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* believed to correct previous detail

1943/017 97/R5738 Maj Werner Streib, I./NJG5

1943/022 101/W4321 Sgt E A O Campbell: see also OTU/164 re P/O Duffill RNZAF [Haslam 27/08/07]

1943/028 51/DT721 twixt Boekel

1943/029 460/W4817 Cr. corner of Freiheitstrasse & Ummerstrasse

1943/033 49/ED440 Maj Werner Streib, I./NJG5

1943/034 15/R9274 Cr. 2058

1943/036 305/Z1392 Cr. Oostermeer

1943/037 75/BK617 T/o 1807 & cr. 1943

1943/041 10/DT788 Oblt Manfred Meurer, I./NJG1

1943/042 158/DT694 Lt Johannes Hager, 6./NJG1
1943/042 196/HE169 2148 over North Sea & believed Oblt Paul Gildner
1943/042 149/W7638 Sgt J C Brigden pow [see also updates log - PPCUs]

1943/044 214/BF441 Add: F/O R G Campbell, Sgt W L Humphries, F/O W E Broadfield, Sgt J Williams, Sgt G E Weber, Sgt J B Wood, Sgt J A Fell

1943/045 15/BF378 Oblt Hans-Joachim Jabs, IV./NJG1

1943/052 426/Z1599 Oblt Manfred Meurer, I./NJG1

1943/054 35/W7877 Amend crew matrix and summary: F/S S L C Watts add AFM. Extend last sentence of summary .. April 1918; his AFM had been Gazetted on 1 January 1941. [Mark Haycock 30/07/08]

1943/060 158/DT505 Continue summary: 'F/S Wyllie was an experienced pilot and prior to joining Bomber Command he had flown operationally with Coastal Command. This was recognised in the citation to his DFM which was Gazetted on 11 June 1943. His service life had started before the war as a boy entrant and ended in retirement, in 1963, at which time he held the rank of Flight Lieutenant.' [Eddie Fell 22/09/08]

1943/066 49/ED431 Amend crew matrix and summary: F/S J H Prior add DFM. Extend last sentence of summary .. 18 May 1943, while F/S Prior's award was promulgated long after his disappearance, appearing in the London Gazette on 20 June 1944. [Mark Haycock 30/07/08]

1943/068 105/DZ460 Cr. Lindervlier at Den Ham

1943/072 7/W7617 Amendment: F/S R M Unwin + to read F/S R M Urwin + [John Reid 13/11/08]
1943/072 83/ED313 F/L N A J Mackie DFC evd

1943/075 102/JB836 Sgt V N Elkins +

1943/076 149/EF330 Hit a farmhouse: Joannes Wilhelmus Giezen (51) +, Wilhelmus Bernadus Giezen (17) +, Bernadus Reinerus Giezen (16) +
1943/076 199/HE519 EX-X

1943/077 425/BK340 Cr. 2158
1943/077 420/HE690 PT-U Amend summary, start of second sentence: Hit by flak as the Wellington reached the turning point to commence the home leg and, subsequently, crash-landed 2226. [Interrogation of Prisoner of War Report [Sgt Morris] dated 20 April 1945, via Richard Koval 6 Group web site 12/09/08]

1943/079 15/BK667 F/S J L Shiells
1943/079 109/DZ427 Cr. Baston Fen between Deeping & Spalding

1943/086 196/HE385 ZO-M

1943/088 149/BK715 F/S E M Lukey RNZAF
1943/088 460/ED391 F/O F J Falkenire RAAF pow

1943/093 57/W4252 S/L S N T Wallage +

1943/103 431/HE213 Sgt E A Odling pow

1943/108 425/HE733 new summary: T/o Dishforth using the Flight Commander's new aircraft. Maintained track, eventually passing between Karlsruhe and Mannheim and on to the target which was attacked at 0103. Approximately 10 minutes into the return flight the port engine caught fire. Sgt Dingman feathered the propeller and soon after the flames died out, though a steady decrease in altitude could not be avoided. After continuing on 1 engine for 15 minutes or so Sgt Dingman re-started the port motor but almost immediately the unit began to burn and the power was shut off. By 0200 the bomber was struggling along over northern France at 1,200 feet when the overworked starboard engine began to overheat. Realising that a crash-landing had become inevitable the pilot made a glide approach into a swamp some 6 to 7 kms S of St. Quentin, the crew escaping injury.' [Interrogation of Prisoner of War Report [P/O Garland] dated 9 May 1945, here summarised] [via Richard Koval 6 Group web site 12/09/08]

