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3940/014 9/L4268 make 4 Sep
3940/014 9/LA275 make 4 Sep [Haslam 30/07/08]
3940/014 107/N6184 make 4 Sep [Haslam 30/07/08]
3940/014 107/N6188 make 4 Sep [Haslam 30/07/08]
3940/014 107/N6189 make 4 Sep [Haslam 30/07/08]
3940/014 107/N6240 make 4 Sep [Haslam 30/07/08]

3940/015 82/P4853 Amend crew matrix and summary: this supersedes the published McLaughlin amendment:
Sgt J Pratt inj
AC1 G H Butler inj
AC1 Dorman inj
AC1 Dougan inj

T/o Netheravon and crashed at Cleeve, 5 miles SE of Clevedon, Somerset. Sgt Pratt, who served as McLaughlin, died from his injuries at 2030 that same evening, while AC1 Butler also succumbed to his wounds soon after the crash. Both received private funerals; Sgt Pratt at Woodchester while 19 year old AC1 Butler was interred in Hounslow Cemetery. The cause of the accident was attributed to engine failure after which the Blenheim struck a wire and cartwheeled. [Hugh Wheeler 15/08/08]

Note. According to a feature in the September 2008 issue of Aeroplane Mk I versions of the Blenheim were [even for experienced pilots] a quite difficult aeroplane to fly and to quote from part of the text, "and there were numerous minor and major accidents caused by pilots being overwhelmed by the workload" particularly in respect of engine handling and, I suspect, some of these difficulties carried through to the Mk IV. [Chorley 15/08/08]

3940/016 18/K9242 possibly Lt Liedke, 5./JG 53* updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/016 18/K9245 possibly Lt Richert, 5./JG 53*; possibly Hptm Karl Heinz Leesman and Oblt Wiggers updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/016 99/L4232 delete summary and published amendment that AC1 R H Willis died 20 Sep 39.
Insert T/o 1215 Carew Cheriton only for an engine to fail. It appears that the Wellington became airborne but in the ensuing emergency landing the bomber collided with Henley I L3249 belonging to 1 AACU [repaired and returned to service; subsequently written off by 1616 Flt on 30 July 1943]. Of the Wellington's crew it is believed that only two, LAC Love and AC2 Haynes, survived the war; three died on operations while Martin Giles advises that AC2 [LAC] Willis was killed in a road traffic accident on 20 December 1939, after being struck by a car driven by F/O Williams. [Martin Giles ref 99 Sqn ORB and CWGC 14/07/08]
3940/016 103/K9271 Cr. Rohrbach-les-Bitche Believed shot down by Josef Scherm of JG52, who was killed by the return fire.
3940/016 110/N6206 Believed shot down into the German Bight by Lt Helmut Henz of II./JG77.
3940/016 110/N6212 Believed shot down by Fw Klaus Faber of I./JG1, operating in the Osnabrück area.
3940/016 207/K9448 Delete EM
3940/016 185/L6005 Delete GL

3940/017 144/L4121 possibly Oblt Günther Specht, I./ZG 26 updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/017 144/L4126 possibly Oblt Günther Specht, I./ZG 26 updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/017 144/L4127 F/O Beck and Sgt Sproston are buried in Sage War Cemetery, P/O Turner has no known grave.
3940/017 144/L4127 possibly Hptm Dickore, I./ZG 26 updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/017 144/L4132 possibly Uffz Pollack, I./ZG 26 updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/017 144/L4134 possibly Uffz Pirsch, I./ZG 26 updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/017 150/K9283 possibly Uffz Wurmheller, 2./JG 53* updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/017 150/K9387 Sgt L B Webber inj
3940/017 150/K9387 possibly Uffz Kaiser, 2./JG 53* updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/017 150/K9484 possibly Oblt Pingel, 2./JG 53* updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/017 150/N2028 possibly Uffz Kornatz, 2./JG 53* updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/017 150/N2093 possibly Stabsfw Prestele, 2./JG 53* updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/017 185/L4191 Delete GL

3940/018 57/L1138 possibly Uffz Stephan Lütjens, 2./JG53; possibly Oberfw Vollmer, 4./JG 53* updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08 - see also updates log, PPCUs]
3940/018 114/N6160 possibly Lt Kirchner, 1./JG 52* updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/018 49/N5096 Delete EA
3940/018 61/P1170 Amend pilot name to P/O K Jones. Amend summary to read - "burnt out after being inadvertently parked on cinders which unbeknown to the pilot were still red-hot beneath the surface. Consequently, and having left the Hampden, he was later informed his aircraft, which was practically new, was little more than a smouldering wreck. In July 1940, P/O Jones was shot down on operations and, with his crew, made a prisoner of war." [Jim Sheffield 24/01/09]

3940/019 57/L1141 possibly Lt Hans-Volkurt Rosenboom, 3./JG 1 updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08 - see also updates log, PPCUs]
3940/019 102/K8996 AC1 C Paterson, Sgt A Vincent (41 Sqn)
3940/019 207/L5185 Delete EM

