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1941/012 301/T2518 Sgt K Sawicz PAF

1941/014 49/L4045 P/O H F P Newhouse
1941/014 9/R1244 Mizerieux
1941/014 114/T1858 Shot down by Fw Rudi Mickel of 1./JG1
1941/014 149/T2807 Sgt G F Plummery

1941/016 144/P4359 PL-S
1941/016 304/R1014 Sgt J A Cymborski PAF
1941/016 12/W5365 Delete Note. Add to crew: Sgt Watkins inj, F/S H W Gill inj, F/S Gill collapsed and died while attending a commemorative service at the crash site on 8 February 1994

1941/020 49/AD719 EA-C

1941/021 83/AD722 Sgt G Targett inj, DFM Gazetted 18 April 1941

1941/024 218/R1009 Sgt J G Stanley died 3 March

1941/025 105/T1895 GB-X

1941/027 144/AD720 Sgt D Laing

1941/030 /T4140 Sgt F G Malim [see also updates log - PPCUs]
1941/030 102/T4326 Noord Deurningen

1941/031 214/N2746 BU-M Ofw Paul Gildner IV./NJG1

1941/032 149/R1159 Peaseland Green, Norfolk
1941/032 83/X3132 Sgt W A Millar

1941/033 301/L7874 GR-S: Sgt K Lenczowski PAF +, P/O J Korzeinski PAF +, Sgt B Chrzanowski PAF +
1941/033 105/T1892 GB-Q
1941/033 18/T2038 P/O R Daniel RNZAF
1941/033 49/X3054 Sgt R L A Ellis

1941/034 9/R1335 I./NJG1. Cr. Heusden
1941/034 40/R1766 P/O P Billyeald, Sgt D F Youlden inj, P/O C S Gill inj, Sgt A E Varnsverry inj, Sgt J W Crook inj
1941/034 105/Z5903 GB-D

1941/035 78/L6470 S/L(A) Hoad MID RN
1941/035 207/L7303 EM-P

1941/036 77/Z6583 P/O G M Bussy

1941/037 83/AD748 F/L R P C Thompson

1941/038 207/L7302 Delete near Hamburg. Insert at Hostrup, 14 km SSE Flensburg
1941/038 51/T4298 Cr. Thumby, 9 km SSW Kappeln

1941/039 99/R1440 Ofw Paul Gildner, IV./NJG1

1941/041 304/R1212 F/O R Christman PAF, Sgt T Aranowski PAF, Sgt J F Jarosz PAF
1941/041 110/R3905 Sgt D C Staples

1941/042 149/K1439 Cr. Kiel-Holtenau
1941/042 35/L9493 Sgt W Lashbrook
1941/042 9/N2745 Sgt G J Mavor RCAF
1941/042 10/Z6557 Cr. SE Papenburg

1941/043 50/AD730 Cr. Black Hill, Lachen. Memorial at crash site
1941/043 40/R1331 Sgt A MacAskill, Sgt K Jenner RNZAF, Sgt H T Bagnall RNZAF, Sgt C D Noble RCAF [Haslam 27/08/07]
1941/043 44/X2999 F/S J E Sneeston

1941/044 311/R1599 Sgt R Lifczicz

1941/045 18/T2232 P/O P T-R Cook
1941/045 105/V6318 GB-B. Delete Domberg. Insert Domburg
1941/045 106/X2986 Cr. Hürth-Berrenrath

1941/046 83/AD796 Delete Eddelak 6 km NNW. Insert Averlak 6 km N
1941/046 105/V6370 GB-T

1941/047 50/AD834 Loudeac
1941/047 105/V5823 GB-G
1941/047 82/V6256 Cpl H E Hollis

1941/049 7/N6012 MG-D. Sgt K F Wilkinson should read Sgt K F Wilson

1941/050 44/AD864 P/O H U H Tripp. Cr. River Elbe between Blankenese & Cranz

1941/051 110/R3600 Crashed in the sea

1941/052 304/R1443 Sgt L Hampel PAF
1941/052 83/X3062 Cr. 2330 Ufzz Koster, 1./NJG2

1941/053 214/R1226 Oblt Egmont Prinz zur Lippe Weissenfeld, IV./NJG1
1941/053 305/R1322 P/O M Socharski PAF