1943/108 431/HE374 Cr. Birmensdorf

1943/110 51/DT561 Lt Blohm, NJG2

1943/111 51/HR784 Summary to read : T/o 2042 Snaith and shot down by Hptm Hans-Karl Kamp of 7./NJG4 at 0436. According to a statement given by Gendarme Roger Viola to Allied investigators* the Halifax came down in flames and broke up into three sections, wreckage being spread over the communes of Eppeville and St-Sulpice [Somme], four bodies and a wounded airman [W/O Keirnan] being found immediately. On 18 and 22 April, two more bodies were located and arrangements were made for their burial but when the German authorities realised that the inhabitants of nearby Ham intended to make a sympathetic demonstration the bodies were instead taken a few kilometres south and laid to rest in Maucourt French National Cemetery. Gendarme Viola also stated that the wounded airman was treated by Dr. Auguste Puche of Ham who diagnosed a broken bone in the groin. W/O Keirnan, who had served with 51 Squadron earlier in the war and whose DFM had been Gazetted on 30 July 1940, was collected by the Germans and taken by ambulance for treatment, presumably at a local hospital. F/S Axtell's award was promulgated three days after his death.' [Credit : *F/L R F Sheppard 4 Section 1 MR & EU RAF Investigation Report dated 19 October 1946, via Major Jonathan R D Hipkins and A Shaky Do The Skoda Works Raid 16/17 April 1943 by Peter Wilson Cunliffe, Accycunliffes Publications, 2007.
Note. On page 75 of Luftwaffe Night Fighter Combat Claims 1939-1945 by John Foreman, Johannes Matthews and Simon Parry, Red Kite, 2004, Hptm Kamp claimed two bombers that night; a Wellington 4 km NE of Villiers at 0209 and a Halifax [HR784] at 0436 over Roye. Gendarme Viola noted the time as 0450. Major Jonathan RD Hipkins 15/07/08]

1943/112 76/JB870 Op: delete Plzen, insert Mannheim; delete 'near Roye [2nd line of summary] and amend sentence to read: 'Crashed 0215 at Goyencourt [Somme] to the NW of Roye where all' etc; add a final sentence: 'It is believed the Halifax, which was laden with incendiaries, was shot down by Lt Helmut Bergmann of Stab III./NJG4. [Peter Cunliffe 15/08/08]

1943/113 100/ED563 Cr. Rentrisch

1943/115 214/BK653 F/S J A Smith evd

1943/115 408/JB925 Amended summary to read : T/o 2104 Leeming and crashed at approximately 0305 into a wood between Bierfeld and Nonnweiler some 28 km SE of Trier. In a statement given to Allied authorities* early in 1947, the Chief of Police at Nonnweiler, Herr Jakob Mesenig, stated the destruction of the bomber was by a "fighter plane". He further indicated that seven bodies were found at the crash site while that of Sgt Kapuscinsky [sic] was discovered 24-hours later. All were buried in a collective grave in Bierfeld Friedhot by French prisoners of war. The map reference for the crash was given as K50/L438123. It is also reported in a letter from W/C W D S Ferris, the commanding officer of 408 Squadron, to the parents of F/L Hatle that their son had recently been appointed a Deputy Flight Commander. Since 1947, the remains of the crew have been exhumed and taken to Rheinberg War Cemetery. Sgt Tachantre was an American citizen from Thomasville, Georgia. [*2 MR&EU RAF Investigation Report dated 18 April 1947: via Major Jonathan R D Hipkins 15/07/08]

1943/116 431/HE379 Cr. Hochspeyer
1943/116 427/HE547 Cr. Kirf

1943/120 90/BF508 Sgt W T Leathley +

1943/123 51/HR787 Cr. Bahnhof Kottenforste at Bonn

1943/136 102/HR667 Lt Robert Denzel, NJG1 Memorial to crew dedicated 4 May 1998

1943/139 149/BK812 P/O K J Bettles

1943/142 156/ED837 F/S G A Williams RAAF pow

1943/144 426/HE905 Sgt D H Pennock pow, F/S D W Forland RCAF evd

1943/147 102/JB964 Sgt J A Coughlin RCAF pow

1943/149 429/LN439 Believed flak battery 4./371 at Randerath 7 km NE Geilenkirchen