3940/020 18/L1415 Crashed between Niederemmel and Wehlen
3940/020 18/L1415 possibly Lt Heinz Lang, 1./JG 21; possibly Hptm Werner Molders, Stab III./JG 53*; possibly Uffz Joachim Hinkeldey, 5./JG 53 updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/020 18/L6694 Crashed near Malborn
3940/020 18/L6694 possibly Hptm Werner Mölders, Stab III./JG 53; possibly Uffz Joachim Hinkeldey, 5./JG 53* updates log note 2 [Chorley 29/07/08]
3940/020 139/N6234 Amend crew matrix and summary
P/O W G McCraken [Australia]
Sgt S R Mitchell
AC1 R B Smith

T/o 1026 Wyton and is believed to have been shot down at 1250 by Lt Heinz Lang, I./JG21 flying a Me109D. Out of control the bomber crashed near Gross Berssen/N some 10 km N of Haselünne. The crew are reported to have been taken east to Quakenbrück for burial but since the cessation of hostilities P/O McCracken's and AC1 Smith's remains have been located and brought to Rheinberg War Cemetery. Sgt Mitchell, meanwhile, is commemorated at Runnymede on panel 2 of the Memorial. [Hans-Günther Ploes and Hugh Wheeler 12/09/08]
3940/020 185/L6007 Delete GL

3940/021 38/L4239 Delete Ferry. Insert Transit

3940/022 57/L1325 Lt Joachim Muncheberg, III./JG26
3940/022 97/K7225 Whitley II

3940/023 108/L1275 Cr. 1900 Glebe Farm, Ludgershall

3940/024 207/L5279 P/O T R Williams + and delete Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire. Insert Cranfield, Bedfordshire
3940/024 185/L4203 Delete GL
3940/024 76/P1267 P/O C D Stevens
3940/024 214/R2699 P/O W L Colmer, LAC J T Warriner +

3940/025 105/K9185 Cr. Issoudun

3940/026 97/K7260 Berkshire. 3940/026 K7260 P/O C N Robertson
3940/026 149/N2961 OJ-P

3940/027 149/N2962 OJ-B
3940/027 49/L4072 Delete P/O J M D Irvine
3940/027 7/P1260 P/O H M Macgregor
3940/027 185/L4205 Delete GL-
3940/027 98/K9205 VO-
3940/027 149/N2943 F/O H L McL Bulloch, LAC W Greig DFM, Sgt D J Kirkness +

3940/028 /L1410 WV-B; may have been shot down by Fw Goltzsche of I./JG77.
3940/028 /N5024 P/O B O C Stevens (75 Sqn)
3940/028 /P4859 Shot down 1257 into the North Sea 200 km N of Terschelling by Hptm Falck of 2./ZG76.

3940/029 /K7255 P/O O W Bligh
3940/029 /K9327 Delete all detail
3940/029 /K9329 Delete all detail
3940/029 /N6211 Shot down 1610 off the Frisian Islands by Hptm Falck.

3940/030 99/N3004 LN-I
3940/030 185/L4198 Delete GL-
3940/030 185/P1279 Delete GL-
3940/030 149/N2984 Sgt J C Murdoch

3940/031 99/N3006 Insert 3-4 Mar
3940/031 101/N6165 Sgt A E Mawdsley
3940/031 108/L1209 Cr. 2 miles E Upper Heyford
3940/031 9/N3017 AC1 L L J Mackenzie
3940/031 90/L1396 90 Sqn Blenheim. Collided with Blenheim L8845 (see 35 Sqn entry same page) New entry: 11 Mar 1940
3940/031 52/K9396 52 Sqn Battle I Cr. Andover New entry: 11 Mar 1940
3940/031 61/N9824 Sgt J D Hartley, AC1 H S Burke, P/O A C Manaton +
3940/031 166/K8960 P/O P R Johnson +, P/O H B Hunter +

3940/032 50/L4063 Sgt Rowling
3940/032 115/N2987 LAC G W D Carter inj Died 14 April 1940
3940/032 144/L4137 LAC D G Doughty
3940/032 90/L4873 Crashed Foel Wen some 9 miles SW of Llangollen, Denbigh. Sgt R J Harbour +, AC2 K C Winterton +

3940/033 44/L4102 AC1 A C Hamman
3940/033 107/L8747 Uffz Kurt Opolski, II./JG77
3940/033 37/P2515 F/O P F Templeman inj

