VOLUME 3 1942
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1942/010 Delete Still. Insert Stil

1942/014 78/Z6656 Delete 15000 and Woogill Moor. Insert 1500 and Great Haw

1942/015 405/W5589 Delete Shrenshall. Insert Shrensall

1942/017 207/L7322 Cr. 0750 I./Abt 364
1942/017 458/R1785 Cr. 0723 I./Abt 364

1942/018 82/V6440 Delete Soesterburg. Insert Soesterberg. Add Res. Flak Abt./155

1942/020 103/R1395 Cr. Parnewinkel, 10 km SSE Bremervörde
1942/020 82/V6378 Delete Soesterburg. Insert Schiphol

1942/021 408/AE393 Cr. Howgill Scar roughly a mile SE Dalefoot Farm
1942/021 106/P1341 Delete Esbjerg. Insert Nordenskov 12 km ENE Varde

1942/022 7/N6120 Delete Soesterburg. Insert Soesterberg
1942/022 405/Z8329 S/L W B Keddy DFC
1942/022 51/Z9301 Cr. 2145 off Terschelling

1942/024 408/AD782 Sgt A B Wright
1942/024 455/AT119 Delete Schlochteren. Insert Slochteren

1942/025 149/W7458 OJ-J
1942/025 78/Z9305 Sgt R W Dobson. Buried St. Andrew Churchyard, Fenwick, Yorkshire

1942/026 106/AT121 ZN-A
1942/026 106/AT122 Article in respect of Sgt D E Hodgkinson published Evening Standard 30 Nov 1995
1942/026 106/X3058 Sgt R W A Biddlecombe, Sgt F W Baker

1942/028 144/AE359 Delete first sentence. Insert Ditched off Jersey. Add after Churchyard, France
1942/028 300/Z1282 On 22 May 1993
1942/028 12/Z8491 PH-F

1942/029 50/AE306 Ofw Detlef Lüth, 4./JG1
1942/029 61/R5834 Cr. near The Grange, Langley 6 miles SE Norwich

1942/030 144/AE141 Sgt E I Nightingale DFM, Sgt Sparkes, Sgt Ward, Sgt L G Hewlett, Sgt Cole

1942/033 49/AE397 P/O R A P Allsebrook
1942/033 49/AT112 Sgt J W Minchin killed in action 617 Sqn 16-17 May 1943 flying in ED927 AJ-E

1942/034 460/Z1327 UV-W
1942/034 77/Z9229 Sgt J W A Giffin RCAF
1942/034 77/Z9231 Sgt W Powell

1942/035 150/R1463 Delete cr. detail. Insert 0330 Asterby Top Farm Goulceby, 7 miles SW Louth Lincolnshire
1942/035 107/W8319 Sgt T F P Poole

1942/036 12/W5440 Cr. Eckernförde Bucht off Surendorf, 18 km NNW Kiel

1942/037 305/W5423 exploded at Jejsing, 6 km E Tonder

1942/038 75/X3355 Sgt H W Woodham RNZAF
1942/038 77/Z9280 Ann Whittham invited to Driesum 1986 to receive her father's wedding ring found at cr. site

1942/041 311/Z1167 Cr. 2120 Oblt Paul Gildner IV./NJG1 20 km NW Terschelling

1942/042 15/N3673 LS-D

1942/044 304/R1602 304 Sqn Wellington IC R1602 Damaged beyond repair. New entry: 10 Mar 1942
1942/044 12/W5442 Cr. 2204
1942/044 138/Z9125 NF-K

1942/047 83/L7423 Sgt J P Dowds escaped from captivity. Cr. 2244 Oblt Reinhold Knacke, I./NJG1 Broekhuizenvorst (Limburg) 15 km N Venlo
1942/047 35/R9440 TL-L
1942/047 77/Z6975 Add Sgt N S Smith +
1942/047 78/Z9389 Sgt Davies died 15 March

1942/048 88/AL718 Delete 11 August 1942. Insert 28-29 July 1942
1942/048 97/L7570 Delete starboard wing tip. Insert trailing aerial
1942/048 57/X3599 Add Sgt P H Morey +, Sgt L R Williams RAAF +

1942/050 Note. Delete 6./NJG2. Insert IV./NJG1

1942/051 106/L7390 Delete Konswerderzand and 6./NJG2. Insert Kornwerderzand and IV./NJG1
1942/051 107/W8388 Delete Hampshire. Insert Sussex

1942/052 142/Z1283 Cr. Keilerstrasse Oberlohberg Wald NE Dinslaken

1942/053 301/R1590 Oblt Egmont Prinz zur Lippe Weissenfeld, II./NJG1 2315 Duin en Kruitberg S IJmuiden. Sgt Pietrow PAF Jonkerbos
1942/053 300/Z1269 Oblt Egmont Prinz zur Lippe Weissenfeld, II./NJG1 off de Kooy