1941/056 7/N6010: Insert DFM after F/O Mackay in the crew matrix and add to summary: F/O Mackay had served previously with 75 Sqn, his DFM having been Gazetted on 13 September 1940. [Mark Haycock 30/07/08]
1941/056 10/P5048 Cr. Platenhörn. All buried Kiel War Cemetery
1941/056 15/N3654 Delete Hoodwoud. Insert Hoogwout
1941/056 102/T4146 DY-J
1941/056 115/R1379 After Tönning insert cr. close by at Grünlaus

1941/057 144/AD900 Delete Enkhuisen. Insert Enkhuizen
1941/057 40/R1330 Cr. Südarstapel 19 km NNE Heide
1941/057 214/R1462 Cr. Friedrichsgabe-Norderstedt
1941/057 82/V5997 Forced-landed target area

1941/058 103/R1494 T/o 2245
1941/058 105/T2118 GB-E. Sgt E E F Snutch

1941/059 83/AD898 AC2 J Metcalfe
1941/059 105/T1826 Sgt G D P Quinn
1941/059 218/W5448 Sgt G L M Bayly
1941/059 77/Z6578 KN-P

1941/060 49/AD729 Sgt G A Hadaway
1941/060 304/R1392 NZ-N. Sgt S Jozefiak PAF inj

1941/062 139/R3903 XD- Cr. 2006 Uffz Heinrich Nöcker, 3./JG1
1941/062 105/V6316 GB-S
1941/062 139/Z5744 Cr. 2008 Uffz Heinrich Nöcker, 3./JG1

1941/063 40/R1323 Sgt Rofe escaped from captivity
1941/063 9/T2620 Sgt J C Partington

1941/064 99/P9281 Uffz Macke, 1./NJG1
1941/064 305/R1017 Oxford T1334. Delete from footnote Lawton, and insert Newton
1941/064 300/W5666 Sgt Z J Chowanski PAF +, and commemorated on the Northolt Memorial

1941/065 301/R1348 F/O Voelnagel PAF

1941/066 44/AE129 Sgt J G T Dickson
1941/066 105/V6319 GB-F
1941/066 102/Z6510 DY-H

1941/067 405/W5522 Sgt W F Macgregor

1941/068 301/R1365 Sgt M Manasiak PAF
1941/068 305/R1696 SM-P Sgt E Olonyn PAF, F/O K Zerebecki PAF and amend to read Enkhuizen

1941/069 44/AD904 Sgt J O'N Walshe. All Lincoln (Newport) Cemetery
1941/069 105/V6336 GB-H
1941/069 51/Z6563 North Sea 8 km W Den Helder

1941/070 207/L7314 EM-Y
1941/070 207/L7310 S/L C J F Kydd DSO DFC. Delete Pillar

1941/073 301/R1026 Delete Sgt Sulgut PAF. Insert Sgt M Grzymski PAF inj. Add survivors rescued by Mr and Mrs Broadberry of Roe Wood Farm. Both awarded the BEM [Haslam 27/08/07]
1941/073 57/R1608 Sgt R Straughan. Delete Believed crashed. Insert Cr. in the Dobersdorfer See, 11 km E Kiel
1941/073 311/T2990 Nieuwe Niedorp
1941/073 305/W5723 Sgt S Witczak PAF

1941/074 49/AD788 Delete in the target area. Insert Cr. between Ipernstedt & Ostenfeld
1941/074 61/L7304 P/O L T Glover
1941/074 97/L7374 Three at Kiel; Sgt McKenzie RNZAF at Hamburg Cemetery

1941/075 10/P5016 Cr. Klein-Hansdorf, 3 km SW Bargteheide
1941/075 12/W5391 Sgt H V T Helmore

1941/076 102/Z6572 DY-L
1941/076 77/Z6647 Cr. Dollern

1941/077 15/N6015 P/O R C S Renshaw
1941/077 50/X3133 Delete 0255 Oblt Eckart. Insert 0153 Lt Altendorf

1941/078 78/Z6664 Delete all ref to F/S Hird
1941/078 115/W5459 Altenwerder

1941/079 102/T4233 12 km SSE
1941/079 102/T4233 Insert DFM after Sgt D Sills and add to summary: Sgt Sills completed at least 24 operational sorties and his richly deserved award was Gazetted on 28 July 1942. [Mark Haycock 30/07/08]
1941/079 21/V6396 Flak near Hochdom bridge spanning Kaiser-Wilhelm Kanal

