister, 1./NJG4. Out of control the Lancaster dived into wooded ground 2 km S of Besmé, exploding with great force on impact. All are buried in the churchyard at Bourguignon-sous-Coucy, just a few fields away to the NW of Besmé.
Note. This was Ludwig Meister's second victory of the night; 12 minutes earlier he had shot down a Halifax S of Aachen. [RAAF Archives and Theo Boiten via Peter Cunliffe and supported by images from Google Earth, 16/09/08]

1944/118 514/LL669 Leiston (summary)

1944/119 103/JB744 PM-T
1944/119 76/LW655 Cr. Kelberg

1944/120 433/HX282 Cr. Kröv on the Mosel
1944/120 158/LK787 F/S J Bowen pow
1944/120 424/LW460 Cr. Wolf on the Mosel

1944/121 466/LW369 Cr. Pfungstadt

1944/123 50/ME578 Cr. Vörden [see also updates log - PPCUs]
1944/123 44/ND538 2229 Oblt Martin Becker I./NJG6

1944/125 408/DS797 Grüneburg (summary)
1944/125 408/LL717 2210 Oblt Martin Becker I./NJG6

1944/126 432/LK779 2200 some 2 km N Philippstein & 12 km SW Wetzlar
1944/126 514/LL684 Cr. 2130
1944/126 578/LW540 Hptm Heinz Rökker I./NJG2 & cr. Steinringsberg

1944/128 12/ND650 P/O C Rudyk RCAF pow
1944/128 15/LM441 see also OTU/190 re Sgt Tvrdeich RNZAF [Haslam 27/08/07]

1944/134 424/LW435 Sgt J L MacKintosh pow 357 3372 F/S

1944/137 630/LL886 Sgt T Southworth pow
1944/137 625/ME684 Cr. between Varsseveld & Wisch

1944/143 460/JB598 Cr. Weisterveen (Liege) 8 km SW Sankt Vith

1944/144 9/W5006 Cleeberg (summary)

1944/145 49/JB314 Delete Sankt (rest of summary correct)
1944/145 50/R5546 Oblt Martin Becker I./NJG6

1944/146 50/LM394 Beilstein-Haiern

1944/147 51/LW544 Oblt Martin Becker I./NJG6

1944/148 78/HX241 F/O W Uyen RCAF +. He had been the sole survivor from LV798 (see Volume 5 1944 page 76). HX241 cr. 1 km S Allendorf (Eder)
1944/148 78/LV899 0336 Lt Hromadnik, 9./NJG1
1944/148 76/LW647 6 km NNW Freiensteinau
1944/148 76/LW696 Sgt G L Edwards. Oblt Martin Becker, I./NJG6
1944/148 97/ND640 Lt Hans Meissner, II./NJG3*

1944/149 101/LL861 Hmtm Gustav Tham, II./NJG5

1944/150 106/JB566 Berghausen, 6 km NW Wetzlar
1944/150 106/ND535 Delete Oblt Martin Becker
1944/150 106/ND585 0232 Lt Hromadnik, 9./NJG1

1944/151 156/ND466 Delete Oblt Martin Becker

1944/152 158/LW724 Delete Oblt Fritz Lau
1944/152 166/ME624 Cr. on Giessen airfield

1944/153 207/LM436 0035 Me 110 Hmtm Gustav Tham
1944/153 207/ND568 Hptm Gustav Tham, II./NJG5

1944/154 429/LK800 Delete Oblt Martin Becker
1944/154 427/LV898 0020 Oblt Martin Becker, I./NJG6
1944/154 427/LW618 0100 Hohenroth, 12 km WSW Herborn

1944/155 432/LW682 Delete Oblt Martin Becker

1944/156 514/DS836 T/o 2222 Waterbeach

1944/157 578/MZ508 Erlangen

1944/159 640/LW555 Delete Oblt Martin Becker

1944/164 460/ME727 AR-X2

1944/166 103/JB732 F/O A W Drage evd

1944/167 622/ED808 Cr. Beaurepaire

1944/171 432/LW614 Sgt Cranch (summary)