1943/151 617/ED910 Delete Boselagerschen Wald. Insert Köhlinger Wald-Ostbusch

1943/154 10/DT789 Sgt Rees (summary)
1943/154 12/W4861 Cr. 0230
1943/154 12/W4861 Amend crew matrix and summary: Sgt K G Legg add MM. After 'established.' in the summary insert new sentence: Sgt Legg's award had been Gazetted in the 1941 New Year's Honours List. [Mark Haycock 30/07/08]

1943/157 166/HF486 F/L J G Eldridge DFC & Bar

1943/159 426/HE281 Cr. 0108

1943/161 51/HR853 Cr. Malden (Gelderland) 7 km S Nijmegen

1943/162 100/LM320 FZ-C

1943/175 15/BF571 Sgt A C Lake

1943/177 103/ED914 Lancaster III
1943/177 78/HR684 Add: Sgt L Booth pow 357 9641 W/O [see also updates log - PPCUs]

1943/180 431/HE392 Lt Heinz Grimm, IV./NJG1 Wreckage recovered 1991. 4 bodies identified over next 18 months. 16 June 1993, interred Bergen op Zoom War Cemetery. Cr. Schagen (Noord-Holland) [see also updates log - PPCUs]
1943/180 467/W4983 Sgt J H Donohoe RAAF +

1943/183 158/HR724 Sgt E R McConnell to read Sgt E R McCunnell [Family correspondence via John Reid 13/01/01]

1943/185 49/ED434 EA-T

1943/186 49/ED453 EA-G
1943/186 106/R5551 Cr. Terlet

1943/188 49/ED497 EA-C

1943/191 115/DS668 P/O C N Pitchford pow. Delete cr. location. Insert 0200 le Mesnil-en-Vallee (Maine-et-Loire) 34 km WSW Angers

1943/195 166/HE924 Four rest in, etc. Sgt Payne Runnymede
1943/195 158/HR735 amend crash detail to: crashed 0158 at Kaathoven, 2 km E Berlicum (Noord Brabant), Holland. [Chorley 08/07/08, see also updates log - PPCUs]

1943/196 408/BB375 into the Lek (summary)

1943/198 15/EF348 P/O D I Turner evd

1943/200 97/ED928 Cr. 0058 Kanaalstraat killing several Dutch civilians

1943/203 15/EH890 Sgt D J Martin RNZAF pow L1 322 W/O

1943/205 102/JD144 to Anterwerpen (summary)

1943/207 419/JD214 Cr. Indoornik, 3 km SE Wageningen

1943/208 51/JD261 F/O D G Howse +

1943/209 90/EH900 SE of Ahaus (summary)
1943/209 78/JB928 Maj Rolf Leuchs, NJG6

1943/210 106/R5572 ZN-M. Cr. 0345
1943/210 106/W4367 Cr. 0106 IJsselmeer

1943/211 115/DS663 Night-fighter 0210 Grez Neuville (Maine-et-Loire) 20 km NW Angers

1943/213 101/ED377 Cr. 0215 Angrie (Maine-et-Loire), 6 km ENE Cande

1943/217 620/BK724 Cr. 1637 Stansfield, 7 miles NW Sudbury
1943/217 620/EF394 Delete Sgt J Hargreaves. Delete both aircraft, etc. Insert Cr. 1637 near Chedburgh

1943/218 15/BF579 Delete Op: Köln. Insert Op: Gardening
1943/218 15/BK648 Delete 10 km NW Iserlohn. Insert below Troisdorf

1943/220 196/HE980 Cr. Averbode

1943/221 405/HR813 P/O R B Smith DFC pow L3 2087 F/L
1943/221 419/JD159 Delete in Schoonselhof, etc. Insert at Fort 3, Borsbeek on 8 July 1943