1941/080 106/AD862 P/O B D Campbell RCAF. I./NJGI Eben-Emael (Liège) 19 km NNE Liege
1941/080 226/V6085 Merville
1941/080 226/Z7440 Merville

1941/081 102/P5014 Hptm Werner Streib, I./NJGI
1941/081 99/T2984 LN-B
1941/081 102/T4330 DY-C

1941/082 301/R1492 F/O W Butkiewicz PAF. Delete Sgt Z Hzikowski PAF. Insert Sgt Z R Idzikowski PAF
1941/082 105/Z7426 GB-B
1941/082 105/Z7486 GB-M

1941/083 49/AD739 6-7 Jul Brest
1941/083 49/AD856 5-6 Jul Osnabrück
1941/083 106/AD914 Cr. 0115 Oblt Heinrich Griese I./NJG1 at Heeze, 10 km SE of Eindhoven
1941/083 106/AD986 Sgt S Linley
1941/083 10/Z6793 Cr. 0056

1941/084 105/V5502 GB-U

1941/085 77/Z6799 F/L C R McL Petley

1941/089 40/R1770 Cr. probably just inside Germany and NE of the Dutch village of Barger-Compascuum
1941/089 77/Z6743 Sgt A Eaves

1941/090 50/AE226 Sgt K J Lord
1941/090 300/R1184 Sgt J Artymiuk PAF Cr. 0240

1941/091 /N6033 Sgt B K Madgwick [see also updates log - PPCUs]

1941/091 214/R1613 Delete Note. Brookstreek is on the road between Quakenbrück and Essen-Oldenburg. Sgt Kent died on 2 August 1941
1941/091 149/T2737 Ditched North Sea. Crew rescued 7 days later by HE 115 floatplane

1941/092 57/N2784 Sgt H W Hardy
1941/092 304/R1002 Sgt Paszkiewicz PAF
1941/092 57/R1624 Crashed 0131 alongside the Hamont to Bree (Limburg) road, Belgium
1941/092 305/W5726 Sgt A Burak PAF

1941/093 50/AD844 P/O R G Mitchell RCAF
1941/093 40/X9630 Sgt O I Platt RCAF
1941/093 150/R1495 P/O E Bethridge-Topp. Amend to P/O E B Topp and see OTU/035 [Haslam 27/08/07]

1941/094 301/N2840 borrowed by 305 Squadron
1941/094 15/N6018 Sgt L O Orchard, Sgt S N Symondson, P/O J R Bushell DFM
1941/094 311/R1718 Sgt G Jaroslav Nyc

1941/095 311/R1804 KX-D
1941/095 105/V6039 GB-Q
1941/095 105/Z7439 GB-H. Delete Den Hagg. Insert Den Haag

1941/096 /Z8788 Crashed Snaaskerke

1941/099 15/N6038 Summary amendment: T/o Wyton to attack the Scharnhorst. Believed damaged by enemy action and initially reported down in the sea 50 miles off Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire. Subsequently, this proved incorrect and it is now known that the Stirling was lost in the North Sea. Six of the crew are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial while P/O Lewis RNZAF now rests in Kiel War Cemetery, his body having been exhumed from Nebel Friedhof on the German Frisian Island of Amrum. Commissioned in March 1941, P/O Lewis had joined 15 Squadron in 1940, and had flown at least 26 sorties; 3 in Blenheims and a dozen in Wellingtons. [Errol Martyn and John Reid, 13/11/08]
1941/099 21/V6035 P/O P B Ashby
1941/099 50/AD843 The bodies recovered were those of Sgt Evans and Sgt Watt; their companions are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial

1941/102 61/AE189 QR-G
1941/102 7/N6035 Ouddorp (Zuid Holland)
1941/102 103/R1397 Delete Brest. Insert Emden
1941/102 301/T2576 F/O K Bernasinski PAF inj
1941/102 405/W5581 off Tregantle Fort Whitsand Bay
1941/102 304/X9620 F/O Rzepa PAF is buried