3940/034 51/K9040 LAC E Beynon

3940/037 38/P9269 Sgt F F Bestick

3940/039 57/L9465 Lt Lignitz, I./JG20
3940/039 77/N1387 AC1 I Pacey

3940/040 218/P2201 Ofw Schmale, IV(N)./JG2
3940/040 99/P9234 LAC F A S Haynes

3940/041 49/P1319 Sgt R I L Mackenzie

3940/042 18/L8875 WV-S
3940/042 110/L9242 Sgt R H J Battrick

3940/043 102/N1500 Huntly

3940/047 40/L8776 Delete Den Haag and insert in a field alongside the Rhine, near the border with Germany
3940/047 40/L8831 Cr. Wateringen
3940/047 18/L8860 All Jonkerbos War Cemetery. Believed shot down by Oblt Schäffer of II./JG26 and crashed 1700 near Kessel (Limburg), Holland.
3940/047 57/L9245 Cr. Echtveld
3940/047 103/K9409
103 Sqn Battle I K9409 PM-P Op: Pont de l'Arche
crew Sgt W R Critch, [Not traced], [Not traced] T/o Ouzouer-Le-Doyen and reported as being severely damaged by flak over the target area at circa 1730. Sgt Critch managed to return to base where his aircraft was declared damaged beyond repair. He is believed to have survived the war.
New entry: 10 May 1940
[Chorley 27/06/08 from The Battle of France Then and Now, Peter D Cornwell, Battle of Britain International Ltd, 2008]

3940/048 105/K9338 Sgt C Bowles New entry: 10 May 105 Sqn Battle I 1940 K9339 Op: Luxembourg (see K9338)

3940/049 150/L5540 JN-C Later to Rechlin
3940/049 110/L9175 Believed shot down by Oblt Homuth of I./JG27.
3940/049 88/P2202 Sgt F Robson pow
3940/049 88/P2261 P/O B I M Skidmore

3940/050 218/K9325 HA-D Cr. target area

3940/051 12/L5241 Sgt G D Mansel
3940/051 12/P2204 Believed to have crashed at Eigenbilzen.

3940/052 103/L5512 F/O G B Morgan-Dean
3940/052 103/P2193 Crashed at Noirefontaine.

3940/053 218/K9353 HA-J
3940/053 150/P2136 Delete serial, but retain remainder of summary

3940/054 103/L5516 Remilly-et-Aillicourt. Delete + against both crew.
3940/054 57/L9180 Crashed 0800 near the road to Baasrode from Dendermonde.

3940/055 110/L9214 amend summary: 'T/o Wattisham and shot down over the Ardennes region by ground fire. Sgt Fancy, a seasoned pre-war regular airman, proved to be a persistent thorn in the side of his captors attempting escapes from just about every camp to where he was sent [Oliver Clutton-Brock in his epic Footprints on the Sands of Time states that Sgt Fancy was held in at least 7 before his release in 1945]. An inveterate tunneller among his best bids for freedom was in late August 1943, from Heydekrug. John Fancy died on 3 October 2008, in his 96th year. [BBC Television News on 3/10/08; 19/10/08]

3940/056 142/K9333 Delete Rethel. Insert Ecly
3940/056 142/L5517 Chéhéry
3940/056 142/P2333 Sgt J Brookes MID

3940/057 44/P4286 Cr. 0130
3940/057 40/P4913 LAC S Johnson

3940/060 82/L9210 UX-
3940/060 226/K9180 MQ- 226 Sqn Battle Ground Burnt on evacuation of Reims. New entry: 16 May 1940
3940/060 226/K9330 226 Sqn Battle MQ- Ground (as above) New entry: 16 May 1940
3940/060 82/P4851 UX-N
3940/060 115/P9229 Cr. Plainville (Eure), 8 km W Bernay, France

3940/061 15/L8852 LS-S

3940/062 142/K7696 Cr. target area
3940/062 88/K9348 Delete narrative. Add crew [Not traced], [Not traced], LAC E Wigglesworth inj
T/o Les Grandes-Chapelles and returned to the airfield at around 0730. Although quite badly damaged, the Battle was salvaged and taken to No. 21 Aircraft Depot at Chateau-Bougon for repair. It is likely, however, that the Battle never flew again as it was abandoned to its fate during the withdrawal of the Advanced Air Striking Force. 10 June 1940 is the official date that the airframe was struck from service charge. LAC Wigglesworth recovered from his wounds and is believed to have survived the war. [Chorley 27/06/08 from The Battle of France Then and Now, Peter D Cornwell, Battle of Britain International Ltd, 2008]
3940/062 102/N1376 Cr. Gennep/Venzelderheide

3940/063 226/K9176 Cr. Montcornet
3940/063 226/K9180 Delete all detail
3940/063 226/K9330 Delete all detail
3940/063 98/K9345 Delete all detail

3940/066 51/P4980 Sgt Bowles.
3940/066 75/R3157 Shot down by flak, Abt.I./29.