1943/222 432/HE630 Sgt G E Lewis RCAF +

1943/224 106/ED720 ZN-R

1943/225 50/ED475 VN-E

1943/227 12/LM328 Delete 12 Jul. Insert 12 Sqn

1943/228 100/EE183 add: Hit by flak and crash-landed in flames on German airfield near Brest while on return. Rear Gunner (Sgt Burton) wounded by flak in back, upper left arm and burns to face. Taken to Clichy hospital for 56 days; then to Dulag Luft and thence to Stalag IVb where held for 590 days. At one point he was transported in cattle truck with 50 others, wounds still unhealed.  Liberated by Russians 23 April 1945. [Peter Cunliffe from Australian archives, via Chorley 22/06/08]

1943/229 207/ED412 Delete Le Bouvenent. Insert le Bouveret, a village beside Lake Geneva [ref http://www.207squadron.rafinfo.org.uk/lebouveret/ Haslam 27/08/07]
1943/229 467/ED531 Cr. 0108 near Thyon

1943/230 115/DS660 0228 Hptm Hubert Rauh 3./NJG4
1943/230 90/EE873 0142 Hptm Heinrich-Franz Wohlers, II./NJG4*
1943/230 78/JD108 Cr. 0236
1943/230 102/JD297 0210 Oblt Rudolf Altendorf 2./NJG4, where he was the kapitain of the 2nd Staffel. [Peter Cunliffe 27/07/08 - see also updates log, PPCUs]

1943/231 405/HR905 0126 Hptm Hanz-Dieter Frank I./NJG1
1943/231 408/DT769 Sgt Domigan arrested St-Jean-de-Luz near French-Spanish border
1943/231 419/BB323 Oblt Heinz Strüning, 3./NJG1

1943/232 427/DK142 Sgt J H Brown RCAF evd
1943/232 428/DK228 0240 Hptm Wilhelm Herget I./NJG4

1943/233 61/EE190 F/L T A Stewart RNZAF

1943/234 161/DK119 Sgt R O Hunter RCAF evd

1943/244 620/EE906 Cr. on farmland belonging to Bekx family
1943/244 7/EF369 P/O G R Woodward. 12 Jul = 12 Sqn

1943/245 102/JB864 Sgt Thorne esc from captivity & reached Nijverdal in Holland S hidden by Resistance. Tried to reach Allied lines. Arrested & put on train to Germany. Jumped near Doetinchem and killed 2 February 1945

1943/251 460/ED535 In summary delete F/S Burcher and insert F/O O'Riordan RAAF

1943/252 75/EF915 Delete EF915. Insert EE915

1943/253 408/JD365 Sgt R A Denham pow 4B 222447 W/O. Repatriated October 1944

1943/254 10/DT792 F/L A L Fuller RAAF

1943/257 115/DS673 Believed Ofw Heitmann I./NJG3
1943/257 166/HE464 Cr. 0400

1943/259 51/HR783 Delete Training. Insert Air Test

1943/261 49/ED719 EA-K. Oblt Hans-Jörg Birkenstock Stab I./NJG6 & cr. Kaiserslautern-Erfenbach.
1943/261 102/JB782 Hptm Heinrich Wohlers, NJG6 & cr. Spesbach
1943/261 102/JD408 P/O J Burdon +. Oblt Johannes Engels I./NJG6 & cr. Vollmersbach

1943/262 49/ED625 EA-R

1943/263 78/JD151 Delete Sgt L J Richards USAAF [USSAF], insert S/S R L Barghr USAAF [Gaham Day AHB 24/01/09]

1943/264 115/DS665 Cr. East Hall Farm, Chart Sutton, 6 miles SE from Maidstone, Kent
1943/264 158/NR721 Delete NR721. Insert HR721

1943/266 138/BB334 WO1 R A Scott RCAF

1943/271 49/ED805 EA-S
1943/271 49/JA691 EA-L

1943/273 139/DZ379 Fw Werner Hakenjos JG300
1943/273 103/ED725 Oblt Gerhard Raht, II./NJG3

1943/276 619/EE117 Oblt Hans Meissner, II./NJG3

1943/279 103/W4323 Sgt Wheeler was aboard ED767 damaged by blast & repaired

1943/283 97/ED950 S/L Forrest & S/L Parrott were Staff Officers from Headquarters 8 Group

1943/284 100/LM333 Delete Lagebericht. Insert De Fransman. Cr. near restaurant De Fransman at Bergen