1942/054 138/T4166 Delete Still. Insert Stil

1942/055 83/R5781 Add Sgt J E Burcher +

1942/056 142/Z1203 Cr. 0346 Mijdrecht, 19 km SSW Amsterdam

1942/057 10/W1043 Amend summary: T/o 1846 Lossiemouth forward base as part of a force of 34 Halifaxes drawn from No. 4 Group squadrons. Reported down in Hemnefjord roughly 90 km W of Trondheim. S/L Webster's body was found near the lighthouse at Terningen and is now buried in Trondheim [Stavne] Cemetery. His crew are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. [ http://www.archieraf.co.uk dedicated to the loss of this Halifax, via Linzee Druce 12/09/08]

1942/057 10/W1044 Amend summary: T/o 1852 Lossiemouth forward base similarly tasked. Reported down in the same area as recorded above. Three bodies, those of P/O Day, Sgt Richards and Sgt May were taken from the water and buried on 4 April 1942, in the churchyard at Heim which overlooks the fjord. In 1946, the area was investigated by a unit of the Missing Research & Enquiry Service and, subsequently, the graves were opened and their remains taken to Stavne Cemetery. Their four colleagues are perpetuated at the Runnymede Memorial. [ http://www.archieraf.co.uk dedicated to the loss of this Halifax, via Linzee Druce 12/09/08]

1942/057 35/R9496 Delete TL-H and replace with TL-L. Amend summary: 'T/o Kinloss forward base similarly tasked. Crashed on the northern side of Trondheimfjord close to Vikan. F/S Archibald, Sgt McLaren and Sgt Francis rest in Trondheim's Stavne Cemetery, while the panels at Runnymede commemorate the names of their colleagues. [ http://www.archieraf.co.uk dedicated to the loss of this Halifax, via Linzee Druce 12/09/08]

1942/057 35/R9438 Cr. Fitful Head, 8 miles SSW Lerwick. Article published The Shetland Times 30 June 1995

1942/058 107/AL264 Delete all after 500 feet

1942/059 214/Z1156 Insert after Rhine near Firma Giulini

1942/060 405/Z8527 Cr. Marly-le-Roi Memorial dedicated 11 November 1994

1942/061 304/X9764 Cr. 0228

1942/063 49/AE421 Cr. 2258

1942/066 49/AT196 Sgt W J Marshall
1942/066 7/N3679 Add Sgt B A Iverson, Sgt F E Booth, P/O G R Wood, Sgt E D Williams, F/S J Hankin

1942/069 144/AT110 Sgt J A Hutshison

1942/070 420/AT219 Delete Sgt A J Keith. Insert Sgt K A Johnson

1942/072 44/R5510 Sgt F S Kirke DFM RNZAF. Add After promotion to W/O Sgt Kirke received DFC; first New Zealand airman to receive both awards

1942/074 138/V9976 Operation Whiskey

1942/075 9/X3638 Delete Wispen. Insert Nispen
1942/075 75/X3667 AA-D

1942/077 107/AL286 Sgt R E Neathway. Add I./Abt 364 at 0939

1942/078 77/Z9386 Sgt H Durnan. Died in captivity 22 April 1945

1942/080 10/W1037 Delete summary and replace with: T/o 2032 Lossiemouth forward base, one of 31 Halifaxes and a dozen Lancasters heading for Trondheimfjord. Ditched in the target area. Sgt Annable and Sgt Stott are commemorated on panels 77 and 94 respectively at Runnymede. [http://www.archieraf.co.uk dedicated to the loss of this Halifax, via Linzee Druce 12/09/08]

1942/081 35/W1020 Delete summary and replace with: T/o 2035 Kinloss forward base similarly tasked. While flying in the direction of Sweden and about a dozen kilometres from the Tirpitz, smashed into the side of a hill near Boras Farm in the Skjelstadmark area. All now rest in Trondheim [Stavne] Cemetery. A memorial to the crew has been erected near the crash site. [http://www.archieraf.co.uk dedicated to the loss of this Halifax, via Linzee Druce 12/09/08]

1942/081 35/W1048 Amend crew matrix: P/O D P MacIntyre RCAF
Amend start of summary to read: T/o 2030 Kinloss forward base similarly tasked
Note. A correction notified in the past reporting the death of P/O MacIntyre in 1947 should be deleted. Add Note; P/O MacIntyre RCAF [later S/L] who enlisted at Saint John, New Brunswick on 7 October 1940, and was commissioned the following year, was subsequently decorated with the DFC, Gazetted 4 August 1942. Following service in North Africa, where he flew Liberators with 160 Squadron, he was honoured with an American DFC, effective 13 March 1943. He remained in the Middle East and gained a Mention in Despatches, Gazetted 14 January 1944, for his exploits with 178 Squadron [Halifax/Liberator]. Post war and in recognition of his flying skills as an instructor, principally with 5 OTU, he was awarded an AFC, Gazetted 14 August 1945. I am indebted to Linzee Druce for supplying copious notes pertaining to these awards which are noted here, less their citations. [also http://www.archieraf.co.uk dedicated to the loss of this Halifax, via Linzee Druce 12/09/08: see also updates log, PPCUs]