1944/174 419/JP202 Cr. Nymindegab
1944/174 640/LW722 Cr. Lammerville Sgt Rayworth parachuted into a coastal minefield and as a result was very seriously wounded subsequently losing one leg. Became a schoolmaster 6 died 29 July 1983

1944/176 428/JP113 13/11/08 After JP113 NA-A add GIT UP THEM STAIRS [Peter Cunliffe, 13/11/08]

1944/177 550/LL834 EQ-K

1944/178 463/LL892 Delete Gelderland. Insert Groningen

1944/179 76/MZ578 0100 possibly Lt Rudolph Frank, 2./NJG3

1944/180 425/LW633 F/O J Y Desrosiers RCAF pow L3 5380 F/O

1944/181 429/LK802 Sgt H I Austin +, F/O Fennessey RCAF buried in Bergen op Zoom Canadian Cemetery, Sgt Crosswell shot Luckenwalde

1944/182 460/LM525 F/O W M Orr RAAF pow L3 4066 F/L

1944/183 77/LK710 P/O J A Grimer pow, F/S R E Johnson pow, F/O M A Mason pow. All liberated, as described

1944/186 425/MZ525 Woodgrange Park (summary)
1944/186 78/LW515 Delete all after Breighton. Insert Crashed at Sauveniere, Belgium. Both the attacking night-fighter and the Halifax came down in flames as a result of the air combat.  The Halifax crew were buried at le Culot, 14km SSE of Leuven, since when their remains have been taken to Heverlee War Cemetery. The Luftwaffe pilot survived [Ofw Gerhard Graefe II./NJG1] but his radar operator and air gunner both perished. [Peter Cunliffe from Australian archives, via Chorley 22/06/08] 
Note: Referring to Deutsche Nachtjagd by Michael Balss, p262, it appears possible that the night fighter was Bf110G-4 Werknr 720397 G9 + VY [Chorley 12/07/08]

1944/192 408/DS719 EQ-U

1944/196 15/LL801 Oblt Martin Becker, I./NJG6

1944/197 166/ME720 Oblt Joseph Kraft, II./NJGS & Swiss flak

1944/199 405/JA976 Delete in December 1944. Insert on 1 August 1944

1944/200 432/LK807 Delete (Limburg). Insert (Liege)

1944/202 420/LW476 Cr. 0023 10 km N Dieppe

1944/212 109/ML958 Oblt Werner Baake, I./NJG1

1944/214 138/LL192 Summary to read : T/o Tempsford tasked for Operation Tablejam 46, a supply drop over Denmark at code name 'Olav'. Intercepted at 0219 local time some 60 km N of Thisted [Mors] and shot down over the Skagerrak by Fw Klaus Möller of 12./NJG3 who claimed his victim as a 4-motor bomber. F/O Stannard and Sgt Stynes rest in Sweden at Kviberg Cemetery. Sgt Smith, whose body was recovered from the sea on 12 May, lies in Danish soil at Frederikshavn Cemetery; the others have no known graves.
Note. In my original summary the sea area was identified as the Kattegat, but with the direction from Thisted [not previously mentioned] being reported as north, then it seems the Halifax plunged into the Skagerrak. [Carsten Petersen of Denmark and an extract from Tony Woods File of Abschuss microfilm, via John Stynes 14/07/08]

1944/215 426/MZ598 Cr. Tielt (West-Vlaanderen)
1944/215 405/ND347 Sgt T E Utton pow

1944/216 432/LW594 delete Sgt RB Haxton RCAF. Insert Sgt RH Banks RCAF. Add to summary - Both evaders were hidden in the Forêt de Fréteval in Operation Sherwood [Edouard Renière, via Haslam 20/07/08]

1944/226 12OTU/LP155 during 1944 (summary)
1944/226 571/ML988 Farm, Girton (summary)

1944/227 7/ND845 see also OTU/055 re Sgt Barron [Haslam 27/08/07]

1944/229 103/ME722 Delete Gelderland. Insert Overijssel. W/O Davis RAAF eventually captured by Gestapo and very severely treated. He died 6 February 1987