1941/103 83/AD835 Cr. 2355 near the Reddingsweg on Schiermonnikoog

1941/105 139/V6176 Sgt D G Dennis-Smither

1941/106 61/AE266 Amend crew matrix, add a Note.:
F/S H Scott
Note. F/S Scott had joined the Royal Air Force as an aircraft apprentice, training at Halton as an engine fitter. Posted on graduation in 1936, to 83 Squadron, he was successful in April 1939 in his application for observer training. On completion of his course he found himself in France flying in 150 Squadron Battles. Despite the carnage inflicted on the AASF, Sgt Scott [as he then was] and his crew came through unscathed. In April 1941, he joined 61 Squadron and on recovery from the injuries received in the crash, summarised above, he went on to complete his second tour. Following the briefest of rests he joined 109 Squadron in October 1942, thus becoming one of the pioneers in the skill of operating OBOE. His enthusiasm was such that he remained operational for the next two years. Invalided from the service in January 1948, S/L Harry Scott DFC and First Bar died in his 90th year on 25 September 2007. [Obituary Daily Telegraph 22 Oct 2007, added 28/09/08]

1941/106 99/T2957 LN-A Crashed Kemzeke
1941/106 150/W5719 Add Sgt E Tilley RCAF inj

1941/107 7/N3663 MG-H

1941/108 218/X9747 Salhouse
1941/108 51/Z6803 Add Sgt D W E Creedy +

1941/109 77/Z6740 Add Sgt H J McLean +
1941/109 77/Z6826 Sgt A D Day

1941/111 97/AE303 Cr. 0559
1941/111 15/N3658 Lt Loos I./NJG1
1941/111 300/X9676 F/L W H Cichowski PAF

1941/112 301/T2625 Sgt J Gacon PAF
1941/112 61/X3127 Delete Believed crashed. Insert Cr. Lindau, 11 km SW Kappeln

1941/113 139/V6261 F/L G A Herbert RNZAF
1941/113 18/V6437 Uffz Zick, 2./JG1
1941/113 226/Z7280 Delete Kiel, Insert Sage

1941/114 226/V5859 Philippine (Zeeland) Holland
1941/114 226/Z7352 Cr. 1320 Uffz Friedrich Wachsmuth, 2./JG1

1941/118 150/R1016 Crashed in the IJsselmeer W of Workum
1941/118 150/R1394 Sgt A P Perry-Keene

1941/119 10/Z6805 ZA-G Cr. Oeding

1941/120 97/L7384 Sgt H Currie MID inj, Sgt A G Smith RNZAF pow
1941/120 104/W5532 Sgt J W Nowlan
1941/120 78/Z6577 EY-E Hptm Werner Streib of I./NJG1
1941/120 58/Z6729 Delete Diacomessen. Insert Diakonessen
1941/120 78/Z6754 Oblt Hans-Dieter Frank of I./NJGl

1941/121 106/AE134 Delete Meijl Insert Meijel

1941/122 51/Z6569 Sgt J L Ives RCAF evd. He was killed on 28 April 1945 while flying Dakotas on 271 Squadron
1941/122 51/Z6811 P/O F W Shorrock RCAF pow

1941/123 300/R1641 Sgt H Glücklich PAF
1941/123 218/W5457 Cr. Arzfeld, 18 km SW Prüm

1941/124 106/AE220 P/O J P Erly DFC RCAF
1941/124 35/L9572 Crashed Grosage

1941/125 83/AE223 Sgt E W J Clarke
1941/125 50/AE320 Cr. Pellingen, 9 km S Trier
1941/125 7/N6020 Sgt G Nicholson
1941/125 7/N6020 Sgt G Nicholson should read Sgt G Nicolson [John Reid 19/10/08]
1941/125 40/T2514 Cr. Sievenicher Hof 3 km NW Trier

1941/126 144/AE265 Forced-landed 0555
1941/126 106/AE302 Sgt K F Runcorn

1941/127 21/V5825 Delete 1445
1941/127 21/V6436 Delete 1447
1941/127 21/Z7435 Delete 1446

1941/128 44/AD917 Sgt E A Windsor inj
1941/128 226/Z7289 Delete 1430
1941/128 226/Z7299 Delete 1450
1941/128 21/Z7447 Delete 1446
1941/128 Delete existing Note and insert Squadrons took off during the early afternoon but were recalled. The raid eventually got under way circa 1730 and those aircraft that were lost over/off the coast of Holland crashed between 1955 and 2025 Dutch time.