3940/067 110/N6207 VE-G
3940/067 115/P9297 Crashed target area

3940/068 58/N1361 Insert 78 Sqn EY-F, borrowed by 58 Sqn.
3940/068 88/P2356 Crashed at Springen, 21 km NW of Wiesbaden, Germany. AC2 M Whelan. All rest in Durnbach War Cemetery
3940/068 149/P9270 AC1 E S Hewitt
3940/068 15/R3614 LS-O. F/O D Henderson, LAC R W Austin

3940/069 150/L5459 F/O J E Vernon evd
3940/069 103/L5514 Between Ucimont and Botassart.
3940/069 37/L7793 LAC C A Dear, AC1 B B Stanhope.
Delete summary. Insert T/o Feltwell tasked to attack enemy lines of communications west of Brussels. Hit by ground fire and forced-landed at Steene near the Belgian port of Ostend. Although damage was slight the bomber was abandoned to its fate while the crew made their way to the nearby harbour to await evacuation. Subsequently, all boarded the ill-fated SS Aboukir which was torpedoed off Dunkirk on 28 May with heavy loss of life. Thus, three became casualties of this tragedy while LAC Dear and AC1 Stanhope [both survived the war] were picked up by a Dover bound destroyer having spent seven hours in the water. Those who perished are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial and it is noted that P/O Cameron's parents notified their address as Havana, Cuba. S/L Glencross was an RAF College Cranwell graduate, his permanent commission being effective from 19 December 1931. [Chorley & Martin Giles ref Peter D Cornwell author of The Battle of France Then and Now, Battle of Britain International Ltd, 2008; Flight Digital Archive; 14/07/08].

3940/070 107/L8391 Cpl G E Lang DFM

3940/071 37/L7791 Sgt J L Axford pow, LAC E R Orland pow, Sir Arnold T Wilson (summary)

3940/072 214/N2993 Sgt P F Kay +, Sgt E A Revell +, Sgt B Raper +, LAC M Pelling +, Sgt A D F O'Driscoll +

3940/073 12/P2162 Sgt F J Field +, Sgt H C C Bevan +, Sgt J W F MacKrell +, All St-Valery-en-Caux Cemetery

3940/074 49/L4044 Ignore the two published amendments regarding P/O E D Parker.
Add: It appears from research in the London Gazette that P/O E D Parker was awarded the EGM for saving the life of his Wireless Operator in this crash and that this was later converted to a George Cross. S/L E D Parker GC DFC, was killed on 16 January 1943 flying with 61 Squadron and is buried in the Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery (see 1943/020). [Chorley 01/09/07]
3940/074 103/N2253 LAC G F Lewis pow

3940/076 12/L5324 LAC R A Copley evd

3940/077 61/P4339 Sgt S J Golding +

3940/078 103/- 103 Sqn Sgt Brumby. Delete Laval. Insert Morannes
3940/078 12/L5383 Sgt R J Willcox
3940/078 12/L5396 Sgt J J C Batty

3940/079 58/N1460 Ignore the two published amendments. Delete Neukirchen- .... Germany. Insert Crashed at Dortmund-Mengede alongside a path known locally as the Groppenburg and near to some woods. [Chorley 28/08/07]
3940/079 226/- Battle I. Delete WT-N. Insert MQ-N
3940/079 102/N1499 Sgt H A F Giblin. Believed crashed Neukirchen-Vluyn.
3940/079 98/K9345 98 Sqn Battle I K9345 VO- Ground. Burnt on evacuation Nantes-Chateau Bougon. New entry: 15 Jun 1940

3940/080 107/N3593 Cr. 2025

3940/081 110/L8754 Delete Vohwinkle. Insert Vohwinkel. Delete P/O T C Prpowott. Insert P/O T C Prescott +
3940/081 107/R3688 Sgt G R Murchison, P/O S G Esson +

3940/083 61/L4112 P/O N E Hore pow
3940/083 61/P4341 Crashed Schipluiden (Zuid Holland), 5 km SW of Delft.
3940/083 82/R3731 Shot down 1620 by Oblt Georg Schneider of 9./JG54 who was killed by the return fire.
3940/083 110/R3776 Shot down off the Dutch coast by Lt Bob of 9./JG54.

3940/085 102/N1523 Cr. Surendorf, 18 km NNW Kiel
3940/085 99/R3170 Sgt G F Sexton + Cr. near Haarlem

3940/086 10/N1496 Delete IV/NJG2. Insert /NJG1
3940/086 50/P4288 F/O W A C Mulloy DFC

3940/090 58/N1424 Crashed Antwerpen-Deurne.
3940/090 102/N1502 On 28 October 1944
3940/090 115/P9236 115 Sqn Wellington IA P9236 KO-B Ground Burnt Marham. New entry: 11 Jul 1940

3940/091 115/P9227 Cr. Klein-Henstedt
3940/091 218/R3597 Delete summary and crew. Insert T/o Mildenhall and crashed circa 1145, bursting into flames, at Harrold, 8 miles NW of Bedford. This was the first Blenheim to be written off from 218 Squadron.
F/O T Newton +
Sgt D V Malpass +
Sgt J N Routledge +
[Chorley 01/07/08, see also updates log - PPCUs]