1944/233 630/LL950 0200 Vesterlund
1944/233 635/ND819 F/S P Tweedy evd

1944/240 Note Delete Note at bottom of page. The camp referred to was at Breendonk, 20 km S of Antwerpen

1944/245 300/DV282 Possibly Hptm Heinz Rökker All buried Polish Field of Honour at Breda
1944/245 103/ND925 Add ahead of lst sentence Attacked by a night-fighter

1944/248 239/HJ714 Cr. 0130 twixt Renswouda (Utrecht) & Veenendaal

1944/253 640/LW434 Fully revised summary: T/o 2227 Leconfield similarly tasked. From information provided by French civilians, and in particular M. Pascoaud, to S/L R Pilkington of No. 3 Section, 1 Missing Research & Enquiry Unit [France] on or around 8 May 1946, this Halifax crashed at approximately 0100 near Forges-les-Bains [Essonne], a largish community just to the SE of Limours. Soldiers from the Wehrmacht arrived on the scene and having gathered the remains of those who died took them, in coffins, east to be buried at Bretigny-sur-Orge, where they remain to this day. [Correspondence from No. 1 Missing Research & Enquiry Unit via Peter Cunliffe 08/01/09]

1944/261 460/JB700 Cr. Cerisy-la-Salle
1944/261 103/NE173 Cr. Coulonces

1944/262 422/LW582 should read 432 Sqn, QO-M [Lorraine Vickerman 22/07/08]

1944/265 514/LL727 Sgt F J Carey pow

1944/268 627/DZ353 F/L Steere (summary)

1944/270 571/MM125 Kamperduin (summary)

1944/274 467/LM552 PO-D

1944/275 166/ND399 Assel Blockhouse

1944/277 158/LV790 Summary amendment: T/o 2311 Lissett similarly tasked. Shot down by a night fighter flown by Ofw A Kleiber of 1/NJG5 whose cannon fire set light to the starboard wing and wounded F/S Arundel. All baled out from less than 7,000 feet by which time F/S Arundel, having sustained very serious wounds to his neck and an eye [subsequently he lost the sight of this eye], was only semi-conscious. F/S Nuttall and F/S Fernadez were apprehended and taken first to Paris where they were incarcerated in the city's notorious Fresnes prison before being sent on to Buchenwald Concentration Camp from where, thankfully, they were released to Sagan on 21 October 1944. [Pat MacGregor and Theo Boiten 22/09/08]

1944/279 408/DS772 F/O C A G Hanchar +
1944/279 419/KB726 Cr. Gaudiempre
1944/279 434/LW713 Sgt R F W Buckman +. Cr. Cite des Hochettes Arras & 6 civilians +

1944/280 432/LW616 Believed twixt Miraumont & Achiet-le-Petit

1944/281 433/LV966 F/O Ramsdell USAAF buried US Military Cemetery Normandy

1944/282 635/JB728 F/O W C Shepaerd RCAF
1944/282 61/ME783 Delete Op: Chatellbraut. Insert Op: Chatellerault. Cr. Besse-Thure (Vienne) 7 km WNW Chatellerault

1944/283 7/ND744 Cr. rue de Douai, Arras

1944/284 77/MZ705 F/S J R Trengove RAAF

1944/285 102/LW192 Buurmalsen (summary)

1944/286 419/KB734 Sgt R E Porter RCAF pow captured December 1944

1944/287 434/LK801 Sgt C W Wentworth RCAF evd
1944/287 550/LL747 Cr. Hoeven (Noord-Hrabant) 13 km WSW Breda. 8 Dutch civilians killed

1944/288 550/ME840 Delete F/O K A Y Roy evd. Insert F/O R Kay evd

1944/290 44/LL938 Cr. Nederweert

1944/291 44/LM434 Maaseik (summary)

1944/292 57/LM573 Cr. 5 of Nieuwkuijk Delete where those who died were initially buried