1942/081 27OTU/Z8901 -V

1942/083 18/Z7436 Delete Vlissigen. Insert Vlissingen
1942/083 35/W1053 Delete and replace with: T/o 2035 Kinloss forward base, a raid of 23 Halifaxes and 11 Lancasters continuing attempts to sink the Tirpitz. Crashed between two farms identified as Elverum and Sormo near Lake Movatnet, Markabygda, which lies SSW of Levanger, Norway. Sgt Russell is buried in Stavne Cemetery at Trondheim. In 2003 Sgt John Morrision returned to the scene of the crash site as a special guest for the unveiling of a memorial commemorating the event which cost the life of his colleague over 60 years previous. [http://www.archieraf.co.uk dedicated to the loss of this Halifax, by Linzee Druce, to whom I am also indebted for the amended summaries in respect of W1043, W1044, R9496, W1037, W1020, W1048]
1942/083 35/W7656 Amend start of summary to read: T/o 2037 Kinloss forward base similarly tasked [Chorley 12/09/08]

1942/085 305/Z8645 Insert after Walshford N of Wetherby

1942/086 97/R5553 F/O D J H Maltby
1942/086 97/R5553 Crew matrix to read:
F/O D J H Maltby
F/S G W Lancey RCAF
Sgt M R H Smith
Sgt H Rouse
Sgt E N Grimwood
F/S H Legace
Sgt L W Humphrey RCAF

Add to summary: A year later, F/O Maltby, now with 617 Squadron, participated in the Dams raid, gaining an immediate DSO to go with the DFC that he gained with 97 Squadron. Tragically, F/O Maltby, by then a squadron leader, was killed on operations 15 September 1943 [see BCL Volume 4 page 320]. Of his crew, Sgt Grimwood was lost on 26 July 1942 [see page 160]. [Breaking the Dams - The Story of Dambuster David Maltby and His Crew, Charles Foster, Pen & Sword Aviation, 2008 via Mark Haycock 13/11/08]

1942/087 7/N3710 Delete F/O W J Kennedy RAAF
1942/087 97/R5553 97 Sqn Lancaster I R5553 OF-S Cr. Woodhall Spa. New entry: 5 May 1942
1942/087 103/X9816 Sgt G McC Gavin

1942/089 115/X3466 Sgt E Callander (twice)

1942/090 420/AE389 Cr. Kalifornien, 20 km NE Kiel

1942/092 408/AE297 Cr. Rovershagen, 11 km NE Kiel

1942/095 15/W7523 Sgt D W Lewis

1942/096 35/W1101 Cr. Heuchelheim

1942/098 161/V9595 MA-V

1942/099 218/W7535 Amendment: Sgt R Armstrong + to read Sgt F Armstrong + [John Reid, 13/11/08]
1942/099 460/Z1388 Sgt B G P L Balleine RAAF

1942/102 9/BJ674 Oblt Frank Hans-Dieter Frank I./NJG1
1942/102 10/W1042 Hptm Wolfgang Thimmig III./NJG1*
1942/102 12/Z8376 Lt Alois Lechner, III./NJG2

1942/103 14OTU/L4173 F/L W L Cameron RCAF, Sgt J E Sheridan, RAAF
1942/103 15OTU/R1791 Cr. 0246 Lt Niklas 6./NJG1
1942/103 15OTU/W5586 Cr. 0215 Oblt Reinhold Knacke 3./NJG1 Esloo, Belgium*

1942/104 22OTU/DV707 Lt Helmut Niklas, 6./NJG1
1942/104 22OTU/DV843 Oblt Wilhelm Beier, I./NJG1*
1942/104 25OTU/L7802 Cr. Julianastraat at Esloo (Limburg) 5 km SW Geleen
1942/104 22OTU/R1235 Oblt Rolf Bockmeyer, 5./NJG1 Cr. Kalenberg, 4 km NE Kall
1942/104 26OTU/W5704 Hptm Werner Streib, I./NJG1*

1942/105 26OTU/DV740 Oblt Horst Patuschka, 4./NJG2*
1942/105 49/L7290 Oblt Walter Barte, 4./NJG1
1942/105 61/R5561 Lt Heinz Strüning, 7./NJG2
1942/105 57/X3387 Delete Berner's Heath. Insert Lakenheath

1942/106 106/L7301 Oblt Prinz Heinrich zu Sayn Wittgenstein, III./NJG2
1942/106 106/L7456 Oblt Loos, I./NJG1
1942/106 109/Z1113 ZP-U Cr. 0050 Lt Brinkhaus
1942/106 115/Z1614 Oblt Walter Barte, 4./NJG1

1942/107 156/DV715 Oblt Emil Wolsterdorf, III./NJG1
1942/107 156/X3598 Oblt Wilhelm Beier, I./NJG1
1942/107 158/Z8577 Oblt Wilhelm Beier, I./NJG1*