3940/092 61/P4343 delete Gardening and insert Wilhelmshaven [Jim Sheffield 24/01/09]
3940/092 61/P4344 delete Gardening and insert Wilhelmshaven. Amend summary: "hit by flak and flew into the ground at Irmenhof, close to Jever airfield. P/O Jones was unhurt but his crew were pretty badly knocked about. Almost immediately the Hampden began to burn and P/O Jones set about the task of pulling his crew to safety, only to be interupted in his mission by the prompt arrival of the local military who, hearing explosions, were convinced the bombs were still on board. With more than a degree of urgency P/O Jones convinced them otherwise and together the crews' rescue was completed. Taken to the officers' mess at Jever, P/O Jones was well treated, though his captors were not too amused when he tried to make good his escape via a toilet window!." Note. In the aftermath of this operation P/O Jones, who had been appointed to a short service commission on 7 May 1938, was awarded an immediate DFC, Gazetted 24 September 1940. [Jim Sheffield 24/01/09]
3940/092 61/P4358 P/O A H Gould DFC
3940/092 61/4358 delete Gardening and insert Wilhelmshaven [Jim Sheffield 24/01/09]
3940/092 144/P4367 delete Gardening and insert Wilhelmshaven [Jim Sheffield 24/01/09]
3940/092 /P9236 Delete all detail

3940/093 15/L9469 Sgt L J Horton, P/O C H Robinson. +Cr. Boschplaat (a sandbank) twixt Ameland and Terschelling
3940/093 78/N1487 Sgt C G Hill
3940/093 /R3235 Cr. IJsselmeer [see also updates log - PPCUs]
3940/093 110/R3748 Sgt C C Heyward

3940/094 44/P4375 S/L J G Macintyre
3940/094 82/R3619 UX-T Shot down by Lt Kargel of JG27 and cr. Wittenhoek
3940/094 99/P9275 LN-O Sgt K R Sellwood +
3940/094 102/N1377 Continue summary: During the night of 27-28 November 1939, this Whitley with P/Os K N Gray and F H Long, New Zealanders both, was caught in a severe electrical storm as it returned from an operation to Wilhelmshaven. Such was the force of the storm that not only did the bomber lose considerable height but the fabric surface of the uppoer starboard wing was stripped away and a wing-flap became jammed in its down position. Despite this, Gray, ably assisted by Long, flew on for nearly 350 miles to land safely at Bircham Newton, Norfolk. This outstanding feat of airmanship was recognised in the award of the DFC to both officers, Gazetted 2 January 1940. Sadly, neither lived to see victory in 1945; see 3940/043 and 1941/030. At least two published photographs of their damaged aircraft, then coded DY-P, exist; see Bomber Squadrons of the RAF and their aircraft page 140 [Chorley 13/01/09]
3940/094 114/R3895 S/L M N McF Kennedy pow L3 164 S/L. Shot down by Fw Menge, II./JG77
3940/094 142/L5502 QT-D. Crashed 1 km SW of Audembert.
3940/094 150/L5528 Sgt A E F Gould inj but died on 28 July from his injuries, Sgt D H Sharp, LAC Y H Cann, LAC G A Hall +

3940/095 12/L5568 Sgt B C Long MiD +
3940/095 44/L4085 Sgt C E T Wood
3940/095 103/L5433 Sgt G C Brams +, Sgt J W Mallard +
3940/095 139/L9239 XD-N Sgt D F Spencer +, Sgt O P Evans +. Crashed near Acqueville
3940/095 114/R3898 Delete Hamstede. Insert Haamstede

3940/096 61/P4357 Sgt G H McCrory +
3940/096 142/L5113 Sgt F J Tremeer +
3940/096 301/L5597 GR-; F/O D Fengler PAF +, F/O Dominik PAF + Crashed 7 miles NE of Coventry.

3940/097 49/L4036 Sgt P W N Jelley
3940/097 61/P4335 Delete Lost without trace. Insert Cr. near Münster
3940/097 82/R3910 P/O N H Harwood-Smith
3940/097 149/P9244 P/O R E Houseman, Sgt J H Swift +, Sgt J J Scott

3940/098 83/P4410 Delete Lost without trace. Insert Cr. near Münster
3940/098 82/R2772 Sgt McGrath esc February 1942 WO208 3309 (-)683 refers
3940/098 82/T1933 Sgt L R Youngs +