1944/295 619/ME846 F/S P E Knox RCAF evd

1944/296 12/LL917 PH-C

1944/297 466/LW116 Cr. Houvin-Houvigneul

1944/298 97/ME625 OF-T. F/L H S van Raalte RAAF

1944/299 622/LM138 Sgt D Meese evd, Sgt R J Hansford evd

1944/301 9/LL970 Sgt D R Grant RCAF evd
1944/301 106/LL975 Sgt W S McPhail pow
1944/301 49/LM572 Sgt D Reid RCAF evd

1944/302 61/LM518 Sgt K Chapman evd
1944/302 463/LM571 JO-E

1944/305 141/DD787 0130 Weert-Vrakker
1944/305 141/HJ941 Cr. 0300

1944/309 467/LM205 PO-B
1944/309 426/NP683 Cr. Bourg Achard ME701 JO-F

1944/310 7/ND897 Delete partially abandoned. Insert exploded throwing the two survivors clear

1944/312 625/PB126 Delete F/S W J Gladstone RAAF + and replace with F/S W J Adcock RAAF + [National Archives of Australia via Colin Bruggy, 13/11/08]

1944/313 408/DS621 EQ-O
1944/313 156/ND962 GT-P

1944/315 106/ND339 Cr. Sevis

1944/316 35/ND846 Cr. in an area of Villecresnes known as Le Reveillon

1944/320 550/LL850 BQ-L

1944/321 9/JA957 delete Sgt JD Massie evd, insert Sgt JD Murrie evd [Gordon Thorburn IX Sqn Assn 25/10/07]

1944/325 630/NE688 Delete NE688. Insert ND688

1944/328 550/ED562 BQ-G
1944/328 166/JB644 Sgt Summers DR not E [Oliver Clutton-Brock 19/07/08]

1944/331 149/LK388 Addition to crew matrix and summary:
Capt D H Adams AIF inj
Continue summary; Capt Adams was treated for shock in SSQ Methwold. [National Archives of Australia via Colin Bruggy 13/11/08]

1944/334 460/LL957 Sgt Ulne RNAF likely to Norway and not to Jonkerbos

1944/339 420/LK803 Continue summary: In recognition of his leadership in directing the fire and rescue service F/L James Ward Stiles RCAF, Station Electrical
Officer, a Mention in Despatches was Gazetted on 1 January 1945. [David Thompson 19/10/08]

1944/340 578/MZ511 Heerde (summary)
1944/340 405/PB174 F/S M S Stokyo RCAF evd. Hptm Martin Drewes, Stab III of NJG1 Me 110 G-4 G9 +. MD Werke Nr 720410 hit by debris & cr. 48th combat victory

1944/343 101/LL862 Op: Courtrai

1944/345 626/LM633 F/S W A Purnell RAAF pow L7 486 W/O
1944/345 101/W4967 Op: Homberg

1944/346 141/DZ267 Me 110 (summary)

1944/347 625/LM714 Delete LM714. Insert LM174

1944/349 300/LM178 F/S S Dunseith not JI [Haslam 21/07/08]

1944/350 576/PB265 F/O R J Sarvis USAAF +
1944/350 576/PB265 Amend F/O R J Sarvis, add DFC. Add to summary: On 16 November 1944, approval was granted in respect of his Distinguished Flying Cross. [Distinguished Flying Cross and How it was Won, Nick and Carol Carter, London, 1998, via Mark Haycock 30/07/08]

1944/351 420/MZ713 F/5 H R Hebert RCAF

1944/352 166/JB649 Cr. Auxerre area

1944/354 619/PB346 Cr. 0345 possibly due to a lightning strike
1944/354 627/DZ534 new entry - insert between the last summary for 619 Sqn and the first summary for 627 Sqn