1941/131 49/AD971 Cr. 2014
1941/131 7/W7438 Sgt Child was also a Canadian serving with the RAF

1941/133 44/AD726 Delete both are, etc. Insert separate cemeteries. Oostduinkerke; Sgt Taylor RCAF rests in Adegem Canadian War Cemetery

1941/134 99/R1411 Sgt A F B Brodribb

1941/135 44/AD913 Sgt J Stevens
1941/135 40/R1030 Sgt A C S Delgado. Delete P/O Robertson rests. Insert Sgt Robertson rests. See also OTU/053 re P/O Fitch [Haslam 27/08/07]
1941/135 40/X9669 P/O M Baker RAAF

1941/137 214/R1717 Sgt J C Brakeman RCAF
1941/137 104/W5435 Delete Frankfurt. Insert Brest. P/O R A A Doherty, P/O P Dawson, Sgt Boyce, Sgt Williams, Sgt Hegan, Sgt Williams
1941/137 218/X9810 Sgt Purcell was later awarded the BEM for rescuing S/L Gibbes

1941/138 75/X9767 Sgt P S D Johnston
1941/138 10/Z6932 P/O R S Austin RNZAF

1941/139 78/Z6881 see also OTU/062 re Sgt Carman RNZAF [Haslam 27/08/07]
1941/139 78/Z6864 All inj Sgt T B Miller RCAF was decorated with the GM for rescuing two of the crew
1941/139 7/N6046 MG-Y. Delete night-fighter. Insert flak

1941/140 9/Z8845 Sgt W B Lowe

1941/141 144/AD936 Cr. 0500
1941/141 106/AE299 Cr. Schwartenbek 10 km NW Kiel
1941/141 58/Z6836 Sgt J H Smyth

1941/142 90/AN525 delete Polebrook and insert Kinloss advanced base [WR Chorley 14/08/08]
1941/142 90/AN533 delete summary and insert: T/o Kinloss advanced base after which nothing further was heard. The entire crew are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Subsequent to the return of the two surviving crews 19 OTU, the resident Whitley unit at Kinloss, ordered an immediate sea search and this was followed the next day by two 90 Squadron Fortresses which covered an estimated 3,000 square miles of searching, sadly to no avail. [WR Chorley 14/08/08]

1941/143 101/R1699 les Riceys (Aube) France
1941/143 104/W5576 Sgt G T Woodroofe RNZAF pow. Ditched North Sea
1941/143 102/Z6870 Add Sgt E Smith RCAF inj

1941/145 97/L7383 Sgt J S Worton
1941/145 21/V5463 F/S R E Hall MID

1941/146 207/L7318 P/O J P A Sawyer RCAF
1941/146 35/L9503 P/O H S Brown. Sgt S T Fisher RCAF Cr. Winzeldorf, 6 km W Norderstedt
1941/146 15/N6021 P/O H J A Dyer DFM MiD, Sgt H C Snead RCAF
1941/146 51/Z6957 Cr. Kalenhof, 13 km NNW Kiel

1941/147 106/AE232 F/S J J McIntyre RCAF

1941/148 405/W5492 Sgt R G Chandos

1941/149 18/K3843 WV-F

1941/150 144/X3030 Sgt E B Parker

1941/151 144/AD872 Sgt L A Smith
1941/151 144/AD923 F/O J W J Kingston, Sgt R C W DeCourcy
1941/151 300/R1510 BH-H
1941/151 114/V5490 P/O R Fielden RAAF

1941/152 305/W5557 Sgt K T Korczyk PAF. Cr. farm killing 3 occupants at Hatfield Moor

1941/153 99/T2879 Cr. 0742 Landsmeer Holland
1941/153 99/W5436 Sgt W Paxton died from his injuries on 1 October 1941
1941/153 57/Z8868 F/S R G Postans RCAF. All are on the Runnymede Memorial

1941/154 58/Z6939 Sgt G B Watters
1941/154 58/Z6939 add to summary: Sgt Turner was admitted to York Military Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries on 4 October. From Swanbourne in Western Australia he was buried with full military honours in Newton-upon-Ouse [All Saints] Churchyard. Meanwhile, Sgt Watters and Sgt Hayden received private funerals arranged by their next of kin. [Caroline Holt 22/09/08]

1941/156 /Z9154 Crashed 0756 [see also updates log - PPCUs]

1942/318 for 1941/156 -/Z0154 should have been 1941/156 -/Z9154

1941/157 83/AD911 Cr. 0500 possibly Fw Ney, II./NJG1
1941/157 101/R1219 SR-R Crashed off Blankenberge
1941/157 218/X9677 Sgt R W Stephenson RAAF

1941/159 50/AE367 P/O W E Hinchliffe
1941/159 57/R1757 Delete Blenkenham. Insert Blankenham