3940/099 10/P4965 add Note: Two of the three survivors were picked up by a motor boat, while the wireless operator [possibly Sgt Chamberlain] was located, clinging to a buoy, by Miss Peggy Prince, described in the citation to her award of The Medal of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, for Meritorious Service as an Air Raid Precautions ambulance driver. Miss Prince, accompanied by a soldier, had already carried out one search from Dymchurch but was not satisfied at not finding anyone. Thus, she elected to make a second search, on her own, and it was on this second outing in her canoe that she found the near exhausted airman. With great difficulty she managed to get him into the canoe and return to Dymchurch. Without a shadow of doubt the airman owes his life to the courage and determination of Miss Prince. [Abridged account of the official London Gazette entry for Tuesday 20 August 1940, via Oliver Clutton-Brock, 12/09/08]
3940/099 40/R3609 Delete summary and replace with: T/o 2105 Wyton and crashed near the small village of Les Corvées-les-Yys [Eure-et-Loir] on the D.941 some 25 km WSW of Chartres. P/O Parker fell into enemy hands but his crew made good their escape. Sgt Watson, subsequently, was awarded a MM, Gazetted 7 March 1941. [Oliver Clutton-Brock and Marie Berrier 12/09/08]
3940/099 44/P2077 Delete cr. location. Insert Eemspolder near Valom (Groningen) 4 km N Uithuizen
3940/099 44/P2077 KM-H P/O H P Clark not Clarke [Canada]: [via Oliver Clutton-Brock 03/12/07]
3940/099 51/P4982 P/O S P Swensen +, Sgt A K Dawson, Sgt J B O'Brien, Sgt R A W Tait
3940/099 77/N1501 KN-N
3940/099 77/P5056 KN-Y

3940/100 15 Aug 1940 Note - amend 77 Squadron to read 77/102 Squadrons and add: LAC K E New + Buried Bridlington Cemetery, LAC B Ash + Buried Dinnington Church Cemetery
3940/100 49/P1333 EA-F; crashed at Alphen (Noord Brabant), Holland.
3940/100 144/P4291 PL-E
3940/100 144/P4365 PL-K
3940/100 15/R3770 Sgt H Bowers

3940/101 12/P2331 Delete all detail
3940/101 114/R3892 RT- ,Cr. Zuiderweg 31, Beemster (Noord Holland), 12 km SE of Alkmaar.
3940/101 142/L5503 Mid A Taylor RN pow
3940/101 144/P4360 PL-L. Delete Mitteland Kanal. Insert Mittellandkanal
3940/101 149/R3174 new summary: T/o 2123 Mildenhall and when roughly 100 km from the target flew into a hill while trying to avoid searchlights and flak. Those who died are now buried in Durnbach War Cemetery. [Phillip Pennicott via Oliver Clutton-Brock 16/09/08]
3940/101 218/T1929 Sgt W L Smith +

3940/102 12/L5127 Delete Eastleigh, Hampshire. Insert Eastchurch, Kent
3940/102 77/N1473 SE of Haarlem
3940/102 144/P2117 PL-N
3940/102 115/R3276 T/o 2308 Marham.
3940/102 218/T1990 Sgt P T Lefevre

3940/103 142/L5507 Delete Eastleigh. Insert Eastchurch
3940/103 101/L8870 Cr. Allington Lane, Fair Oak, Horton Heath
3940/103 149/P9272 Cr. Freschluneberg

3940/104 102/L1489 Crashed at Hayhills Farm, Silsden, 4 miles NW of Keighley, Yorkshire. Sgt Smalley was rescued by a Home Guard soldier.
3940/104 40/L9326 Sgt F Little +, Sgt J A Watt
3940/104 44/P4372 Cr. Köln-Sürth
3940/104 110/R3773 Delete OM- . Insert VE-
3940/104 50/L4079 VN-N

3940/105 106/L4188 Sgt C H G Knight
3940/105 40/L8796 Sgt A R Coburn +, Sgt Robbins
3940/105 58/N1427 P/O J L Mitchell
3940/105 44/P2123 F/O D A A Romans
3940/105 49/P2135 AC2 S Hall

3940/106 18/L9188 Sgt J W K Allen +
3940/106 49/P1347 F/O L M Hodges evd 3304 (-)345, Sgt J H Wyatt evd 3303 (-)280
3940/106 144/P4370 PL-B or PL-L

3940/107 44/P4290 P/O D A A Romans
3940/107 144/P4378 Sgt J W Carter. Delete base. Insert West Raynham. Add Cr. Great Massingham
3940/107 149/R3163 OJ-G. F/O Burton escaped from his prison camp in May 1941.

3940/108 50/P4287 VN-P Cr. NW Elmshorn
3940/108 149/P9245 Apart from Sgt Brown.

3940/109 51/P5021 amend summary: After 'Firth of Forth.' continue Sgt McAlister, a pre-war volunteer reserve, drowned and he is commemorated at Runnymede on panel 16. The remainder of the crew were picked up by a naval launch, their dinghy having been located by a Hudson from 220 Squadron Coastal Command out from Thornaby. [Oliver Clutton-Brock 16/09/08]
3940/109 77/P5042 KN-K
3940/109 103/L5010 PM-C. S/L(A) R A De Sandoval Sievier RN +
3940/109 105/T1894 105 Sqn Blenheim IV GB- Op: Reconnaissance
T/o Watton and last sighted by F/L Swain south of Den Helder being pursued by two single engine fighters. Believed shot down soon afterwards off the Dutch coast by Lt Wuebke of 9./JG54. The entire crew, who are believed to have been flying on their first sortie, are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. [see also updates log - PPCUs]
3940/109 218/L8848 HA-J

3940/110 44/P2121 Crashed just to the W of Burcht (Antwerpen) on the W bank of the Schelde. 14 December 1917

3940/111 105/L9339 Shot down 2143 by 4./Flak Rgt 37 and crashed, on fire, into the sea off Oostende.
3940/111 77/N1425 Cr. 0028 Ofw Paul Gildner of IV./NJG1
3940/111 58/P5008 Cr. 2230 Ofw Paul Gildner of IV./NJG1
3940/111 99/P9242 Cr. Stahlwerkplatz, Osnabrück
3940/111 149/R3160 Delete four and insert five.