627 Sqn Mosquito IV DZ534 AZ-H Op: Givors
F/O M D Gribbin DFM inj
F/L R W Griffiths RCAF inj

T/o Woodhall Spa arriving over the marshalling yards at 0150 but no attack made. Soon after the crew experienced a sever electrical storm which led to technical malfunctions, not least being the loss of GEE and an unserviceable air speed indicator. In addition the aircraft's compass was affected when lightning struck the bomber and at 0453, low on fuel and with the bomb load jettisoned F/O Gribbin executed the first successful night ditching of a Mosquito. Both sustained cuts and bruises and were indeed fortunate to be picked up by an American destroyer some 12 miles E of the Cherbourg Peninsular. Treated ashore at the 12th Field Hospital, Cherbourg [captured by Lieutenant-General J Lawton Collins VIIth US Corps on 26 June 1944] both were soon back at Woodhall Spa. F/O Gribbin gained his DFM, Gazetted 29 May 1942, while serving with 10 Squadron. Along with his Canadian navigator he survived the war.
[At First Sight - 627 Squadron History by Alan B Webb via Mark Haycock [12/09/08]

1944/355 156/PB114 GT-N

1944/362 463/ME615 Cr. 3 km S Rohrbach-les-Bitche

1944/363 576/LL905 Sgt W T Doidge pow

1944/365 97/NE121 see also OTU/219 re P/O Baker [Haslam 27/08/07]
1944/365 102/NA503 Note. Delete Lancaster. Insert Halifax

1944/366 100/LM585 HW-S

1944/367 514/LL716 WO2 W E Egri RCAF pow L7 574 F/O

1944/369 161/V9758 Delete V9758. Inset V9748

1944/370 617/JB139 P/O W N Wait
1944/370 425/LL594 Sgt G L Milliard RCAF pow L7 608 P/O
1944/370 166/ME806 Delete returning. Insert outbound

1944/373 75/HK567 F/O B C Baker RNZAF pow

1944/375 50/LM435 VN-E
1944/375 466/MZ368 Amend F/S G W V Luck RAAF to read F/S G W P Lusk RAAF [MI9 report via Oliver Clutton-Brock]

1944/376 12/JB716 PH-X
1944/376 640/NA563 Delete Belgian. Insert Dutchman who had married a Belgian girl in 1919. Family fled to UK via France May 1940 & 4 sons served; 2 RAF, 2 army

1944/379 102/LW195 F/S J M Beecroft RAAF

1944/380 619/ME855 0130 Moordorf 6 km W Aurich

1944/382 514/LM180 Cr. Bavegem

1944/384 169/NT173 Engine failure & cr. 2300 NE corner of Friesland

1944/385 428/KB749 Cr. Soesterberg airfield

1944/386 405/PB239 Insert after: F/O K D Kemp RCAF, F/L M B Calhoun DFC +

1944/387 576/LM133 Delete 2nd entry for: Sgt D H Laing RCAF

1944/388 630/PB244 Cr. Rouvray-Catillon

1944/390 239/DZ309 239 Sqn

1944/391 514/LL635 JI-M

1944/392 97/PB398 Uffz Egon Engling, 3./NJG2

1944/395 214/HB763 Uffz Egon Engling, 3./NJG2 0132 Ober-Ramstadt
1944/395 78/MZ311 Delete and Sgt McArdle

1944/398 83/PB292 Cr. Hagholt Farm 2 km W Vejle

1944/399 57/LM278 DX-L [see also updates log - PPCUs]

1944/401 61/PB436 Grunderupgard 14 km S Logstor

1944/403 12/PD273 PH-K

1944/404 101/LL757 Crew matrix, after F/S K Stephenson + insert Sgt H G Popper +.
Amend summary: T/o 2119 Ludford Magna with a crew of nine of which eight are buried in Helsingborg [Pålsjö] Municipal Cemetery and one, Sgt Heinz George Popper, the aircraft's Special Operator resting in Malmo Jewish Cemetery. Just 19 years of age and from Barking in Essex, this young Jewish flyer was serving under his real name and not an assumed one as was so often the case. [Mark Haycock 21/07/08]
1944/404 103/LM116 Cr. Karup, Denmark

1944/407 166/NE170 Sgt J M Comley evd WO208 3345 (-)89318

1944/408 109/ML985 Delete evd references. Add to summary: The Mosquito came down in Allied held territory. [Oliver Clutton-Brock 12/09/08]
1944/408 625/ME676 CF-F

1944/409 57/LM279 DX-T
1944/409 426/LW206 Delete Sawston. Insert Pampisford

1944/412 408/NP710 Delete P/O D A Burnell RCAF from the crew matrix [Alan Mawby 19/10/08]