1941/160 44/AD975 Delete Wasmunster. Insert Waasmunster
1941/160 115/Z8844 Sgt F H E Dearden
1941/160 218/Z8910 Sgt J R C McGlashan

1941/161 15OTU/R1783 Sgt D A Cameron RCAF
1941/161 40/X9926 T/o 2304 Cr. Worms-Weinsheim
1941/161 40/Z8782 BL-H. Sgt K G Edis

1941/162 114/V5875 Sgt V F W Slade
1941/162 75/X9916 Cr. Köln-Weiden
1941/162 78/Z6646 Delete Croft, Insert Middleton St. George. Add Sgt Kidd, Sgt Dewport, Sgt Whithorn all injured and taken to Sedgefield Hospital

1941/163 40/Z8862 F/O P C Campbell-Martin MC

1941/165 12/W5393 Wellington II
1941/165 458/Z1218 FU-D Mont-sur-Marchienne

1941/166 458/R1765 FU
1941/166 408/P1218 Sgt P A G Ragg

1941/167 40/X9912 add:
23-24 Oct 1941 40 Sqn Wellington Ic X9912 Ferry
Sgt J D Paine +
Sgt W D Stuart RNZAF +
Sgt R Jackson +
Sgt C R Eastman +
Sgt B W Nicholls +
Sgt E W Hewitt +
Sgt E W Sherwood +
Cpl J B Robinson +
LAC R M Wade pow
AC1 W A Hodges +

T/o Alconbury for Luqa [Malta] and ditched out of fuel N of Sicily. Sgt Hewitt is buried in Catania War Cemetery and the remainder are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. LAC Wade was washed ashore, unconscious, on the coast of Sicily. [David Gunby 12/09/08]

This amendment affects the statistics pertaining to the total of Wellington losses for 1941 and statistics for this aircraft type. Revised tables are in preparation.
1941/167 311/T2624 Add P/O F K Dittrich + [see also updates log - PPCUs]
1941/167 50/AE256 Cr. Dobersdorf, 10 km E Kiel

1941/168 106/AD785 Sgt O Halward

1941/169 304/W5720 P/O T Skarzynski PAF
1941/169 138/Z9223 P/O O J Dettle DFC

1941/170 76/L9602 Sgt C E Wood
1941/170 115/X9873 Cr. 2105
1941/170 77/Z6590 Cr. Postsee, W side of Preetz
1941/170 51/Z9220 F/S A T Bradly RCAF

1941/171 138/L9612 F/O T Jasinski PAF int, Sgt F Sobkowiak PAF int, Sgt G Soltysiak PAF int, F/O S Krol PAF int, Sgt W Wasilewski PAF int, Sgt J Chodyra PAF int, Sgt R Mol PAF int, W/C R Rudkowski PAF int

1941/174 7/N3677 F/O D B Van Buskirk RCAF
1941/174 57/Z8903 Sgt M W Cullerne

1941/176 103/X9794 Crashed Savigny en Revermont
1941/176 102/Z6796 DY-B

1941/177 150/R1606 IJsselmeer E of Medemblik
1941/177 301/Z1277 Landed Maldegem airfield Belgium. Sgt A Szczepanowski. Append PAF to all crew names [Chorley 04/07/08, see also updates log - PPCUs]
1941/177 218/Z1069 Sgt W Fraser add RAAF [Chorley 04/07/08, see also updates log - PPCUs]
1941/177 300/Z1271 Sgt B Iwanowicz. Append PAF to all crew names [Chorley 04/07/08, see also updates log - PPCUs]

1941/178 455/P1201 Cr. 2234 Uffz Grimm, II./NJG2 NW of Bergen
1941/178 304/R1215 F/O T Blicharz PAF, P/O J Jaworoszuk PAF, Sgt M A Lewandowski PAF, Sgt S Krawiecki PAF