3940/112 83/L4049 OL-A
3940/112 301/L5351 Cr. Brandon. P/O J S Kulinski PAF +, Sgt J Waronski +, Sgt K Paliwoda +. All Honington (All Saints) Churchyard
3940/112 311/L7788 KX-E. Emergency landing 0435 near Leidschendam (Zuid Holland) 10 km SW of Leiden. Sgt Kunka shot himself with a Verey pistol and died the next day. Wellington later test flown at Rechlin.
3940/112 77/P5046 T/o 2000 Linton-on-Ouse.
3940/112 77/P5046 add to summary - Note: Two Tribal Class destroyers arrived at the scene, Ashanti and Bedouin. [Oliver Clutton-Brock 22/09/08]

3940/113 214/L7483 Sgt A C Peck pow Repatriated October 1943
3940/113 101/P6905 Crashed 0535 SW of Swaffham.
3940/113 9/T2472 Delete no injuries. F/O A H C Cox +, P/O M I Nichols +

3940/114 7/N3640 Sgt R Jackson inj, Sgt A A Griffin inj, P/O J W Murray inj, Sgt A C Nicholson inj, Sgt E L Roberts inj, AC2 J F Wood inj
3940/114 49/P2134 Sgt N Nicol
3940/114 149/R3164 P/O H R Bjelke-Peterson pow
3940/114 75/R3168 P/O E A Jelley +

3940/115 107/N6191 Sgt A G Byron inj and later had a leg amputated; awarded the MBE. Sgt S Walters died from his injuries
3940/115 311/R9649 311 Sqn Anson R9649 Cr. Elton, 7 miles SW Peterborough. New entry: 1 Oct 1940

3940/116 144/P4362 PL-A

3940/117 214/L7840 Sgt C A Hellowell
3940/117 77/P5091 Mid D A C Hadingham RN
3940/117 107/T1881 Add LAC H Key +
3940/117 58/T4137 Sgt J M Ramsey, Sgt G E Hall

3940/118 300/L5499 BH-Y. F/O D Gebicki +, Sgt E Morawa +, Sgt T Egierski +. All buried Nottingham Southern Cemetery, West Bridgford.
3940/118 10/P4993 Sgt E Davies
3940/118 44/X2910 Ofw Rudolf Mangelsdorf NJG2

3940/120 311/L7786 Sgt K Lang +
3940/120 311/L7844 KX-T. Bremen Cr. 2145 shot down by Lt Ludwig Becker of II./NJG2 and thus became the first Allied bomber to be shot down by a radar guided night-fighter. Sgt E Novotny pow L3 395 Sgt. Sgt A Sestak pow L6 396 W/O
3940/120 311/N2771 KX-H. Bremen S/L J Vesely +, P/O J Matousek +, P/O J Slaby +, Sgt J Albrecht +, Sgt F Zapietal +, P/O F Truhlar inj
3940/120 311/N2773 KX-K. Bremen. Add: P/O L Anderle, P/O Richter, P/O M Vejrazka +, P/O Furbach, Sgt Landa

3940/121 58/T4171 Sgt M C Caryll-Tilkin

3940/122 102/P5073 Amend III./NJG2 to read 3./NJG2. Fw Hans Hahn was killed on 12 October 1941, when his Ju 88C collided with an Oxford near Grantham. He is buried in the German Military Cemetery at Cannock Chase, Staffordshire.
3940/122 21/T2233 P/O P H Slater. Sgt H Jones. Cpl O H S Holland
3940/122 149/T2740 Believed hit by AA fire

3940/123 300/L5356 BH-R. Sgt G Goble PAF, F/O S F Firlej-Bielanski PAF, Sgt T J Szmarjdrowicz PAF. All buried Newark Cemetery
3940/123 115/P9283 115 Sqn Wellington IC KO-U crashed Bootton, Norfolk. New entry 27 Oct 1940
3940/123 10/P4955 Delete serial/insert P4959
3940/123 49/X3027 Shot down by Lt Heinz Völker of I./NJG2.