1942/108 1652CU/L9605 Oblt Reinhold Knacke, 3./NJG1
1942/108 218/W7502 Insert at line 3 Sgt E J White +
1942/108 1502Flt/X9307 Cr. 0114
1942/108 1502Flt/Z9307 Hptm Werner Streib, I./NJG1

1942/110 16OTU/DV763 Cr. 0234 Hptm Walter Ehle of II./NJG1
1942/110 23OTU/R1266 All Uden War Cemetery
1942/110 12OTU/X3203 Sgt H Crossland RCAF +
1942/110 23OTU/Z8867 T/o 2255 Stradishall. Cr. Heer SE suburbs Maastricht

1942/111 26OTU/HX375 Cr. 0130 Antwerpen
1942/111 78/W1143 Delete Haringvllet. Insert Haringvliet

1942/114 15/N3728 Delete Ofw Paul Gildner. Insert Oblt Reinhold Knacke I./NJG1 at 0310
1942/114 61/R5613 QR-B
1942/114 61/R5613 QR-H
1942/114 1652CU/R9372 Cr. dunes Velsen, 1 km N IJmuiden

1942/115 156/DV786 Cr. 0241 Hptm Eckart-Wilhelm von Bonin, II./NJG1

1942/118 44/R5516 Maj Günter Radusch, NJG1

1942/120 7/W7471 Insert line 3 Sgt S J McNamara pow
1942/120 301/Z1467 Delete Stootdorp. Insert Slootdorp

1942/121 301/R1390 Delete Borkum. Insert Nordeney

1942/122 35/W1021 Cr. 0238 Hptm Eckart-Wilhelm von Bonin, II./NJG1 Diegem, NE suburbs Brussels
1942/122 405/W1145 Sgt G A A Witherick
1942/122 35/W7699 Ofw Paul Gildner, II./NJG2
1942/122 18/Z7283 Add Sgt G B Crawford inj. Delete crash detail [see also updates log - PPCUs]
1942/122 18/Z7283 delete all previous corrections and insert:
8-9 Jun 1942 18 Sqn Blenheim IV Z7283 Training
Sgt J K Jones +
Sgt H Dawson +
Sgt G B Crawford inj
Mr John Ayto +
Mrs Annie Sophia Ayto +
T/o Wattisham for a night exercise which, Derek Bales reports, involved elements of the 70th Suffolk Regiment. Shortly after midnight one of the Blenheim's engines began to misfire and Sgt Jones ordered his crew to bale out but as the aircraft had descended to below a thousand feet Sgt Dawson said he would rather risk forced-landing. However, Sgt Crawford complied and jumped from the stricken bomber at 750 feet, landing in a tree from where he was rescued suffering from shock and a sprained left ankle. Meanwhile, at approximately 0015 the Blenheim crashed into a cottage at Hough-on-the-Hill, 5 miles N of Grantham, killing the occupants Mr and Mrs Ayto; both are buried in West Kesteven Rural District Cemetery. Sgt Jones was taken home to Wales and laid to rest in Dolbenmaen [Bethel] Cemetery while 32 year old Sgt Dawson's funeral was held at Hull's Northern Cemetery, their bodies having initially being recovered to RAF Spitalgate (or Spittlegate). Sadly, Sgt Crawford, who had joined 18 Squadron on 6 May 1942, was killed in a flying accident on 18 July 1942. [Derek Bales 09/08/08]

1942/123 103/DV773 Fw Spille, I./NJG1
1942/123 149/N6084 T/o 2335

1942/124 460/Z1412 Sgt D D Hurditch RAAF, Sgt E F Maher RAAF, Sgt C M Campbell RAAF. Cr. 0215 Oblt Leopold Fellerer II./NJG2 Sint Maartensvlotbrug

1942/126 102/R9530 Delete three. Insert two. Sgt Perriam no known grave

1942/127 101/X3669 Sgt W R Payne pow
1942/127 300/Z1215 F/O Lech PAF Westerschelling General Cemetery

1942/129 76/W1114 Sgt D S Smith DFM

1942/130 161/Z9224 MA-P

1942/131 214/DJ973 Sgt R B Appleby may have survived
1942/131 76/W7661 Delete Sgt F R Mason. Insert Sgt F R Magson

1942/132 11OTU/R1078 Sgt F G Barber RNZAF
1942/132 11OTU/X3213 Sgt C T R Matthewman

1942/133 13/T2254 Delete -A. Insert OO-I. Amend summary: after 'T/o 2350 Wattisham' continue 'and crash-landed 0239 in a field near Aartselaar [Antwerpen] some 9 km SSW from the port of Antwerp. It is presumed the Blenheim had been hit by flak and in the ensuing crash-landing the bomber exploded. The crew now rest in Schoonselhof Cemetery.'
Note: I am indebted to Walter Lindekens for this correction. He has conducted an extensive investigation over several years into the loss of this aircraft, and adds that the Missing Research & Enquiry Unit report establishes both cause and time of the crash. Although the Blenheim came down in an area covered by the village of Wilrijk, the actual crash site lies closer to Aartselaar. [Walter Lindekens 28/07/08]
1942/133 12OTU/DV951 Sgt A P Read. Cr. 0058 Oblt Herbert Lütje III./NJG1 Wietmarschen