1944/414 106/PB203 P/O G A Timothy pow Listed

1944/419 218/PD262 2245 Hptm Martin Becker, I./NJG6

1944/420 576/ME854 2253 Hptm Martin Becker, I./NJG6

1944/421 214/HB702 P/O R L Dodds +
1944/421 207/PD207 Delete PD207. Insert PD267
1944/421 61/PD434 QR-R

1944/428 90/LM169 Cr. Strijen Hoekse Waard 10 km SW Dordrecht

1944/429 102/MZ289 F/S Reader RAAF is on Runnymede but his grave is in Milsbeek War Cemetery

1944/430 106/PB298 ZN-B

1944/431 622/LM167 Sgt J A De Angelis

1944/432 31/LM718 Cr. 2115

1944/433 97/PA974 Sgt E Buchan should read Sgt F Buchan [Martin Brooke, 13/11/08]

1944/434 9/LL901 F/S L W Langley evd
1944/434 10/MZ574 F/S A G T Saunders +, F/S F P Mannion pow
1944/434 12/NG116 Cr. Aldkerk

1944/435 101/NF983 Delete NF983. Insert NF982

1944/436 156/PB177 GT-L

1944/438 463/LM587 JO-L

1944/439 627/KB366 Cr. Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof
1944/439 463/PB263 JO-T. Cr. Hoxel

1944/441 44/PB235 Lancaster III

1944/443 106/PD214 ZN-D

1944/447 462/LL604 F/O F Laird RAAF pow, Sgt K Buckley evd, in direct (summary)

1944/449 166/PD224 Hit by bombs from another Lancaster. Witnessed by 576/LM594 F/O (now G/C) C F Phripp RCAF a close friend of F/O McNeill RCAF

1944/451 625/LL956 CF-S

1944/456 186/NG176 Delete cr. location. Insert Mattexey (Meurtheet-Moselle) 16 km SSE Luneville

1944/457 622/LM283 F/S J C Strang pow

1944/459 625/PA174 CF-G

1944/460 463/NF977 F/S M R Staunton-Smith RAAF pow

1944/462 35/PB612 Amend as follows: Capt S J Hausvik DFC RNAF. Add to summary: Capt Hausvik's DFC was approved on 15 December 1944. [Distinguished Flying Cross and How it was Won, Nick and Carol Carter, London 1998, via Mark Haycock 30/07/08]

1944/463 49/PB519 EA-Q

1944/464 61/ND902 QR-R

1944/464 617/NF920 amend crew matrix and add Note:
Note. P/O McKie entered the Royal Air Force through the pre-war apprenticeship scheme arriving at Halton in 1938, where he trained as a fitter before re-mustering to aircrew in 1942. Washed out under the very strict flying discipline rules enforced by the Americans [dangerous flying while in Florida], Alex McKie went north to Canada where he successfully gained his navigator's brevet. After returning to England and further training he joined 106 Squadron,
gaining a DFM, Gazetted 15 August 1944, by which time he was well into his second tour, this time with 617 Squadron. On his return from Sweden he took part in two more operational sortie and following a post-war spell as 9 Squadron's navigation leader he left the service in May 1946. Alex McKie died on 1 August 2008, aged 86. [The Times obituary, September 23, 2008: added 28/09/08

1944/466 106/PB303 Cr. Halsteren 9 km WSW Roosendaal

1944/467 425/LW379 F/S J Federico RCAF pow

1944/469 227/PA171 Ju 88: this night-fighter shot down by Sgt Payne. DFM Gazetted 13 Feb 1945

1944/474 78/LK838 Cr. Margraten

1944/477 433/NP992 Sgt J S Bell pow

1944/478 463/NE133 Cr. Recke
1944/478 44/PB192 Sgt L W Bown pow L7 1226 Sgt

1944/480 619/LM742 Cr. Oldenzaal (Overijssel) Holland
1944/480 463/NG191 F/S E R L M Ameye +. Buried Brussels-Evere. Cr. Tecklenburg