3940/124 106/T2246 Delete serial/insert L4180 ZN-
3940/124 99/T2546 P/O E St I Hallows +, and take out from the summary all ref to Sgt Parker
1940/124 99/T2546 amend crew matrix and summary:
F/L K T A Harvey
P/O E S I Hallows +
Sgt D C W Fortier
P/O W T A Womack
Sgt R I Peach
Sgt L S Hill
T/o Newmarket. Reported as crashed near Otterburn (believed Durham). P/O Hallows is buried in Willesden Jewish Cemetery. After completing his tour of operations F/L Harvey was posted to 23 OTU Pershore and according to records was very seriously injured in a military transport accident at Earl's Croome on 17 December 1941. Taken to Worcester Royal Infirmary he died on 30 December and was buried in St. Nicholas Churchyard at Earl's Croome. Sgt Peach went to 21 OTU and was killed in a flying accident on 23 December 1941. Sgt Hill became a prisoner of war early in June 1942, while serving with 214 Squadron. [Mark Haycock 09/08/08]

3940/127 99/R3289 Sgt H C Westley. Delete Point, insert Pond.
3940/127 214/T2470 Sgt S A Wormald +, Sgt T H Sansum +
3940/127 77/T4151 Whitley V. P/O H H J Miller
3940/127 50/X2907 Cr. 0500

3940/128 114/R3753 F/O E H Dawson MiD, Sgt J R G Lamb DFM, Sgt W White DFM

3940/129 9/L7852 Delete IJsselmeer, insert near the Zuidscharwoude (Noord Holland), 200 metres W of the Vegetable Auction Hall.
3940/129 77/T4208 Crashed Lettele (Overijssel) 10 NE of Deventer, Holland.
3940/129 10/T4230 S/L K F Ferguson. Delete second sentence
3940/129 10/T4232 Sgt F D Goldsmith

3940/131 115/P9286 NJG1
3940/131 105/T1890 Crashed at Peutie in the NE suburbs of Brussels.
3940/131 50/X2908 Sgt C W I Parker

3940/132 106/L4194 Sgt T W Glenn
3940/132 149/N2774 New summary and note:
T/o 0049 Mildenhall and shot down by flak at 0520 local time, crashing on the corner of Goethe Strasse and Lessing Strasse 27, near the apartment of the Radke family, Glasow Krs. Teltow, in the SW suburbs of Berlin. The crew were recovered from the wreckage and following a detailled search of their clothing their remains were placed in 5 coffins [2, including the identified body of the pilot were put into coffin 2] and a funeral service was held at 1500 on 23 November at the Friedhof at Glasow Krs. Teltow. Since 1945, all have been exhumed and taken to the Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery in the Charlottenburg district of the city.

Note. The official report shows in detail what was recovered from each of the airmen, including a description of what they were wearing. [Records of Herr Dr. Rudolf Laser of Blenkenfelde via Jörg Helbig 12/09/08]

3940/133 77/T4160 Sgt V G Sullivan +

3940/134 102/P5077 Sgt W Livesey
3940/134 105/T1884 Sgt T Broom. Amend location to Harrop Edge Mottram in Longdendale, 2 miles NE Hyde, Cheshire
3940/134 61/X3064 Crashed Spital-in-the-Street, 10 miles N of Lincoln.
3940/134 61/X3064 Sgt S Clark

3940/135 21/R2796 Sgt G G Moffatt

3940/136 99/T2501 amend summary: T/o Newmarket and on return landed in error at Lille/Nord. News of the capture of the crew appeared in the December 26, 1940, issue of Flight where the pilot's rank is shown as flight lieutenant and his address as Grayshott, Hindhead, Surrey. He had been appointed in the rank of Pilot Officer in the Reserve of Air Force Officers, General Duties List on 1 July 1935, and promotion to flying officer was effective on 1 January 1936. [Oliver Clutton-Brock and Flight Digital archive 22/09/08]

3940/138 105/T1897 Shot down by 1.Batterie, Abt.74.

3940/139 102/P5012 DY-G
3940/139 77/T4226 Sgt Ross is buried Hannover. Rest have no known graves.

3940/140 101/T2039 Sgt G M Willcox
3940/140 311/T2577 KX-G
3940/140 99/T2803 S/L C J S Dickins, Sgt C Hendy inj, Sgt G Lea inj. Rescued by P/O M Hansen DFC who was awarded the GM

3940/141 9/L7799 Delete Op: Venice. Insert Op: Porto Marghera
3940/141 106/P1304 ZN-Y
3940/141 106/X3154 Sgt K W B Perkins
3940/141 58/P5098 add Note: The CWGC register published in 1961, for burials in Aston-cum-Aughton records Sgt Johnson's Christian names as Irwin Geoffrey and he is reported as such in Volume 9, the Roll of Honour. However, the Christian names on his headstone [he received a private funeral and, consequently, his grave is not marked by the familiar CWGC grave marker] are spelt as Irving Jeffrey. [Jeff Schofield 08/01/09]

3940/142 139/R2793 XD-F
3940/142 21/T2223 YH-T T/o 1700 Cr. Gilze Rijen

3940/143 300/R1035 F/L S Krynski PAF, F/O J Golko PAF, P/O G K Szymanski PAF, Sgt Graczyk PAF, Sgt H Wegrzyn PAF, Sgt A Suczynski PAF
3940/143 114/R3897 Cr. between Loop op Zand and Dongen, 18 km ENE Breda