1942/134 18OTU/T2612 Hptm Helmut Lent, II./NJG2

1942/135 23OTU/X9875 Sgt T W Jory
1942/135 24OTU/Z9441 Cr. Geversdorf, 4 km NNE Cadenberge

1942/136 76/W7747 Sgt H Dronfield +

1942/137 156/BJ594 Sgt H E Young St. Pancras Cemetery
1942/137 301/Z1479 Delete target area. Insert Waaxens (Friesland) 17 km N Leeuwarden

1942/141 150/BJ666 S/L B J Hooper DFC Cr. Surhuisterveen (Friesland) 9 km NNE Drachten
1942/141 61/R5615 QR-H
1942/141 156/Z1619 Sgt N T Owen

1942/143 75/X3539 Oblt Egmont Prinz zur Lippe Weissenfeld, II./NJG1
1942/143 75/Z1616 Sgt J G Quin

1942/144 105/DK298 Cr. Sonnebull, 2 km ENE Bredstedt
1942/144 405/W1113 F/S P P A Oneson RCAF
1942/144 405/W7715 Delete Bimolte. Insert Borgermoor, 8 km SE Papenburg

1942/146 301/Z1314 Sgt S Kedzierski PAF +. Hptm Helmut Lent, II./NJG2 Borger (Drenthe) 17 km SE Assen
1942/146 460/Z1470 Cr. IJsselmeer near Urk

1942/149 420/AE390 F/S J A Thomson RCAF

1942/150 18/V6071 Delete Amsterdam Bos. Insert Amsterdamse Bos
1942/150 35/W1154 Amend crew matrix to read:
F/S R F Casey RCAF +
Sgt J C Williams +
Sgt W A Elliot
Sgt P McG Jackson
Sgt J H Janes
Sgt R F MacDonald
P/O D R Alexander

Add a note to the summary: Note. For the five survivors bombing operations would, for the majority, continue to take their toll. Sgt Elliot became a prisoner of war [see page 171] and he was followed into captivity by Sgt Jackson, Sgt MacDonald and P/O Alexander [see Volume 4 1943, page 192]. All must have been nearing the end of their tour of PFF duty, Sgt Jackson having been commissioned and awarded a DFC, Gazetted 11 June 1943. Sgt Janes seems to have come through the campaign relatively unscathed. [Eddie Fell 22/09/08]

1942/151 105/W4069 Cr. near Jever

#1942/152 18/Z7304 Cr. Stoke Holy Cross Radar Station near Poringland. Add to note, plaque arranged by Derek Bales

#1942/152 18/Z7304: T/o Wattisham and at approximately 1500 hours flew into a pylon at Poringland Radar Station roughly 4 miles SE of Norwich. Mr Tagg, a meteorologist, had accompanied the crew for air experience. All rest in various cemeteries across the United Kingdom. Sgt Crawford had parachuted as recently as 9 June 1942 [see 1942/122 18/Z7283]. Born and educated at Redruth Cornwall he is believed to have participated in the recent Thousand Bomber raid on Cologne. [Derek Bales 02/08/08]

1942/156 149/W7580 Uffz Oloff
1942/156 12/Z8502 PH-F Hptm Gerhard Friedrich III./NJGl

1942/157 15/W7576 Oblt Reinhold Knacke, I./NJG1

1942/160 115/BJ615 Cr. 0239 Hptm Helmust Lent II./NJG2 Target area
1942/160 115/BJ670 Flak Ditched off Heligoland. Sgt Clerides became Prime Minister Greek Cypriots [see also updates log - PPCUs]
1942/160 115/X3412 Ditched off German coast. Crew 3 days in dinghy

1942/161 115/BJ723 Ditched 0300
1942/161 142/Z1319 Cr. Horst, 7 km NNW Elmshorn

1942/162 420/AE202 Cr. Sankt Peter, 30 km WSW Tonning

1942/164 16OTU/R1450 Sgt T H Cray RNZAF. Delete interned. Insert Interred
1942/164 75/X3452 Ditched River Eider SW Tönning
1942/164 75/X3558 Amend W/O G E Shove RNZAF + to read W/O G E Shone RNZAF + [Errol Martyn 07/01/09]

1942/165 75/X3664 Sgt R H Brisco RNZAF

1942/167 408/AT113 Cdt K R Couzin-Wood

1942/168 150/BJ881 Delete All. Insert Four. Add Sgt Yorke buried Vlissingen Northern Cemetery

1942/169 16OTU/DV736 F/S E H Vickers RAAF
1942/169 14OTU/P1185 Cr. Leffinge

1942/170 18/V6432 WV-J Cr. 0015 Hptm Werner Streib, I./NJG1 Kevelaer
1942/170 25OTU/DV439 PP-D
1942/170 21OTU/X9983 Sgt D Riley pow