1941/180 49/P1206 Delete summary. Insert: T/o 1714 Scampton for an intruder sortie in the Bocholt area. Shortly after crossing the coast of Holland the Hampden was intercepted by Ofw Siegfried Ney, 6./NJG2, and shot down at 2107 onto farmland bordering the Dorfstrasse at Berkhout/Hoorn. Both pilots were recovered and buried in Bergen General Cemetery. For over 60 years the bodies of Sgt Mullenger and Sgt Kehoe lay trapped in the wreckage. Their names were duly commemorated on the panels at the Runnymede Memorial. In September 2007 their remains were recovered by the Dutch military. Following identification and an understandable delay while surviving relatives were traced, the two airmen were laid to rest with full military honours in a single coffin alongside their comrades. RAF NEWS May 23 2008 reported that a memorial to the crew has been unveiled by Koggenland's Mayor Leoni Sipkes close to where their bomber fell. [Chorley 10/07/08, see also updates log - PPCUs] - see also next entry
1941/180 49/P1206 Delete EA-K and replace with EA-Z: revise summary: T/o 1714 Scampton for an intruder sortie over the Bocholt region of Germany. Shot down at 2107 by Ofw Siegfried Ney of 6./NJG2 and fell burning into soft ground at Berkhout/Koggenland [Noord Holland]. W/O Saunders, whose DFM had been Gazetted on 22 November 1940, and Sgt D'Arcy were thrown out on impact and both were buried in Bergen General Cemetery. Their two companions are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. However, in September 2007, a team from the RNethAF led by Capt Peterson recovered wreckage and the remains of Sgts Kehoe and Mullenger and in a moving ceremony held on 7 May 2008, they were borne first to the church of Petrus and Paulus and thence to Bergen General Cemetery to be reunited with the rest of the crew.

Note. A full account of the proceedings of the well attended service and the dedication of a splended memorial at Berkhout, all supported by magnificent colour photographs, appears in the July 2008 issue of The 4T9er [49 Squadron Association magazine]. Mention must be made of the support given by the villagers of Berkhout and the immaculate turnout of the 6 Senior Aircraftman from the Queen's Colour Squadron 63 Squadron RAFRegt who bore the single coffin throughout its final journey. Of Ofw Siegfried Ney this was his 8th night victory. On 22 March 1942, he died not amazingly far from Berkhout, shot down near Callantsoog. [49 Squadron Association and Deutsche Nachtjagd by Michael Balss, 19/10/08]

1941/181 408/AE433 Delete Noord Brabant. Insert Limburg

1941/182 7/W7445 Amend summary to read: T/o Oakington and crashed almost immediately following a collision with a railway signal post [the rail line runs south to north and close to the airfield's eastern boundary]. Out of control the heavily laden bomber smashed through two cottages before finishing up, on fire, in an orchard. Oakington's station commander, G/C C D Adams happened to be in his car and witnessed the crash. Racing to the scene he arrived to find the grass and trees well alight and undeterred by the first sharp cracks from exploding ammunition he entered the wreckage and guided the less seriously hurt members of the crew to safety. Then, with total disregard to his own well being he went back into the burning fuselage and pulled the pilot and the body of Sgt Bennett away from the flames.
Sadly, Sgt Hunter died soon afterwards and with Sgt Bennett he rests in Cambridge City Cemetery. For his outstanding bravery G/C Adams was subsequently decorated with an OBE, while the enquiry into the tragedy considered glazed ice on the Stirling's windscreen to have been a contributory factor. [various newspapers including the Daily Telegraph & Morning Post, via Jim Habberfield 21/07/08]

1941/183 7/N6087 Sgt A Grant inj. Died 21 November 1941
1941/183 458/R1775 FU-

1941/184 97/R5792 Delete 57 OTU. Insert 56 OTU
1941/184 109/T2552 F/S T A Bates, Sgt D J Mackey AFM. Sgt Mackey had played a significant part in the detection of the German Knickebein navigation beams in 1940 and his commission was awaiting promulgation
1941/184 109/T2552 after promulgation add '; it was Gazetted on 1 January 1942.' [Mark Haycock 30/07/08]
1941/184 139/Z7275 P/O Taylor was a Professor at the Royal Academy of Music

1941/185 218/Z1103 Sgt Purcell BEM, Sgt K England
1941/185 142/Z1243 Sgt K W Light RAAF inj

1941/186 144/AE440 Sgt G H Cornish +
1941/186 138/T1771 F/L A Y Laurent
1941/186 58/Z6506 P/O E M D Romilly RCAF

1941/187 101/R1778 Sgt R St C Finch pow, Sgt L G C Dimond +. Delete all ref to hospital

1941/188 304/X3164 Sgt S Garstka PAF, P/O J Maczynski PAF, Sgt J Strzyzewski PAF, F/O T J Klewicz PAF, Sgt R A Pokrzywa PAF
1941/188 142/Z1292 Cr. Rastorfer-Passau 6 km NE Preetz