1944/486 214/HB787 the four RNZAF (summary)
1944/486 156/PB609 GT-A
1944/486 207/NF979 see also OTU/263 re F/O Clark RNZAF

1944/490 460/NE141 Cr. 1923 in Aschaffenburg Stadtteil Dam near Nr 12 Steinbauerstrasse
1944/490 460/PB469 Cr. Eich-Pfungstadt, 10 km SSW centre Darmstadt

1944/495 427/LV945 Shipdham (summary)

1944/499 15/PA170 's Hertogenbosch (Noord-Brabant) Holland
1944/499 44/PB751 Sgt J O'Hagan pow, Sgt F G Danes pow

1944/501 619/LM751 Sgt J E Nicholaiff RCAF pow

1944/503 61/LL777 QR-S
1944/503 61/ME725 Cr. Ilschhausen
1944/503 57/NG199 Cr. Mornshausen
1944/503 57/PD264 Cr. Erdhausen
1944/503 207/PD322 Cr. 1 km SE Westerburg

1944/504 227/PB646 Cr. 800m N Altenkirchen

1944/505 635/ND703 perished lie (summary)

1944/511 10/LV818 Collided 432/NP699
1944/511 106/ND682 ZN-K
1944/511 51/NR248 Cr. Broekhuizen (Limburg) 14 km NNE Venlo

1944/512 432/NP699 Collided 10/LV818. F/O M Krakovsky RCAF not taken pow but returned to his unit
1944/512 434/NR118 Cr. Pesche

1944/513 50/LM656 Delete LM656. Insert LM676
1944/513 50/NG302 Cr. Goes (Zeeland)

1944/514 207/NG144 Delete Crashed ... submerged. Insert Brought down off the coast of Poland, crashing into the sea 100 metres off Holzkathen (now Smoldzínski Las), 33km NE of Stolp (Slupsk), at 2230. [Czarek Piotrowski/Errol Martyn 07/08/07] 

1944/515 207/LM671 before F/L Hahn insert Crashed into shallow water, the tail section breaking away, leaving the wings and fuselage partially submerged. [Haslam 27/08/07]
1944/515 227/PB723 Add: Over the target the aircraft is believed to have been hit by fire from the Marine Flak Battery, Gotenhafen garrison. It is possibly the aircraft which crashed into the sea during unsuccessful attempt at landing in the shallows of Zatoka Pucka (Puck Bay), at 0015. [Czarek Piotrowski quoting R Zbiegniewski 07/08/07]
1944/515 83/PB533 OL-Q

1944/516 463/PB688 JO-M

1944/518 582/PB371 F/S R K Yeulett RAAF pow

1944/520 408/NP781 F/O W H Dunwoodie RCAF pow, F/S J A Chiasson RCAF pow

1944/521 622/NF915 Sgt H McK Yeardley pow Listed
1944/521 35/PB366 Cr. Low Farm, Great Paxton

1944/524 170/PD206 TC-B

1944/526 166/ME647 Cr. Eygelshoven (Limburg)

1944/546 166 Sgt DR Summers [Oliver Clutton-Brock 19/07/08]
1944/546 432 add Sgt G Hand 3348 IS9/WEA/2/160/312 [Oliver Clutton-Brock, via Haslam 20/07/08]
1944/546 432 add Sgt RH Banks 3321 (-) 2136 [Haslam 20/07/08]

1944/546 300 F/S S Dunseith not JI Dunseath [Haslam 21/07/08]

1944/547 460 Sgt B Morgan [Diana Morgan 16/07/08]

1944/548 77 Delete: P/O C A Grimer, F/O M A Mason, F/S R E Johnson
1944/548 109 delete A'Court and Waterman [Oliver Clutton-Brock 12/09/08 - see 1944/408 109/ML985]

1944/549 432 Sgt RB Haxton (delete) [Haslam 20/07/08]
1944/549 432 Sgt G Hand (delete) [Haslam 20/07/08]

1944/550 582 W/O J Torrens

1944/565 460 F/O J McCleery RAAF L3 462. Delete: F/O F Land RAAF

1944/571 101 Sgt B Towsf