1942/171 25OTU/DV560 PP-X

1942/173 114/R3813 Cr. Lache House, Lache Lane

1942/174 419/X3360 F/S W J Macaulay RCAF Cr. Bedburg. Delete 9 km NW Duisburg

1942/175 207/R5550 Sgt H Curson
1942/175 12/Z8585 Delete Sgt C W Warren

1942/176 150/BJ608 Delete Amelo. Insert Almelo
1942/176 76/W1106 Amend serial to W1016: F/S Porter RCAF delete Sage insert Kiel
1942/176 405/W7709 Sgt W A Hill RCAF

1942/177 15/N3756 F/S W A D McCausland RCAF, Sgt P Busby, Sgt F W Nixon RCAF, Sgt R D Tree, Sgt T A Mills

1942/179 156/X3798 F/S Weaver RCAF escaped from captivity

1942/180 150/BJ588 P/O McCreavy died 20 August

1942/184 106/R5678 Add Sgt S Topham +

1942/186 76/V9992 Sgt S Downing

1942/188 7/W7616 F/S W N Shumsky RCAF
1942/188 15/W7525 Insert as pilot: F/S F J Levesque RCAF + Ely Cemetery
1942/188 102/W1238 amend summary: Line 2 after "Llanfaredd" add "close to Gellicadwgan Farm" [Phillip Jones 28/09/08]

1942/189 7/BF336 Sgt J C Cooley
1942/189 61/R5662 QR-A

1942/190 106/R5684 ZN-P P/O Rosenberg Oostende New Communal Cemetery Four Westduin General Cemetery

1942/191 101/BJ831 150 Sqn

1942/193 103/W1270 Delete Burrserveen/Haasksberge. Insert Buurserveen/Haaksbergen

1942/195 218/R9160 In last sentence delete Sgt Medhurst was, and insert both were buried

1942/196 35/W7676 Delete off Koewacht (Zeeland) Holland

1942/198 103/BB214 amend summary: T/o 2037 Elsham Wolds and shot down 0010 local time by a night fighter operating from Mendig Airfield, the Halifax coming down in the Laacher See WNW from Koblenz and above the town of Mendig. (then continue with remainder of summary) [Georg Zimmermann 16/09/08]

1942/199 156/X3728 Insert after (Brabant) 17 km NNE Brussels

1942/200 408/AT228 see also OTU/135 re F/O Lyons [Haslam 27/08/07]
1942/200 161/V9597 MA-V S/L W G Lockhart evd

1942/202 142/Z1466 Ofw Bruno Eikmeier, I./NJG1 Echt (Limburg) 14 km SW Roermond
1942/202 405/BB216 add Note. At St. Columba's Church in Topcliffe village is a small plaque placed beneath one of the eastern windows and inscribed, "THIS WINDOW AND THE NORTH WEST WINDOW HAVE BEEN RENEWED IN MEMORY OF SGT HAROLD STONE, REAR GUNNER, AND FELLOW MEMBERS OF HIS CREW KILLED IN ACTION 2 SEPT 1942". The plaque has been carved by a renowed local craftsman, namely Mousey Thompson. Furthermore, on 2 September 2004, in Langham Road, Mumby on the A52 10 miles north of Skegness, a memorial stone commemorating the crew was unveiled. The well attended dedication service included representatives from the local community, who funded the memorial, relatives of the crew [some crossing the Atlantic from Canada], plus an RAF and RCAF presence. [David Thompson 19/10/08]

1942/203 61/R5682 Delete Eerniewoude. Insert Eernewoude

1942/204 150/Z1671 P/O V W Parry +

1942/206 460/Z1323 460 Sqn Wellington IV Z1323 UV-S Op: Duisburg. Hit by flak. Cr. landed Ford airfield. New entry: 6-7 Sep 1942
1942/206 103/W1219 Cr. Tegelen (Limburg) 4 km SSW Venlo

1942/208 10OTU/BD193 All killed except for Sgt Willcocks; Sgt A J Adams +, Sgt I L Wethered +, Sgt J Sweeney +, Sgt F H Bayly +

1942/209 11OTU/DV930 Sgt T F Munro RNZAF, Sgt J F Stanley RNZAF Both Ipswich Cemetery
1942/209 16OTU/T2606 Ofw Heinz Strüning Bleiswijksepolder

1942/210 26OTU/DV867 Ofw Fritz Schellwatt NJG1

1942/212 405/BB212 Repaired. Delete entry

1942/215 156/BJ600 Delete Vechte. Insert Vecht
1942/215 29OTU/R1459 P/O J L Munro RNZAF, Sgt P E Pigeon RCAF