1941/189 82/V5876 Crashed Zandvoorde

1941/190 218/W5727 Sgt W M Macdonald RCAF, Sgt N Williamson RCAF

1941/191 44/AE196 Sgt A H Gumbley RNZAF

1941/192 15/N3665 F/S C P Goulding RNZAF, P/O C L Smith DFM
1941/192 304/R1064 F/O M Szczodrowski PAF

1941/193 106/AE151 Cr. 1630. Ofw Gerhardt, I./NJG1
1941/193 97/L7490 Sgt L W Jones DFM
1941/193 97/R5795 add Sgt J R Conn + ; add to detail Sgt Conn's crew position is at present not known [Chorley 08/07/08, see also updates log - PPCUs]
1941/193 78/Z9308 Delete crash details and insert High Rockliffe Farm, Hurworth, Durham

1941/196 144/AD804 PL-D. Delete Doetincham. Insert "Slangenburg" at Gaanderen, 5 km SE of Doetichem
1941/196 51/Z9202 Cr. 2140 North Sea 10 km W of Den Helder
1941/196 138/Z9385 Sgt H A Pickering. Operation Pickaxe II to Germany

1941/197 10/R9374 Amend first line of summary to read : T/o 1102 Leeming as part of a force of fourteen Halifaxes tasked to bomb shipping at Brest. [Chorley 19/07/08]
1941/197 76/L9615 Amend first line of summary to read : T/o 1122 Middleton St. George similarly tasked. [Chorley 19/07/08]
1941/197 35/V9979 Amend summary to read: T/o 1125 Linton-on-Ouse similarly tasked. From eyewitness statements it is reported that the bomber, with one engine ablaze, passed low over the village of Lanildut [Finistere], NW of Brest, pursued by a fighter which in turn was shot down by Sgt Kipling just moments before the Halifax hit the sea, finishing up on rocks at Porspoder a few kilometres to the north of Lanildut. Soon after the crash the Germans requisitioned some seaweed boats and having searched the area returned to the small harbour at Mazou with a number of badly burned bodies though it is believed some were still alive. All were examined by a German doctor but those who had survived succumbed to their injuries. A few days later a teenage girl found the body of the wireless operator whom she identified from his tag as Sgt Maflin. All rest in Kerfautras Cemetery. [Gildas Saouzanet 16/07/08]
1941/197 408/P1165 Delete Emil. Insert Helmut

1941/200 458 FU

1941/203 3 Group add: 215 Newmarket, Cambridgeshire; 9 Dec 41 Re-formed
1941/203 78 Croft, Yorkshire

1941/207 9 Bratley 3304 (-)351
1941/207 9 Goldingay 3304 (-)349
1941/207 9 Parkes 3304 (-)346
1941/207 12 Sgt J J C Batty; add: LAC R A Copley, Sgt G D Mansell
1941/207 40 Easton 3305 (-)445
1941/207 51 Ives RCAF 3307 (-)632
1941/207 77 Sgt A D Day RCAF 3308 (-)693
1941/207 101 add: P/O Allen, Sgt Christensen
1941/207 104 Sgt G T Woodroofe RNZAF. Delete all entries pertaining to 138 Squadron
1941/207 144 Rennie 3305 (-)492
1941/207 149 Burton 3305 (G)433

1941/208 405 Paton RCAF 3307 (-)645

1941/210 15 W/O J B L Bunce 357 23620

1941/215 101 W/O R St C Finch 383 94

1941/217 106 W/O R J K Woodroofe 357 9532

1941/219 300 W/O J Artymiuk PAF
1941/219 301 W/O J Gacon PAF
1941/219 304 P/O J Jaworoszuk PAF, W/O S Krawiecki PAF
1941/219 305 F/S E Olonyn PAF

1941/221 82 Miller 3305 (-)482
1941/221 82 Whiteman 3305 (-)481

1941/222 138 F/O T Jasinski PAF Sweden 3307 (-)617, F/O S Krol PAF Sweden 3307 (-)616, W/C R Rudkowski PAF Sweden F3307 (-)668, Sgt J Chodyra PAF Sweden 3307 (-)665, Sgt R Mol PAF Sweden 3307 (-)618 Sgt F Sobkowiak PAF Sweden 3307 (-)670, Sgt G Soltysiak PAP Sweden 3307 (-)664, Sgt W Wasilewski PAF Sweden 3307 (-)669