1943/285 149/BK765 Sgt J Branford evd

1943/288 460/ED421 Sqn Lancaster III

1943/292 158/JD298 0104 Oblt Helmut Bergmann NJG4

1943/296 78/JD409 Schoonselhof (summary)

1943/298 432/JA118 Add: F/S J Jensky RCAF +

1943/300 51/HR931 Cr. Doeberitz

1943/301 78/JD328 Sgt M J Bovaconti RCAF +
1943/301 78/JD377 F/S C Rowland RNZAF pow

1943/302 97/JA916 T/o 2037 Oakington as Bourn runways undergoing repairs
1943/302 102/JN909 F/S R L Collins RCAF pow 4B 222679 F/S

1943/303 158/HR937 replace summary: T/o 2029 Lissett and shortly after clearing the target area, and while P/O Cole was carrying out the post bombing checks, the Halifax was attacked from below by a night fighter. The opening burst of fire wrecked the starboard inner and the second burst knocked out the aircraft's intercom system. Four bailed out very quickly. P/O Cole [who momentarily lost consciousness, and both his flying boots] landed in the garden of a forester's cottage. Burying his parachute in a cabbage patch, he managed to cross several fields before resting beneath a rail bridge where he was discovered some hours later by an armed member of the Volkssturm accompanied by his alsatian. Meanwhile, S/L Elliott [B Flight commander] regained partial control but was obliged to bale out when the bomber was hit for the third time, crashing near Görzke. F/L Gorton, the Squadron's Gunnery Leader [he had succeeded F/L Dean shot down over Düsseldorf on 11-12 June 1943; see page 178] and Sgt Thacker are buried in Berlin at the city's 1939-1945 War Cemetery.' [F/L Arthur Cole 22/09/08]

1943/311 10/JD322 Cr. Waldsee

1943/313 78/LW229 Cr. Kaiserslautern

1943/315 419/JD410 Cr. Esthal

1943/316 76/EB250 F/S L H Ellis-Gittins
1943/316 10/JD166 Delete Kaufbeuren. Insert Leeder, 16 km ENE of Kaufbeuren

1943/317 77/DT793 Sgt E Fedi RCAF. I am advised Sgt Fedi RCAF was only 16 years of age

1943/320 49/ED448 EA-M

1943/324 10/HR924 F/S A L Fuller RAAF

1943/325 90/MZ262 Delete Breckley. Insert Brockley. Delete F/S Duffy died from his wounds. Cr. Brockley Green

1943/326 102/HX154 Sgt R Maund +

1943/329 57/DV201 Cr. Kansbrunnerhof
1943/329 49/ED702 EA-D

1943/330 75/EH935 see also OTU/190 re Sgt Hoey [Haslam 27/08/07]

1943/331 100/EH883 Sgt N E Nathanson RCAF pow 357 565 Sgt
1943/331 97/JA708 F/L R A Fletcher DFM pow

1943/332 428/EB207 Cr. 2240 between Kötterichen & Uersfeld

1943/336 90/EF952 see also OTU/190 re Sgt Sharp RNZAF [Haslam 27/08/07]

1943/337 106/ED372 106 Sqn should read 166 Sqn

1943/339 434/LK917 delete IP-X, insert WL-X [Dick Easener 15/08/08]
1943/339 434/LK917 delete IP-R, insert WL-R [Dick Easener 15/08/08]
1943/339 434/LK648 delete IP-F, insert WL-F. Add Note: A Danish website http://www.flensted.eu.com/ indicates that the Halifax ditched [as opposed to crashing in the sea as I have indicated] and that the two airmen buried in Esjberg were found in their dinghy [presumably having died from exposure] by Danish fishermen and brought ashore. [Dick Easener and Danish website 15/08/08]

1943/340 620/EH945 crew matrix: Sgt F R Reed make Sgt F E Reed
Add to summary: Sgt Reed died in captivity on 9 December 1944. The circumstances are not reported and with no known grave his name appears on panel 221 at the Runnymede Memorial. He is also remembered on the 38 Group Roll of Honour. [Bryce Gomersall and Mark Haycock 17/08/08]