1942/217 10OTU/P4931 Cr. North Sea, 30 km Domburg (Zeeland) Holland

1942/218 23OTU/X3799 Delete Reichswald. Forest. Insert Rheinberg
1942/218 22OTU/Z1084 Add His father was Lt Geoffrey J O Brichta attached 15 Sqn RFC killed in action 16 March 1917

1942/221 156/X3822 Sgt A J Duke, Sgt W S G Belton. Two awards made; BEM to Sgt Couchman and DFM to Sgt Belton

1942/222 106/R5869 P/O G W M Harrison +, Sgt H Male +, Sgt S C Garrett +

1942/223 10/R9383 Sgt H C McDougall. Died 20 September
1942/223 15/W7578 LS-A
1942/223 35/W7657 Memorial placed at crash site 19 September 1992

1942/224 161/Z6940 MA-S

1942/225 226/AL743 amendment to crew matrix and summary: P/O H J Milford delete + and insert MiD pow.
Summary: add P/O Milford, whose date of death is reported as 6 April 1944, is buried in the Old Garrison Cemetery at Poznan, a victim of the Great Escape. [Mark Haycock 30/07/08]
1942/225 226/AL743 further amendment: In addition to being commemorated at Poznan Old Garrison Cemetery, HJ Milford's name (he was a F/L at the time of his murder) is honoured in the former school building in Elm Park, site of the now defunct Strand Grammar School, Tulse Hill, London, where Old Strandians that died in the service of their country are named. [Ian Yulle, Old Strandian 08/01/09]
1942/225 425/BJ695 KW-P

1942/227 61/R5679 QR-O
1942/227 61/R5724 QR-F

1942/230 61/R5703 QR-D. S/L G E Weston DFC

1942/231 218/W7613 Transfer Note to page 235 and to follow summary BF322
1942/231 218/N3763 Delete from summary "Berlin and the 1939-1945 War Cemetery." and replace with "Hamburg Cemetery." [John Reid 19/10/08]
1942/231 405/W7710 Delete Liehuus. Insert Niehuus

1942/232 10/W1116 Sgt H G Clerke

1942/233 149/R9167 Oblt Hans-Dieter Frank, I./NJGl
1942/233 419/BK269 VR-J
1942/233 35/W1047 Me 110 Werke Nr 3198, Lt Gerhard Jeke, Adjutant I./NJG4

1942/234 142/BK281 P/O G H Edgett RCAF

1942/235 156/BK203 Sgt W E A Chiddick

1942/237 150/BK311 W/O E H Herbert MID
1942/237 419/BK335 Sgt H d'Aperng RCAF
1942/237 105/DZ341 Uffz Kirchner 5./JG1 Oudenrijn (Utrecht) 1 km WSW Utrecht

1942/238 50/R5902 Cr. Lübeck Bay off Travemunde

1942/239 156/BJ775 Sgt G A Kidder RCAF. Commissioned to F/L. Executed by Gestapo circa 29 March 1944
1942/239 214/BK599 Sgt J G Cameron RCAF

1942/241 106/W4302 Cr. Menden

1942/242 214/R9146 F/S R G Brasnett RCAF
1942/242 150/X3552 Add: P/O F Maxfield +

1942/243 115/BK312 2140 flak & cr. sea off Juist. F/S Mollard RCAF is commemorated
1942/243 15/R9312 Sgt A J Tanner RNZAF

1942/247 138/P5029 Add Crew rescued by Royal Navy

1942/248 102/DT512 W/C S B Bintley DSO AFC
1942/248 149/W7628 Amend P/O F K Randall to read F/O F K Randall: Delete 0300 and insert 0215.
Continue summary: Aware that the crew were in difficulties, a local searchlight battery switched on its lights directing the beams towards nearby marshes, but to no avail. At least two cottages bore the brunt of the impact; Miss Delia Batchelor woke to find pieces from her bedroom ceiling on her bed and was then shocked to discover that the outside wall of the room had disappeared. Already, local inhabitants were trying to help but for Mrs Lilian May McPherson, just 21 and the mother of a two-month old baby girl, Diana, it was already too late. Taken from what was left of 3 Rye Street Cottages, to an army medical facility at Cooling Castle she was pronounced dead soon after being admitted. Miraculously, her little girl was found in an alcove, still in her crib, and completely unscathed. Both Canadians were taken to Brookwood Military Cemetery, as was Sgt Blake, their four companions being claimed by their next of kin.
Note. As at 2008, plans are afoot to place a memorial to the crew and Mrs McPherson in Cliffe churchyard. [Medway Messenger via John Reid, 13/11/08]
1942/248 158/W7862 P/O W H Thomas RCAF

1942/249 50/R5691 Sgt J T Philpot RAAF
1942/249 207/W4121 Delete two. Insert three
1942/249 57/W4251 All Ravenna War Cemetery

1942/250 218/R9241 F/S F R Higgott RNZAF, P/O W McN Thompson RCAF, Sgt L Nockels

1942/251 150/X3957 F/O W A Cranz RAAF (twice). Amend summary to read: All are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial

1942/253 18/BA818 Sgt T J McCloud

1942/254 83/R5670 Sgt E W Macdonald RCAF
1942/254 83/R5673 Sgt P Hayward

1942/257 408/DG238 Delete Durham. Insert Yorkshire
1942/257 7/N3764 Sgt J H Lovesey

1942/259 425/BJ764 Sgt J E R Laporte RCAF inj. Died 12 November
1942/259 150/X3310 Cr. 2300 Oblt Ludwig Backer IV./NJG1 Bornwird (Friesland). Wreckage found November 1951

1942/260 425/BJ846 KW-E

1942/261 427/BK276 ZL-O
1942/261 101/W4236 Delete serial. Insert W4326

1942/262 142/BK278 P/O J G Stower. Executed by Gestapo circa 31 March 1944
1942/262 35/DT488 Delete entry. Aircraft repaired

1942/263 150/BK538 Sgt J H N Lisson

1942/264 10/DT572 F/S W N Hogg RCAF
1942/264 49/W4107 Hit by flak and four baled out; subsequently, forced landed in a field on Sark, Channel Islands

1942/265 207/R5694 S/L R J Hannan DFC
1942/265 161/Z6629 Sgt C R Kenzie (twice)

1942/266 75/BF399 Sgt R H J Broady RNZAF, F/S R J McWilliam RCAF, Sgt C T Rogers (twice)
1942/266 214/R9194 Sgt C Penna evd

1942/267 10/W7871 Add F/S A Brewer

1942/269 107/AL737 Ofw Ernst Heesen, 5./JG1
1942/269 115/BK338 Cr. Monzernheim 14 km NW Worms
1942/269 107/Z2252 Uffz Kirchner, 5./JG1

1942/270 487/AE701 Claimed by Fw Ratshofer 5./JG1
1942/270 226/Z2266 Delete Scheveingen. Insert Scheveningen

1942/271 61/R5859 QR-G. P/O H S Glinz RCAF killed in action 16-17 May 1943 with 617 Sqn

1942/272 61/R5864 QR-X Add: G/C A Walker inj - lost arm, Sgt Crocker inj - lost foot, AC1 Thwaite inj - died three days later

1942/274 21/AE759 Sgt R W Dickson RAAF
1942/274 7/BF379 Sgt R W McGraw RCAF
1942/274 24OTU/ED388 Delete Senenenches. Insert Senoches
1942/274 57/W4250 Sgt T N MacLeod Cr. 0245

1942/277 138/DT542 AC1 S E Kelly +, F/L L A Vaughan DSO DFC. DFC gained during World War I
1942/277 138/L9618 F/O L Anderle DFC +, P/O V Krcha +, W/O V Penek +, Sgt F Vanicek +, Sgt J Tesar +, Sgt M Rozprym +, F/S B Hajek +, Cpl R E Chandler +
1942/277 75/R9245 Sgt E W Harvey RNZAF, Sgt E J Burbridge
1942/277 138/W1002 Delete Unknown. Insert Transit F/L J K Sutton Forced-landed Fez; believed no casualties/injuries

1942/278 50/W4266 VN-N

1942/281 105/DZ378 105 Sqn Mosquito IV DZ378 Op: Delmenhorst S/L R W Reynolds, F/O E B Sismore. Cr. landed base; repairs discontinued. To 13 OTU as 3509M. New entry: 20 Dec 1942.
1942/281 305/Z1393 SM-W

1942/283 156/BJ589 Hptm Werner Streib, I./NJG1

1942/285 106/R5914 Delete Roeslare. Insert Roeselare
1942/285 97/R5548 OF-A Elizabeth. Named by Her Majesty

1942/286 83/W4799 P/O L T Jackson RCAF

1942/288 35 Halifax II 33
1942/288 97 Lancaster I 22 7
1942/288 105 Mosquito IV 30
1942/288 304 Wellington IC 9 1
1942/288 405 Halifax II 29
1942/288 460 Wellington IV 30
1942/288 Note. Adjust totals accordingly

1942/293 98 Foulsham, Norfolk 15 Oct 42

1942/294 78 Croft, Yorkshire

1942/295 419 Croft, Yorkshire
1942/295 427 Croft, Yorkshire
1942/295 431 Burn, Yorkshire

1942/299 78 Croft, Yorkshire

1942/301 83 Sgt J P Dowds 3315 (G)1421

1942/302 214 Sgt C Penna 3313 (-)1190

1942/303 7 W/O S J McNamara 357 513
1942/303 7 WO2 R W McGraw RCAF L7 140

1942/307 77 W/O H Durnan

1942/308 106 W/O R L Dotrice

1942/312 460 F/L D D Hurditch RAAF

1942/316 91 Delete R3748. Insert R3597

1942/317 16 Delete Sgt Watkins. Insert Sgt Watkiss
1942/317 30 Delete T4130. Insert T4140
1942/317 109 Delete Sgt H J McLean. Insert Sgt H J MacLean

1942/318 156 Delete Z0154. Insert Z9154