1943/345 76/LK904 Cr. between Morshausen & Kirchhof

1943/347 218/EH984 Cr. Köln-Höhenuaus

1943/348 100/ED583 Crew matrix : Enter as pilot F/O* T H Morgan DFC USAAF +.
For Sgt W E J Giles add DFM.
Delete first line of summary. Insert: 'T/o 1205 Grimsby tasked to test the outer starboard engine and to gain as much height as possible. At approximately 1250 the bomber broke up in the air over North Thoresby, 7 miles'. Continue with remainder of summary and after 'no air gunners.' add 'F/O Morgan was taken for burial in Cambridge American Cemetery. The remainder of the crew rest in various cemeteries within the United Kingdom, having been claimed by their next of kin.' [Shaun McGuire 23/07/08]
Note: F/O Morgan is recorded on RoH/292. *He was a Flight Officer in the USAAF.

1943/350 428/LK931 F/S J Harkins RCAF evd

1943/358 49/JB411 EA-L

1943/368 166/EE196 Amend crew matrix and summary: amend M/S J W Walton to DFM PH USAAF. Extend last sentence of summary ', his DFM is reported on p521 of Ian Tavender's indispensable DFM register.' [Mark Haycock 30/07/08]

1943/369 427/LK959 Cr. Ostayen

1943/371 467/DV226 P/O J E Cox Believed to be: 2Lt J E Cox USAAF + whose headstone is in US Cemetery, Madingley, near Cambridge
1943/371 139/DZ593 Flak battery 5./381. Cr. Lechenich
1943/371 75/EF142 Sgt E H Bissett inj
1943/371 466/Halifax DT554 should read DT559: via Roy Bell 9/10/21

1943/372 49/ED438 EA-R
1943/372 10/HR921 F/O A A H J N A Duchesnay, Sgt G W Fernyhough, Sgt D H Smith RAAF

1943/373 57/W4822 1Lt D West DFC USAAF Continue summary: 1Lt West's award had been approved on 14 October 1943. [The Distinguished Flying Cross and How it Was Won 1918-1995, Nick & Carol Carter via Mark Haycock, 19/10/08]

1943/377 35/HR929 amend Armstrong to Armitage [John Place via Alan Mawby 07/01/09]

1943/378 139/ML908 Cr. Monchy-Breton in the Pas-de-Calais

1943/379 57/JB315 Add: Sgt Wilde inj, Sgt Skeets-Piggin RAAF inj, Sgt Drake inj, Sgt Lowe inj, Sgt Muir inj. Cr. Southfield Farm at Mavis Enderby, 2-3 miles W Spilsby airfield. Sgt Wilde reported to have died from his injuries. Delete footnote to summary

1943/384 97/JB367 F/S C J Billows evd

1943/393 622/EF150 Cr. Kerstenhausen 8 km SSW Fritzlar

1943/396 426/LL629 near Malton (summary)

1943/402 90/EF511 P/O A A Lange RAAF inj, Sgt T H Turner inj, F/S W A Porth RCAF inj, F/S W J Tait RNZAF inj

1943/406 467/DV337 Delete 467 Sqn. Insert 463 Sqn. DV337 JO-N
1943/406 550/LM379 four lie in (summary)

1943/411 156/JA697 GT-V

1943/415 51/HR732 P/O A J Salvage +

1943/417 431/LK968 Cr. Celle-Hufstedt

1943/426 218/MZ263 F/O T Brind inj

1943/429 138/BB364 Sgt H G Williams +, Sgt J N Polland +

1943/430 9/ED700 nearly four hours (summary)

1943/459 9 F/S J F Merchant DFM RCAF
1943/459 35 Sgt J H Barry RCAF

1943/460 97 F/O F T Williams DFM
1943/460 101 Sgt J N Sparkes 3315 (-)1446
1943/460 138 WO1 R A Scott RCAF

1943/461 30 Sgt B C Reeves
1943/461 428 Sgt N W Lee
1943/461 431 WO1 R A Jones RCAF
1943/461 617 P/O R G Kellow DFM RAAF, F/O E C Johnson DFC RAAF

1943/466 51 Add: F/L T Nelson 4B 222751

1943/469 77 Sgt P L Jeffrey

1943/474 158 Sgt E R McConnell to read Sgt E R McCunnell [Family correspondence via John Reid 13/01/01]